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When the Japanese army was ordered by Ge Xian to suppress the rebellion in the dungeon, the dungeon was the hiding place of the dragon god Wali. The Heavenly Kings bravely offered shelter to the immortal gods who became murderous demons, but when they reached their destination, they would proceed according to their orders. The orders from Geeksian were tightly linked by the bonds of Emperor Longhari\'s friends and his generals, and the demons who used the dungeons as hiding places were not so far away. If it is Vali, the son of the dragon, it is equivalent to the grandson of a noble general.

Although this relationship should not be abused, brotherhood and pledged partnership do not prevent the heavenly army from pretending to destroy the dungeons. Opened a passage for their Friends of the Dragon, and let their son escape to a secret place, keeping them away from Gostain\'s sight.

But. . . They may have forgotten that Geeksien was God, the emperor of the gods. When they come back, this scam is easily fascinated. Everyone should blame each other.

\"Rebel Paradise\" is an accusation, like a seal on the forehead. They are ashamed, but this is not punishment for violating orders. He banished them and their armies from heaven, depriving them of all their favors from ancient times to the present.

The house of Dangtang could not come back, and the underground cities were destroyed, but when they reached their destination, their only refuge would not leave the world. Their feet touched the ground, and their bodies were surrounded by a fire, burning their beautiful appearance, leaving nothing behind, but. . . Heaven will never disappear. The generals reappeared with bodies they had never seen before.

Ugly body. . . Half man, half beast. . .

Undead. . .

It\'s a punishment from heaven!

According to each person\'s unique character, their bodies become sentient beings, however, they become creatures called \"demons\", which is not important.

They were called fallen angels, but their punishment did not end, and besides the ugly houses they were labeled as filthy. In the eyes of human beings, they are not regarded as gods in the past, but monsters who constantly encroach on, take away and possess everything of human beings. When they were in heaven, they were created for them, and they were completely erased.

Be despised forever. . .

It\'s like. . . Forever.

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