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Yes I am Josh and I don't take any shit from anyone.even my parents are very much afraid of me, because the can't stand my arrogance.

I have always lived by the saying What Josh want Josh get.

And that has been my way of life.

I am very rich and famous and I owe a multi billion dollar companies all in my name.i have many Houses and estates in different countries,and of cause I am the only child of my parents.

I love having sex with different Ladies and each and everyone of them are my sex doll,no one can ever resist nor deny me of sex each time I need it.


Good morning sir'' these are your schedule for today"you have a meeting with the board of directors,by 8 and your flight to England we take off by 45 minutes Immediately after the meeting.

Cancel all the appointment I have today".....but sir.....

I was trying to know his reason,but he stare a deadly look on my face.

I angrily walk away to Carry out his instruction.


She was trying to speak and I stare a deadly look on her face,no one dares to question Josh order.

Nelly is my PA and I also sleep with her anytime I want to.

She can't deny me of sex, Even though she sees me around with lot of ladies.

After all I pay her for her services and even after having sex with her i pay her too.

Today I really need a good sex from non other person than becky.i placed a call straight to Becky,and she picked up Immediately after the first beep.


When I saw Josh call ,I had to pick up immediately.....

Hi handsome,I need you in my office this minute,that was the only thing Josh said to me,and he hang up the call.

Honestly he really has a bad attitude,and he is always rude and arrogant,in as much as I hate his behavior but I still love his money.

I stood up Immediately and rushed down to the office.

I met Nelly on my way to the office,as i made a friendly wave at her.

Hi Nelly,I greeted but she couldn't respond to my greeting.she look very angry and upset as if she had a fight with someone.i just ignored her and walk straight into Josh office.

I saw him standing close to the window,I guess he was admiring the atmosphere from outside.i rushed closer to him and gave him a hug from the back,I planted a kiss on his neck and he moaned out loudly arh.....

I got hold of his dick with my right hand and I started doing magic on it,I rub the tip of his dick and I scrub the inner part with my tongue,I lick the tip of his dick with my tongue,and i make sure,I have all his dick in my mouth. i suck and fuck him very hard with my hands.josh couldn't control himself,he moaned softly in respond to my fuck ...ahh.......

He continue to moan in pleasure,as I helped him remove his clothes.


I couldn't control the pleasure I was receiving from Becky's magic,I turned her around Immediately on a doggie style,and try straighten my already hard dick to a full length.

I insearted it into her sweet creamy pussy and I start thrusting in and out of her,she was screaming and moaning in pleasure as I continue pounding in and out of her pussy.....oooh....ah.....i can't really get enough of Becky.

With Becky around I can fuck her for all day non stop and that is the only thing I like about her.

We fucked for hour's and she was enjoying the pleasure she was receiving from my fuck,I was on the edge of cuming and she noticed that on time as usually,she turned for me to pour my cuming on her breasts.

Yeah" Becky enjoy seeing my sperm on her breasts,and I enjoyed doggie style allot.

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