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I was seriously staring at a strange man. "Wow, this man is totally handsome with his nice hair cut, properly dressed in his observable shirt showing off his nicely arranged six packs and almost making me feel like I truly wish to make a home within him".

I was in a state of trance for a while when I absolutely felt a hot pain around my left foot, followed by a huge and an embarrassing fall when I stumbled against a very huge rock unknowingly whiles staring at the handsome guy.

"Ouch-Aah-Aah - this is so embarrassing I said. When suddenly I heard someone giggles and a crowd of people laughing at me- "ha-ha-haaa".

To my uttermost surprise, the guy that I was staring at, immediately came out of the crowd of people and suddenly raised me up on my feet by grabbing me with his big hands.

"Thank you, please", I said when I heard someone mentioning my name, "Lora,Lora,Lo-r-aa-aa" from the crowd of people gesturing me to come closer to her.

My sister, Luna! Oh my God! That was her! As I rushed off and got closer to her.

"Lora, be on guide", said by Luna as she grabbed me by my left hands and walk along with me towards the road side to board a car home which was even far away from the beach.

Reaching home, my sister, Luna prepared a palatable dish for the family to enjoy whiles I was busy thinking about this strange handsome guy.

There's not even a seconds that I never think of him. I wish he was all here with me whiles I rest my head on his shoulder and just fall asleep.

" I was still thinking when Luna just snapped me out of it by shouting loudly inside my ear drum by saying; " Lo-r-aa-aa!!! And shaking me off my feet whiles I fell down".

" Lora, are you sure everything is fine with you?", asked by Luna. Since we came back from the beach, you hav been behaving strangely

Tell me! What do you have in your little brain as she slowly sat down on the couch.

You're my sister, Lora! Everything that worried you also affect me too. If you don't tell me about it, I will never forgive you in the future as she furiously folded her arms.

"Ok, Luna. I know you care for me but at this tender age, I still have something that I can never understand of or even stop thinking about it, Luna".

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