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  ' Do you take Justin Williamson as your lawfully wedded husband

  to cherish in sickness and in health till death do you apart' I heard the priest said

  ' yes, I do' I said grinning from ear to ear

  And when I almost gave up on love,

  Justin showed up and proved to me that, I can still be loved and cherished

  Yeah, am this billionaire who has had series of heartbreak like numerous heartbreak all the guy have met all came for the money, or maybe because I was too beautiful and they just couldn't resist my beauty

  I remembered the first heartbreak I got in high school at the age of seventeen

  The only reason he dated me was because his girlfriend was in need of money and he couldn't afford the amount of money she was requesting for

  He had to date me, so he could use me as a means of getting money

  But, things didn't go as plan cause, I refuse giving him any money,

  That got him angry, and told me his reasons for dating me, before breaking up with me

  That night, I stayed awake all night, crying my eyes out


  The only reason he dated me was because he was just tryna use to help his girlfriend

  My second heartbreak was when I was eighteen

  He also dated me because, I was very beautiful and popular in highschool

  So, he wanted to use me to get fame

  And so on

  I shouldn't be thinking of my hurtful past on my wedding day


  It's in the past, and am about to face the future with my beloved Justin

  Am just so lucky that I met someone justin, when I almost gave up on love

  Justin was the only man, who loved me enough to get married to me, he is just this responsible cute guy

  He didn't wanna get married to me because of money, because Justin is damn rich

  ' By the power vested upon me, I now pronounce you as hus.........' the priest was saying, when suddenly the lights blast out

  Like what the hell is going on here?

  I heard mumbling sound from the congregations

  All of a sudden the projector tune on

  Then justin's face showed up

  He sipped from his drink, alcohol

  I guess

  Then, he dropped his drink on the counter, and brought out a packet of cigarettes from his back pocket, took one out of it and dropped the remainings on the counter

  'Like seriously, I thought he told me that he doesn't drink or smoke'

  these is embarrassing, my soon to be husband in a club drinking

  and smoking at the projector in the front of these people

  He took the cigarette in between his lips, he was about to light it, when I heard a voice from the background said, without me, seeing his face

  It seems as,he was the one holding the camera or something

  'man, your getting married tomorrow, don't get drunk'

  He raised a brow and smirk

  'And that is the point, I will be getting married tomorrow, so I need to get the best of this night, even if I will be cheating on her'

  he mumbles the last past


  Light the cigarette puffing out the smoke through his nostrils

  'I heard that'

  his friend said and they both laughed

  'but man, isn't these too much, remember your already married with three kids, what if your wife finds out, or worst She finds out'

  he asked referring to me

  'The truth is, I had to lie to my wife that, I would be coming to New York for a business deal but the truth is, I came here to make money through wanitta"

  Okay...I thought he said he owned the Williamson empire, how come he is now saying he still wants to make money through me

  "I wonder, how you did it, how you have to live with someone else's identity, without been caught"


  Living with someone else's identify

  You know what?

  Am doomed

  "You know am an expert in everything I d...."

  A girl wearing just a pant and Bra, walked up to him

  On seeing her, he smiled, pulled her by her hands, and made her sit on his thigh now, strangling him

  He spank her butts and Nuzzled her neck as she moaned

  "You look pretty Charlotte"

  He said, removed the cigarette from his mouth, threw it on the floor, and puff out the smoke above her head

  'Yeah, more than your wife to be right?"

  Charlotte asked, as she peck him on his lips

  "Of course baby, you look pretty, drop dead gorgeous more that wanitta"

  He said and kissed her

  I bat my lashes in astonishment at the sight in front of me

  Is this Justin or someone else

  The mumbling sounds from the congregation became loud


  They were also surprised with me

  Justin stopped kissiing her

  "Charlotte, I will see you later"

  Justin said, as Charlotte got down from his thigh and said

  'Bye, meet me in room too, love you"

  She said, and blew kisses at him

  "Yeah, sure, love you too"

  She smiled, as she walked out, with only her back showing on the video


  Justin said, took the cigarette pack on the counter and brought one out of it

  "Chill man, you just said you loved her now"

  That voice said laughing

  "That's the same thing, I do tell Wanitta everyday, but, guess what, I don't even have any tiny feelings for her"

  He said and smiled

  'My problem now is, what if she refuses to sign the paper, like she refuses to give you her property "

  That voice asked him

  'Then it's simple, I will force her to sign the goddam papers, and...kill her'

  Justin started laughing, as that Same voice also joined him in laughing

  Wait a minute, did I just hear him right?


  He's gonna Kill me?

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