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Grrrrrr!!!!! The alarm beeped loudly and a hand flinged it away. "Ah so annoying..Couldn't you wait a little longer before waking me up at this sweet hour of sleep" she muttered and groaned.

Sitting up and and rubbing her eyes, she looked around her messy room before standing up and heading to the shower with her eyes half closed.

After doing her things in the bathroom,she came out looking fresh and walking up to the mirror,she smiled heartily at her beautiful self and picked up a brush to comb her hair to perfection.

She was going to start work in Ryan Corporation one of the biggest company in Seoul. Getting the job was quite difficult and she wouldn't want to be late on her first day.

Walking down the stairs of their old house and perceiving the great aroma of pancakes,she rushed down and went into the kitchen, stuffing a piece of pancake into her mouth she moaned out.

"Hmm so yummy" she said and tried to pick another one before a spoon landed on her hands Ahhhhh!!!! She yelled and turned to see her angry mother standing with hands folded and looking at her.

Beth what is wrong with you, do you have to keep eating directly from the pan? Quick go and arrange the dinning you wouldn't want to be late on your first day would you?

Remembering her work,she rushed into the dining and met her dad and kid brother already sitting. "Good morning dad" she greeted him and he smiled at her and replied "good morning Beth how was your night" he asked and she smiled "good daddy" she replied and turned her face to look at her cute pumpkin brother.

she smiled at him and ruffled his hair while he frowned and pouted his lips "sis you are spoiling my haircut" he said and smothened his hair. "Don't worry baby big sis will give you another wonderful one when I get back" she said to him and he grinned "Haaay!!!!! Thank you big sis" he said and she smiled.

Quick let's eat her mom shouted while coming out from the kitchen and they settled down eating quietly soon she was done and stood up and peck her brother and mom then waved at her dad before rushing out to the bus stop.

Arriving at the very tall building of Ryan Corporation, Bethany stood watching the beautiful company she would be working henceforth.

"Wow.... I can't believe I am going to start working here from now on" she muttered and admired the view without sensing that someone was standing behind her.

She moved back bumping into the person and fell down. She quickly stood up groaning and dusting her black skirt." Was he not supposed to help me stand so ungentlemanly" she said and the man scrunched up his face.

"Miss watch it don't stand on my looking like a lost sheep and next time don't go about bumping into people; miss bumpy" he said and walked in.

With her eyes wide open and mouth agape, "Oh... my God" she exclaimed for she has never seen such a rude man with a very handsome face before she thought and dusted her skirt. "To hell with his handsome face; so rude" she muttered and angrily walked in vowing to deal with him later.

Ryan walked into his Office, sat down and sighed while remembering the lady that bumped into him a while ago. His anger lessening as he remembered her expression.

"She is so beautiful with emerald green orbs and sparkling white teeth; Her slender body with well defined curves; she sure is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in his entire life" He thought opening the files lined on his table.

"That lady looks kinda familiar but I can't really place where I've seen her" he murmured.

Fixing his gaze on the computer, he started working as he has a whole lot of files to sort out.

"Grrrrrr!!!! His private phone rang and he frowned looking at the number as his frown deepened. "why is she calling me, I warned her to never call my number and to stay off me. What in the hell is wrong with this bitch of a girl called Linda" He cursed ending the call and picking up his office phone to call his secretary.

"Bring me a cup of coffee and where is the new P.A isn't she supposed to resume today? He asked raising his brows up.

"Good morning sir" he heard a voice followed by a tripping noise and looking up,his eyes widened immediately he saw the intruder, The clumsy lady that bumped into him downstairs.

"What is she doing here" he asked his secretary while sitting up.

"She is the new P.A sir" his secretary answered and he waved at her to leave.

"You!!! He spat looking up at the lady who was staring dreamily at the spacious office looking lost. She looked up and her eyes widened immediately their gaze locked.

OMG!!!! Bethany muttered lowly realising who was sitting in the CEO sit. The rude jerk she bumped into at the company's entrance and wait a minute that is not the only place I've seen him" she thought and the memories flashed.

"Ahhh!!! How is this possible? This can't be...Am definitely dreaming" she kept exclaiming still looking dazed at the man in front of her.


"Lizzy I got the job!!!!!! Bethany yelled walking in and hugging her best friend who in turned started dancing and jumping with her as they dance around the cafeteria where Lizzy her friend works in.

"This call for a celebration and we are going lit up the whole place" Lizzy yelled not minding the disgust look on the man sitting down at a corner sipping coffee.

"Poor people always acting stupid and cowardly" the man said continuing with his food.

"Wait did he just call us stupid? Bethany ask looking at her friend Lizzy. "Did this bag of scum just called us stupid Lizzy did you hear him? She raged stomping her feet and glaring dagers at the young man who cared less and continued sipping his coffee.

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