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"Let go of her!" I heard his growl. The pull worked its magic and my eyes automatically lifted to his stomping figure. "Don't touch what's mine!" He was so close and I felt the tears burn my eyes as I clutched my bloody stomach.

"Oh, possessive," My captor's voice humored as his hold on my hair tightened adding to my pain. "Mate cares for you, Lovely," His voice sickened me as his dirty breath fanned my face. I would rather die than let him touch me anymore and that's what I was willing to do.

"Leave her!" My eyes locked with his sending a silent plea as he invaded my thoughts.

'Don't do it!' His voice invaded my mind as his eyes stayed on me. 'Please, I need you. I can't live without you..'

I cut him off through our link. 'I love you. And I know you will be able to fight the supernatural connection. You will live without me and maybe you will find another mate.'

'No!' He roared. 'You. I want you. You die, I die!'

Our eyes stayed locked as everything faded around us. It felt like years when in fact it was only seconds when I muttered, 'I am sorry. I love you.'

"No!" I heard his yell, then there was nothing. I was gone.


Hi everyone,

It's S.Rose, the author. That was just a small peek of what's to come and I hope I got your attention ;

This story should have everything you are looking for. The plot is dramatic with a twist of tragic love. Secrets, hate, love, betrayal, revenge, and bravery, all topics you shall discover in this story.

As well as family, friendship, and lovers, all kinds of relationships shall be presented.

It Is a supernatural book hosting young adults as they thrive in their realm. They are dangerous and tragic. Their lives are dark and sad yet together they will make it brighten. You will see mates bonding and others get rejected. Some will die and others will live. Creatures from other realms such as werewolves and vampires shall make an appearance.

To sum it this book will have it all. You will be insanely hooked and can't let go.

I hope you enjoy this hectic journey as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Thank you and please continue reading!

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