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Being a fucking teen isn't easy.It was December 21st, my mom, my dad and the only two friends I ever made where there to celebrate with me, I remember as my carefree mom walked onto me and took a picture of us saying "OMG, this is going to Instagram" and my dad Jake isnt less a carefree man either.

I still remember two years ago, my dad as a lawyer in the supreme Court declaring someone's dick be castrated because he raped a lady. I called upon my two friends Jace and Nora and we went upstairs to my room.

I told them I don't wanna be a two friended nerd anymore and that I didn't want our friendship to continue again. They both ran out crying and that was when my mom called upon me.

I went downstairs and saw my bad hot always shirtless brother on his bike. Mom and dad were happy he was there cuz they wanted to travel for their wedding anniversary and didn't wanna leave only me at home

That was when mom narrated how I was given birth to on their 15th wedding anniversary. As mom and dad excitedly exited the house, I and Nick was very happy, we drank alcohol and we both slept off on the couch.

The next morning, I woke up ready for school and I was going to that school Angels High. Don't be deceived by the name, they are no angels, they do the baddest stuffs, you know what i mean.

Nick drove me to school in this super car he purchased, Nick then told me to be myself. I entered the school with a earpiece in my ear. I then bumped into the Mr.Peter the principal who gave me an ear full, as I walked further I saw Isa, a cool one who told me thats how the principal behaves.

She told me she saw my super hot brother drop me off, not new everyone tells me that. I walked into the class with Isa, everyone was staring at me and there was total silence and to break the silence, I stood on a table and said...

"parent free party at my place tonight, I'll send the address to the school chat group"......

I was so happy when I heard people saying...

"The girl is soooo cool"

It was break time and i went to the canteen, took a palatable plate of food, then someone kicked a ball at me, i stood up and went to the male locker room to return it back.

I went to the locker room and saw a naked hot guy and I said...

"Your balls"

He then picked a towel and said sorry and I said sorry too, he introduced himself as Ethan and I said I'm julie.

I and Isa went to my house to start the preparation for the party, we decorated the house and when we were done, Isa started to teach me how to twerk, Nick entered and stared at us from a distance.

It was already night, the party has started and the guests were already arriving even Ethan, Isa came to tell me this upstairs.

I was getting ready when I opened my Instagram page and I screamed, Isa asked what the matter was and I asked who this bitch of a Sydney was, I said she was trying to gain the best dressed at my own fucking party.

I was really angry that my blood began to boil, aisa then said that Sydney was the so called BGIS which means Baddest Girl In School of Angels High. She was the one ruling the school. I quickly wore a red sequins dress so I could go downstairs and confront her.

I got downstairs and saw her, she told me that it was a nice party and said she likes my 5$ dress making fun of me. I then said....

"We'll see who'll make fun of who once I sweep you off your BGIS post"....

She said if I want the post so bad, how about a deal. She said I'll make my super hot brother love her and I'll get the post.

It was a really hard one cuz earlier before Isa told me that her and Nick are dating. I then told sydney that it's a done deal.

I went to pick the microphone and said...

"Let's spice this party up guys, go to the backyard, its a pool party at your own free will".

I watched as everyone rushed out pulling off their tops and jumping into the pool, i wasn't excluded, i pull off my clothe and I was left with a super hot bikini, i also saw Nick and Isa kissing. Ethan approached me in the pool and said to me,"Nice party". I told him thanks. He then invited me to his racing contest the next day and I said I'll be there.

The party ended like around 12 in the midnight and after a very tiresome day, I went to sleep but couldn't because Nick was snoring. I later slept off and a dream about me and Ethan kissing and then the alarm rung. I woke up, brand new day and went to Nick's room, i saw him and Isa naked and i realised Nick wasn't snoring last night, he was moaning, i then screamed on the top of my voice

"We need to clean this house".

I and Isa started cleaning and then Nick came down, we left the cleaning to him and then i and Isa went to sit onthe couch, she then told me what happened last night.she said....

"He held and rocked my waist,we then played the game of tongues. The bodies do the talking and collided, a smooth sound when the bodies met because of the sweat"....

Enough, enough, enough i said, then the car horn sound as mom and dad enters, mom said "I see you threw a party here"..and dad asked who Isa was and i introduced her as a friend.

I then told Isa and Nick to do the cleaning cuz I was going to watch Ethan's racing contest...

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