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Your cowardliness can lead you to your insanity.

“Sir, do you know her?” I nodded. The policeman asked me a lot of questions about her.

“What are you doing here in her apartment?” the police officer interrogated.

“I... I... just want to visit her and check if she is still fine.” My hands start to tremble. It was my fault.

“Uhm, what was your relationship to her? Are you the friend of Miss Zoe?” I can't look away from her body hanging in the ceiling with the blood on her wrist.

She ended her life. What will happen if I choose to be with her all the time?

I know, she can handle the pain if I stay with her. I left her and I regret it.

Their cameras continue to flash and the media were already here.

I left dumbfounded.

“Sir Zhian Azrael, you can go home now, we will continue to ask some questions to you tomorrow morning,” the police said once again.

Three hours had passed, while I'm watching the advertising on the TV, the news started... It's all about to her, Zoe Amethyst, my lady.

I'm sorry... That's the only word that I can say to her. It feels like something was stabbing my heart.

My professor messages me that I can take a break from school.

“Zhian... do you understand?”

“Huh?” I gasped. I forgot that I'm with my mother.

“I said, just keep quiet and don't tell them any information that you know about Zoe Amethyst...”

“But Mom—” she cut me off immediately.

“Just listen to me! It's for your own sake!” She shouted. I sighed.

“You are a writer, remember?” I nodded as a sign of my answer.

“Zoe Amethyst can ruin your life... listen to me, please... I am your mother,” she said with a serious, and blank expression.

“You're wrong Mom... Zoe Amethyst is my life.”

“Are you out of your mind?” Her voice was starting to raise.

“Maybe,” she glared at me. I gulped to cleared my throat.

“Go home, we can talk it later.” She stood up and started to walk away.

While her back is slowly losing from my sight, I heard a loud bang coming from the kitchen of the restaurant.

A sudden commotion started.

Because of my curiosity, I step forward to the crowded people.

“What happened?” I asked. I looked at the other witnesses to know some information.

“Gross, look at the chef's face.”

“Oh no! His blood is already in the foods!”

“Hurry up! Call the Ambulance!”

Different voices and different conclusions are reaching my hearing.

Amethyst? I can see her at the corner of the kitchen. Why? She smirked.

“Can someone go to the CCTV room and ask the person to check it?” The policeman came out of nowhere.

“WHAT'S THAT?” We heard a loud bang once again.

A man with a black mask holding a gun, and it's pointing the gun at us.

The policeman didn't show up, yet he chose to hide and wait for the right time to arrest this man with a black mask.

A pair of motorcycles loaded with the men same as the man who was holding a gun.

They cornered us inside the restaurant.

“Give me your money and phones! I will kill the person who wants to fight back.”

When you looked at their faces, you can sense their fears and anxiety.

I sat down, and I keep to convinced myself that it will end peacefully.

How about my Mom? I wonder if where is she.

Does she arrive safely at her work?

I don't know either if it is a yes or no, because she doesn't send some messages to notify if she's fine or not.

“Psst...” Someone's whisper is reaching my ears.

“Help me... my dad... He needs an emergency, my family messaged me that he needs an ambulance because of his heart... It's stopped.”

I felt like my soul left my body, his eyes were full of different emotions.

I want to help him but I can't.

Likewise, I can't help myself...

Silence, a different kind of silence. All of a sudden, the restaurant was covered in silence.

The burglars are confused.

I sneak carefully to the fire exit and I gave a signal to one of the staff in the restaurant that needs help.

“THEY ARE HERE! RUN! RUN! RUN!” the man shouted.

The people who are in the middle of their fears were running and screaming for help.

Multiple of the loud bang that you can hear and their loud footsteps. I feel like I'm going to be deaf, because of them.

A siren of a police car reverberates.

I don't know what happened to me... my sight becomes blurry, and I can't hear anything.

I felt like my knees and feet can't support my body. Unable to walk or run.

“Amethyst... I'm sorry,” I murmured.

She walked to come closer to me while smiling.

I wish I can still see your smile in real life, not from my hallucinations.

She held me in my face.

“I love you...” she said.

My tears start to fall, and it's dripping down on my face.

“Stop crying, will you?” she said while having a sweet and beautiful smile.

I nodded like a child.

“I will not leave you alone... I will be by your side all the time. I promise,” she said while whispering to my ears.

Her voice is very calming, and amusing.

Where am I?

Am I dreaming? Yes, it is, and the surrounding can be strong evidence that I'm just dreaming.

She wears a white dress and a white rose that was pinning between her hair and ear.

I miss you, Zoe Amethyst. If I can go back to the past, I will save you.

“Can you write our story?” I sit properly beside her.

“Yes, Of course, as long as you are my protagonist.” I cheerfully answered her question.

“Can you make it a happy ending?” I can sense her sadness.

“Sure, I will be the writer in our story, I will do my best just to make it a happy ending that you deserve the most.” She held my hand.

“Zhian Azrael, see you in our next life, but I'm sure that I will stay by your side.” She still has something to tell me, but I can't hear her voice.

My heart beats fast like I'm running, but when I open my eyes, I'm still here, lying down on the floor of the restaurant.

Bloodstains everywhere.

Looks like many people died.

Someone held my hand.

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