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"Arrgh" Jayson shouted as the alarm rang loudly disturbing his peaceful sleep.. he stood up.. yawned loudly...he got into his bathroom. Took a quick bath!. He pressed a remote.. suddenly his closet opened revealing the series of clothes.. he chose a black hoodie with a matching jeans and a white Snickers.. suddenly his phone rang...

"Hi Jayson.. it's sir Karl, uhhmm I just wanted to inform you that today is the day of the interview! And will u please dress corporately"

"Huh.. u mean wearing a suit!" I can't wear it! It sucks" Jayson grunted loudly

"I know! Just wear it for my sake!"

"Uggg! Okay!" Jayson said and hanged up the phone!

He returned the clothes he chose.. then brought out an expensive black suit.. put it on! Then be stared at his reflection in the mirror!

"Gosh! I look like those office freak" Jayson said ! Well I gotta go! ...

He went into his garage!.. looked around seeing all sort of cars! Expensive ones! He had up to 15 cars!. Suddenly he brought out his motorcycle!.. "my baby!.. let's go!" Putting on his helmet.. he drove it out speedily!!

"JKs company"

"Good morning sir Karl" the staffs chattered

"How are u! Is the C.E.O here yet" sirl Karl asked

"No sir! " They responded

Sir Karl walked outside the company and saw Jayson with his motorcycle!..

"Gosh ! This boy will never learn" sirl Karl said walking over to him

"Y can't u come with one of ur cars" he asked Jayson

Jayson looked at him from head to toe "and u are.."

"Oh! Sorry! My bad! Am sir Karl".

"Oh! Sir Karl!..u know I feel uncomfortable with those cars! I can only take them out if am going on a business trip" Jayson said to sir Karl

"Save the explanation for another day! Let's go inside! They are waiting already"! And they walked in together

Getting to the auditorium .. he looked inside and saw the people there! If not mistaken! They are up to 400!. Jayson looked at sir Karl with a menacing look.. "am I the one that will interview all this people"

"Yes Jayson! U are the C.E.O, and that's ur responsibility! Be fine" sir Karl responded patting his back.. then he left there and went back into his office.. Jayson walked into the office stylishly.

"Is that the C.E.O"

"Gosh he look young "

I heard their salary is bounty"

Jayson looked over to the 3 people murmuring!.. he pointed to the 3 of them! .. "stand up! And get out of this auditorium! U are disqualified" he said to them!

"What did they do sir" a lady asked from the back seat!

"You too! Stand up and get out! I won't repeat myself twice! Jayson replied them!.

They quickly went out of the company with tears on their faces

He faced the people remaining in the auditorium! "Gosh! They are too much! How am I going to interview them!" He said to himself! Suddenly an idea popped in his mind..

"If u are above 29! And if you are below,20!" Pls go outside! U are not needed here!

"Aahhnn! It's unfair"

"Age doesn't determine our capability"

The crowd murmured..

Jayson then pressed a button and 12 security guards came .. "yes sir"

"Go through their files! Anyone below 20 or above 29 years! Pls drag them out" Jayson said. "Yes sir" the guards shouted and began their jobs!. After 30 minutes.. 375 people were fished out!... And we're chased out of the hall.. Jayson seemed contented. .. then faced the remaining 25 people in the hall..

"Come forward for your interview" he said sitting down

The first lady came forward!.. she sat down!.. on seeing her Jayson cover his nose with his palm!..

"I can't employ a person with body odor"

The woman gasped with tears threatening to fall off her face.. "sir plz! I need this job to take care of my children! Pls don't do this to me!"

"Am sorry ma! I can't employ you!" Pls leave the hall" he said with firm authority..and the woman left the hall

"He is so rude and saucy"

"I don't like him at all"

Jayson looked and saw 5 women murmuring.. "pls stand up and leave the hall this instant"

One of the women hissed! "That's what I was planning to do! You are too rude and saucy! I can't even work here!.i only came here because of the bounty salary!"

"Pls leave this hall with ur mouth odor; I won't repeat my self!. Jayson replied the woman .

He looked around and saw a guy sitting quietly in one corner! . if he is not mistaken.. he will be the same age as the guy!. He signalled to him to come over.

The guy came forward bowing his head .

"Hey dude! What's your name?! Jayson asked

" Hi sir! Am mark!" He replied still bowing his head! "So what brought u here" Jayson asked again

"I actually came here because of my little sister! The doctor said she has just 3 month to live if the surgery is not done on time"! He said with tears on his face!

Jayson felt pity for the guy!. "Don't worry dude! U've gotten the job! And I will pay you 3 months salary in advance

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