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Pip pippip!

The sound of horn was heard from the maroon sport car that was passing in the campus headed to faculty

The man in the car named DavinoHarimurti, a new lecturer at a well-known campus in the capital. He was very annoyed with motorcyclist who passed slowly in front of him.

"Hey, step aside!" Davino shouted to the rider. "You think this road belongs to your ancestors?!" he shouted again.

Unfortunately the screams were completely ignored by the woman who rode the white automatic motorcycle.

"Oh my, that' person is deaf huh," annoyed Davino.

Suddenly he saw a puddle of water near the woman's motorbike. Then he thought to prank the woman, and forced his car to overtake the motorbike.


The splash water immediately soaked the motorcycle. However, it was not only her motorbike that was splashed by puddles of water, but the white pants and clothes worn by the woman were also exposed to the water.

"Screw you!" Davino said in the car. He didn't care at all about it.

He saw from the rearview mirror of his car, the woman stopped her motorbike and got annoyed with what had just happened.

"That’s the risk for being so ignorant. It's good to be splashed with dirty water huh? Just go home, you don't have to go to college," Davino chuckled as he drove his car quickly to the Faculty.

He immediately got out of his car and then rushed to the dean's room. The dean was none other than his own father, Professor DemianHarimurti.

Knock knock!

He knocked on the door before he entered Demian's room. After that, he entered the room and found his father had been waiting for him all along.

“Davino, you were directly assigned in semester 5, the Algebra lecturer has already served as assistant chancellor. And you will replace him starting today," said Damian.

"Okay, I accept it."

"Fifteen minutes remaining for you to go to class, because there is a midterm exam schedule," said Demian.

"Right now?"Davino stared. He felt completely lazy to go to class on his first day as a lecturer at this campus.

But he couldn't do anything about it, because Demian's orders were absolute and inviolable. That was the principle he knew from the father figure in front of him.

“Be professional, you are a lecturer not a student. Understand!"

"Yes, Papa."

"What, daddy?" Damian furrowed his brow. "This is a campus, call papa by calling sir. Understand?!"

"Yes sir."

After that, Davino got up and rushed to the class in question. Incidentally Demian had also told Davino the position the class was in.

Davino stepped into the elevator, because the class was on the 3rd floor of the Math and Science Faculty building. After getting out of the elevator, many students looked at him with different gazes. He couldn't figure out what that look meant.

"So handsome, I swear!" said one student who was fascinated by his good looks. Davino acted normal with the words that just heard.

"I think it's a new student, my potential crush," said one of them again.

"He's my ration, yes," said another.

Davino did not pay attention to all the words of the women that heard in his ears. He rushed to his class. Then close the door.

He just stood casually in front of the twenty students in the class. The atmosphere in the class became a little rowdy with his arrival.


Davino's hand hit the table in front. Suddenly the noise immediately became silent. Everyone suddenly fell silent with a look full of fear.

“You think this is a market?!” Davino snapped. His sharp gaze dominates the situation. "I don't like crowds in this class. Understand!"

Not a single sound was heard from dozens of mouths in the classroom. Some of them lowered their heads, and some of them looked at him questioningly.

"Excuse me sir. Who are you?" said one of the men. He is the head of the class in the class.

"Oh. I haven't introduced myself yet. Sorry," Davino regretted. “I am a new lecturer in this campus and replace Prof. Deva Mahardika who has served as assistant chancellor. Anyone else want to ask?"

Not a sound was heard from all the students in front of him. After that, he opened the midterm exam envelope that he brought.

“You, head class, come here!” Davino called with a serious look. Head class immediately stepped forward nervously.

"Y-yes, sir. Why?"

"Spread these exam sheets to all your friends."

The head class also distributed the exam sheets. Not long after, all done. The rest he returned to Davino. Then the head class returned to his seat.


The classroom door opened. Suddenly, Davino's eyes immediately turned to the open door. A female student appeared with a forced smile.

"You! Here!" called Davino who was sitting in his chair.

The woman stepped towards him. Then, looked at Davino with full of regret for being almost twenty minutes late from normal time.

"You know what time it is?" Davino snapped.

"Eight and twenty minutes, sir," the woman answered innocently.

"What's your name?"

"Se-cecilian A-lendra Jen-sen," the woman stuttered.

“SAY IT CLEARLY! Davino snapped and amde all the students by surprise.

“SesiliaAlendra Jensen,” the woman repeated.

"Good," said Davino. "You go home and repeat next year in this course," said Davino.

"What? Repeat?" Sesil was wide-eyed. All students were immediately surprised by the decision done by Davino. "Please, sir. Give me a chance, I was late because…”

"GO OUT!" Davino cut mercilessly while pointing at the door.

"But, sir. Me ..."

“I SAID GET OUT!” Davino said with bulging eyes.

Sesilia had no choice but to leave the class. She also did not want to embarrass himself in front of his friends.

She walked down the corridor to the room. Then sit on the long bench where students often sit waiting for the class to start. There was only her on the bench, because all the students were taking their midterm exams.

"What dream did I have last night, why am I so unlucky," said Sesilia.

He couldn't avoid the problem that had just happened. She was forced to find additional money for his tuition fees in the next semester. Evenshe had planned to finish everything this semester.

"God, what should I do," she whispered.

She loved herself with the situation she was in. Suddenly she remembered her parents who had died when she was in high school. So now she lived with her grandmother. The only family she has.

"I'm sorry, Nick. I've disappointed you," Sesilia regretted. "It's all because of that maroon sports car. She has to take responsibility for all of this. He has to compensate and pay my late tuition fees," she continued with annoyance.

In the midst of her contemplation, her cell phone vibrated. Then she received a call from her neighbor.

"Yes, ma'am. What is it?"

“Your grandmother was hit by a motorbike. Silly."

"What? Grandma had an accident?”


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