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I was an anti-fan for the hot celebrity CEO cause he tracked me everyday
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Neon lamps flashed along the street, and Jolie Durham was hiding in the dark with a camera in her hand.

She was an entertainment reporter, commonly known as a paparazzo, good at exposing scandals of celebrities.

She was trailing a young hunk, hottest recently. She heard on the grapevine that the young hunk hooked up with the heroine, a famous star, from the same new film.

The highlight was that the heroine was already married.

Jolie believed that this news would cause a sensation in the entertainment industry if she proved it. And then, she would get a huge bonus. 

Important members of the cast had a get-together in this bar. For the supposed lovers, a single spark would start a big fire with red lanterns and green wines. To make it a piece of exclusive news, Jolie spent hours waiting in the corner and grabbed one bread for supper only. 

Jolie glanced at her watch, and it was already ten o'clock. The young hunk should arrive at any second. 

When Jolie looked up again, and there were two cars stopping in front of the bar. Finally, the young hunk and the female star showed up!

Jolie took some snapshots carefully. It was a pity that they didn't show unusual intimacy, so these snapshots were useless for Jolie. 

Her targets were in the bar, and Jolie was anxious to achieve her goal. She put into her bag the camera and the coat she just took off. Then, she walked into the bar.

It was a scene of debauchery in the bar, and the music was roaring. 

On the dance floor, hot girls danced with the rhythm. Their clothes were made with the least cloth, and they leered at their targets, which brought the house down. 

Jolie planned to sneak into the room where the cast was and made preparations early. 

She wore a vest and hot pants inside her coat. The short vest exposed her thin waist. Her legs were straight, slender, and beautiful. Jolie had a pretty face too. She caught a lot of attention upon her entry into the bar. 

Many men tried to hit on Jolie when she squeezed her way through the crowd. However, Jolie pushed all comers away immediately to show her refusals. 

And those playboys got the hint and turned away. 

Jolie arrived at the bar, and the young and handsome bartender smiled at her charmingly, "Hottie, what can I do for you?"

"Hey," Jolie held her chin and put on a sweet smile, "Can you tell me where The Swordsman is?"

The bartender froze for a second and then apologized, "I'm sorry. I can't tell you."

Jolie was not discouraged. She blinked her eyes and pleaded coquettishly, "Please! I just want to see Harvey Barker. I am a huge fan of him. I will keep it a secret, please!"

Harvey Barker was the name of that young hunk, Jolie's target. The bartender hesitated for the earnest expression of Jolie and then blurted out, "He is in Room 203."

Hilarious, Jolie threw the bartender a kiss, "Thanks!"

Looking at Jolie's back, the young bartender shook his head and sighed, "How pathetic another good girl worshipping the stars blindly!"

The corridor was dimly lit on the second floor. The privacy should be well protected in these rooms, as no one in the corridor could hear the noises inside those rooms. 

Jolie stopped at the door of Room 203, looked around, and gently pushed the door open to a crack for her to peep in.

People inside were drinking and laughing. Most of the cast were men, so they invited some bar girls over.

Eva Booker, the most famous star in the cast, was leaning on Harvey and drank with him. They seemed close to each other. 

The whole scene was lewd.

Satisfied with what she saw, Jolie fished out the camera from her bag carefully.

Right at this moment, Harvey looked over and saw Jolie. He stood up and shouted, "Who are you?"

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