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Our wedding day is almost here, my handsome guy. But it seems to me that the days are passing too slowly- the old moon is taking too long to fade away! That old, slow moon is keeping me from getting what I want, just like an old widow makes her stepson wait to get his inheritance.

Such a time when both of our families come together, saddness is only appropriate for funerals. We don't want such a horrible feelings, not even at our festivities. Although I first hated you and injured your heart with harsh words when we first met. But who knows that one-day enemies of the world will become lovers of today.

Sometimes I wonder if our relationship can forever start and end with romance, happiness and understanding. Yet still in the end, I fell in love with such a guy . Sometimes I wonder how people's heart desires lead them in life . In fact, I wish I'd never met him at the first place.

I can't believe all these were all dreams. I ended up being trapped in a cage of love bondage where I could not hear, see and think clearly as a sensible being but only saw the man I truly love in my Sense of thinking, seeing and even feeling. This guy hurt and deceived me through out our love experienced in journey and always do well to ask for forgiveness. Now I realized that, all these were dreams. The wedding,our romance, what we shared together and actually lived for were all just one of mine wishful thinking. What truly hurt is all the sacrifice that i

actually, did all in the name of the love I have for my guy.

Actually, I was heart broken. My first love, my first date, my everything, actually disappointed me and now shown me that he hated me before then to the core of his heart. I cried bitterly for all the continuous day and night of my life. A teenager girl of age twelve years fell in love with a mysterious guy who was someone she hated before.

In fact, I was too naive and innocent. Firstly, he drew my attention that I was falling in love in which I thought it was a lie as we became friends. He broke my heart when we were in a relationship. His last statement was,"if I was your boyfriend, I would have left you overnight because you ain't worthy of me and I truly hate you to the core of my heart". I cried and wept bitterly as I could remember.

Now it has been six years by now when I met this guy and absolutely, we greet ourselves and walked away from each other as if we are strangers.

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