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"Good evening ma'am." I tried to smile at the blonde receptionist that had a mask on. She had a boob metal ring and wore no piece of clothing except G-string panties.

She looked incredibly sexy and must probably be most men's wet dream.

"Good evening. Can you show me your pass?" She asked sizing me up and down. Her eyes lit up when she saw I was changed into their uniform. It was a clear indication I received my package by invitation.

"Yes ma'am." I brought out the photocopy of the mail I received and their stamp on it.

"Wow, congratulations. You're lucky to be granted an invitation." She smiled at me and I saw the glistening pierced ring from her tongue.

"Thanks, ma'am."

"Where's the room?" I asked impatiently.

"Not too fast." She waved at me and brought out a red leather mask and handed it over to me.

"You must wear this, that's one of the rules."

I put on the mask and waited for her next instructions. I've been following rules since getting the invitation and various strict guidelines with threatening consequences if I fail to abide by them.

She flashed a smile when she saw me putting on the mask. "I'm glad to see you're ready to do whatever we ask. But first of all, I'd like to give you a contract to sign. That's the only requirement to get you to the pleasure you seek. Whatever you entered into our data about your fantasies and what you need is personal to just you and the Dom who will bring your fantasies to fruition. Do you understand?" She took a pause.

I took a deep breath. "Yes, ma'am I understand."

"You're to carefully read the terms and conditions. You're not to tell your experiences or anything related to this club to anyone except past clients and that must be in a positive light. You're expected to abide by the rules and lastly enjoy your fantasies."

She brought out the contract paper with a pen but without reading a thing I hurriedly signed it and handed it over to her.

"Done!" The ache in between my legs was the one thinking and not my head. I couldn't wait any longer to get into that room and bask in the euphoria of pleasure.

"You're excited. I could smell your arousal in the air." She picked up the file and handed me a key to the room.

"Thanks, ma'am." I smiled sweetly at her and hurriedly marched to the room where the key number was boldly displayed.

'Room 333'


My hands turned sweaty and my lips quivered as I walked into the darkroom. I felt like a sheep walking into a slaughter as my heartbeat thumped in my chest.

"I want to do this. I can do this." I muttered under my breath and adjusted the red mask on my face.

I've always been ecstatic and hoped to be provided the opportunity to fulfil my fantasy and today it came at the platter of gold.

A one-night stand!

Getting into 'Eros-Mania' that's what the fantasy club was called proved hectic. I had sent uncountable emails and contacted those who have been here and they have one testimony on their lips.

'It's heavenly.'

I want to taste that heaven. I want to feel, touch and experience what it feels like to live.

I stood at a spot and with the corner of my eyes scanned the darkroom. There was no iota of light and it was silent so my sense of hearing was higher and I could sense, hear even the smallest sounds.

Was I doing the right thing? What would mom think of me when she finds out what I'm involved with? Would she be proud or repulsed?

Those thoughts permeated my brain but I pushed it to the back of my head. I've made my mind there's no going back on what I want.

Mom won't find out because there's no one to tell her so my secret is saved with me forever!

Just then the door was slightly opened and I heard footsteps behind me and the door slammed shut with a loud thud that almost made me jolt in fear.

My fingers gripped my thigh in sheer terror, anticipation, and curiosity. I could feel a rosewood scent that filled my nostrils. It was that type of scent that made you hardly get out of bed with a partner because it was exciting and made you wet.

The room was extremely dark and the mask was of no use because I couldn't see anything but feel.

The cold brushed against my skin as goosebumps formed, my nipples got hard and taut as I rubbed my thighs together. I was instructed not to wear panties, bra but a flimsy short lacy gown that stopped at the lower part of my ass cracks.

A tall figure stood in front of me and before I could strain my eyes harder to catch a glimpse I'm shoved to the floor while his hands grabbed a fistful of my hair.

He spun me around and pressed his hard groin to my ass cheeks as I felt his hot, hard, erection.

My skin flushed with the body contact and I bucked my hips towards his groin rubbing at it shamelessly.


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