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I zipped up my jacket as I got prepared to enter into the cold slightly harsh weather since it has been cooler with every growing year and I honestly started to dislike it. I took a few pictures and zipped over to my best friend's house so we could get ready to go out. I got into my beat-down car and started it.

I checked to make sure I had everything... Overnight bag. Got it. Wallet. Got it. And suddenly I realized I left my makeup bag and had rushed back inside to get it. Knowing I had everything it was time for me to get going. I hoped tonight would be wild and we could let loose our hair.

I finally made it over to her place, I texted her to let her know I'd finally arrived. I saw her hesitate and then step out as I was bringing my belongings to her door. She looked a damn mess but still beautiful none the less wearing a big yellow long-sleeved sweater and a pair of grey sweat pants. Her hair was blonde in a very loose very rugged bun with strands popping out everywhere.

I came in for a hug and stared into her unblinking eyes I then said "Booboo! It's cold and I'm hungry. Wanna get Some McDiddies?" She looked taken back "Okay you need to eat. Got it." I put my stuff in her room as she readied with her shoes which happened to be sandals. "No, no bumblebee. Real shoes. It's too cold out for sandals!" She stood there staring at me with an eyebrow raised and that blandly said that we should leave.

I did notice she said 'I' needed to eat so I questioned her as to what she wanted to eat. "I'm not hungry I just ate. I'm okay babes I'll just go for the ride." I'm very sure she's not lying but I'm extremely positive she would enjoy the food! I decided to go against arguing with her and would rather just surprise her with it anyway.

I mentioned that it was cold but she's stubborn like me so we left with her in sandals but I made sure to bring socks in case she started to suffer. We went back outside to my sad little thing of a car and got started on our way to the drive-in. I pulled out my cigarettes and popped two in between my lips and lit them before handing one to her.

She did not reject them instead she thanked me "I've been needing one of these thanks my little bat!" I sat back in my seat and continued focusing on the road. After a minute of waiting for the line to move my ash fell but it never made it into my lap. It was caught by my ashtray and the arm extending was attached to a careful yet smiling eye. Thankful to her I smiled and noted to myself to be more careful.

After receiving our meal we started heading to her home. "I told you I already ate my little bat. Thank you sweetie even though you didn't have to" I smiled but said nothing as I continued to head to her home she blasted our favorite songs. We couldn't help ourselves so naturally, we sang along right as some utter asshole swerved in front of us. With me being a hothead I started cursing and pretty much verbally abusing the fortunate unhearing driver.

I turned the corner and we made it to her place unscathed. Luckily she didn't even need the socks that I carried just in case of a cold feet emergency. I parked forwards and it seemed straight but when we got out to go inside I realized I should have just parked in reverse so I could just dip and not worry about not starting danger. So I got back into the car to repark and of course, the little shit did not start.

"Maybe it's too cold or something," I said to myself, and with that, I locked the car and went inside to see a pained expression on Tabitha's face my eyes trailed down to see her foot dripping with blood she seemingly stepped on a chunk of broken glass. "Bee sit still. I'll be right back."

I swiftly walked to the bathroom and pulled a pretty big bandaid along with some peroxide out of the medicine cabinet and then pulled my tweezers out of my purse. I then stood in front of a pained Tabitha watching her try to pull it out with her fingers. My worry took over I moved her hand and got to work pulling it out of the sandal that was attached to her foot by this fucking glass shard.

Making sure to stare her straight in the eye I pulled her sandal off and I yanked the glass clean out of her foot and she started laughing. I shook my head and could only chuckle but that chuckle turned into full-blown laughter in little to no time. We were fucking insane but also the same.

I poured the peroxide on her foot and slightly patted the area then went back to ensure that all the glass was gone and recleaned the area and bandaged it as best as I could. "Well the show must go on that little bitch ass piece of glass can't stop tonight," she says completely unbothered by the entire situation knowing I could work to heal it she starts slightly limping away to get to the car oh fuck... Right, I forgot to tell her about my car's decision "Well my little old man out there is trying to ditch us... The car won't start"

We ended up drinking wine and watching a scary movie about a house that ate people. It was a cartoon movie for the younger audience but none the less it was unsettling. We finished the bottle of wine within the time we finished the movie and booted up another movie and halfway through my 6th glass and the movie I fell asleep.

When I woke I was in her bed cuddling a bottle of wine and I put it down on my side of Tabitha's bed. I had intended to roll over and rest more but then my alarm went off blaring metal music that let me know it was about 7:15 am.

I shared her bed as I usually do so when I checked her side of her bed I was put at ease to see my loud ass alarm didn't wake her up. Wearing my nightmare before Christmas pajama shorts I ran out to the car to see if it would start and thank god it did. It was a much warmer day so I chucked it up to the cold of the night air and changed my parking because it drove me crazy.

I came back in and cleaned a bit of the mess from the night before. I grabbed a glass of orange juice and once again tried to fall asleep in her super cozy bed. I however ended up thinking about the magic that the night would invite into our dull unexciting week. We planned to go dancing after a movie and right now it could be really useful.

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