The Most Popular Book Genre: A guide to Best-Selling Fiction Genre

A novel is defined as a piece of long narrative in literary prose. It is also narrative prose that can entertain the audience and tell a story, which will give people a sense of empathy. And in this way, novels are welcomed by a copious number of people worldwide.

At the same time, the word "genre" is usually used to explain fiction that has certain expectations and conventions. It is acknowledged that the most popular book genres are in a variety of formats. And what is your favorite genre? Do you ever know the best-selling genres? So, to help you figure out the most popular genres worldwide, this article will first illustrate the top genres, and then some trendy books will be recommended to you.

The Most Popular Book Genre 2021

Generally speaking, the most popular book genre has its unique styles that will attract different readers. The genre also has its category to meet readers' expectations and make them entertained. Thus, after cautious researches, we have summarized the following top five most popular book genres for your reference.

· Romance

As the most popular book genres, romance novels are included in the very most popular genre categories of the present. The main idea of the romantic love genre usually contains:

• A complicated process but a specific ending. (happy or bad)
• The occasional scandal.
• Intense emotions are at the center of it all.

Nowadays, romances have a special focus on telling the story of romantic and sexual love between the characters. The story between the hero and the heroine in the novel brings readers a sense of empathy. And thus, it is reasonable for us to understand that romance is currently the most popular book genre worldwide.

· Werewolf Stories

As rising stars of the most popular book genre, werewolf genres describe a legendary story between the hero and heroine. Werewolf literature includes folklore, legend, fairy tales, horror fiction stories, and fantasy fiction. These stories can also be supernatural and symbolic. So the werewolf fiction is an exceptionally diverse genre from ancient folkloric roots and various modern re-interpretations. It is why werewolf fiction gets into the most popular book genres.

· Billionaires

Billionaires, a particular genre of fiction, attracts women of different ages. It is written in a romantic way to present people's love stories, which usually contain the theme that the wealthy hero falls in love with a poor heroine. People are so much entertained by reading the exotic lifestyle of billionaires. Accordingly, the interesting story brings billionaires the most popular book genre in 2021.


CEO genres, quite popular among young girls, are written to show a romantic story between a boss, the king, or CEO and an ordinary girl. It is utterly popular in the world and attracts copious numbers of audiences around the globe. While a popular writing and reading platform, NovelCat, provides abundant CEO/King stories with fantastic plots for you.

· Young Adult and Teen-Fiction

Young adult fiction is also a popular category of written material for readers from 12 to 18 years of age. While the most popular book genre is targeted at adolescents, approximately half of young readers are adults. Young adult and teen-fiction genres include some major famous topics: friendship, first love, relationships, identity, etc. Everyone goes through these stages, so it's not hard to find it becoming the most popular book genre in 2021.

· The Best-Selling Novels 2021

As aforementioned, the most popular book genres are showcased completely. It is easy for you to find a genre that fits your appetite and brings you a sense of satisfaction. Therefore, to provide some guidance for searching the most popular book genre, we would like to recommend you the best-selling novels 2021 from NovelCat, the biggest novel reading and writing platform for you. And at the same time, we will have a brief introduction to each book. If you are interested in any of them, please don't hesitate to view our website.

· Romance: Begin Again

Synopsis: Liam Anderson was a motorsport driver and never dated anyone longer than three months. Before his arranged marriage, he planned to celebrate the last night of freedom. And that's when the twist came. He shared a passionate night with a stranger, Eden McBride, who stolen his favorite denim shirt the next day. He was determined to find the girl, but his fiancee tried every way to stop him...

· Werewolf Stories: Submitting to My Mate

Synopsis: As a she-wolf, I've always imagined I met my mate in an annual ball dance party, or accidentally in a coffee shop, or a mall or movie theatre but never for a second had I enjoyed the thought of meeting my mate in a hunt! Until my Alpha mate meets me in the forest...

· Billionaires: Her Eternal Mr.Right

Synopsis: I was infertile. My husband Edric said he would love me no matter what three years. I was happy that I found someone who truly loved me and didn't mind that I couldn't give him a child. Until one day, I learned the fact that he's been cheating on me for a long time. He had a baby with others which caused me so mad to kill the baby accidentally. I got divorced with no property. All I could do was pack and leave. Three years later, I came back for revenge, with another man...

· CEO: Never Getting Enough of Her

Synopsis: After being cheated by her scumbag husband, Kimberley experienced a horrible night with a stranger. Then she was forced to get married under her sister's name to save her family. Her second husband was rich and powerful but was trapped in a wheelchair by his broken legs. They made a deal to be a fake couple, but they were attracted to each other gradually. However, her pregnancy changed everything..

· Young Adult & Teen-Fiction: The Badboy I Hate Loves Me

Synopsis: Lily Collins was an 18 years old girl who was in her sophomore year. She had thought that she would spend her university time peacefully. But her longtime bully, Asher Grey, turned out to attend the same school! What's worse, this arrogant guy continued bullying her! But one day, this guy called her cute! When Asher shoved lily on the lockers, she was in horror and closed her eyes. But then she felt his warm lips on her...

The Final Word

As we know, the novel is typically a work of fiction genre, so many novels do weave in real human history. It is the ultimate reason that why people worldwide love reading novels at any time. As types of fiction genres and books mentioned above, you will finally find the book that appeals to you in our different categories. Suppose you are a novel fan who is searching kinds of different genres. Here, please let me introduce our famous NovelCat to you.

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