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Sam's POV

I woke up to the sound of my iPhone alarm ringing. I slowly sat up and stretched. After a month of living in this new country I was starting school in a few days. Today is the day I move into my room and finally get to be around people my age. I walked over to my closet and went through the small amount of clothes I still had hanging up and decided on a pair of dark skinny jeans, a white bottom down shirt, and a light brown vest.

After my shower I made myself some tea and toast with strawberry jam. I checked my phone for a message from my dad who was away on 'business'. I only got to see him once since I arrived in Bristol. There was no message so I put my phone in my back pocket and walked over to Valdimire's room. Valdimire my bodyguard has been with me since I was fourteen, he acts more like a babysitter than a bodyguard. I knocked twice but there was no answer.

I opened the door to find him asleep on the top of the comforter with nothing on but his boxers. He looked so peaceful in sleep. I scanned his body, every inch of him was toned. My eyes followed his chest then his abs that led to his v shape. I should look away but he was so perfectly beautiful.

He must have sensed me watching because his lovely blue eyes opened. "What are you doing?" Val questioned trying to cover up.

I walked closer. "It's almost seven and you told me to be ready at seven." I answered. "Or do you not remember your orders?" I added jumping on his bed.

His lips grew into a smirk. "I don't give orders, I simply request that you follow what I ask." He finished sitting up brushing his raven hair back.

I popped down on my knees between Val's things. He responded, his body tensed up. I wasn't going to do anything it gave me pleasure in his reaction. Making him uncomfortable was enjoyable. Like most father's mine threatened his life if he was to ever touch me. I just got a kick out of it every once in a while. It was pay back for all the times I wasn't allow to go out. I got up and started jumping again.

"Now get ready." I said before jumping off the bed.

I miscalculated the jump and I landed on my face. I got up slowly and Val was right at my side examining the damage. I was bleeding from my nose and my bottom lip was split. I sat at the edge of his bed as he cleaned my injuries. I thanked him and he replayed with a half smile.

"I'll get the rest of my things and put them in the car." I said quietly getting up.

Val grabbed some clothes from his closet. "No, just put your stuff buy the door. Max is coming to help with your things." Val said walking into the bathroom.

"Why is he coming?" I asked inspecting my face in Val's mirror.

"Your dad didn't tell you? He's going to be staying with you while your at school. You didn't think I was going with you to boarding school?"

"I—I don't want another guard." I whispered.

"Look at it like this, you have me on the outside and him on the inside."

That idea didn't make me fell any better. I've been with Val for four years. You would think I would get a say in picking a new bodyguard.

"Great." I let out in a breath.

I went back to my room to cover up my lip with makeup. After some concealer, foundation, and red lip stick my cut was hidden. I packed away my makeup, shoes, and clothes. Everything else was already set up in my dorm. I took one last look at my old room and closed the door. I placed the things by the front door and waited on the couch.

I laid down and put my headphones in my ears and played some music. I closed my eyes and warm hands covered my mouth. My eyes flashed open and I tried to sit up. My heart raced as I struggled to get free. I closed my eyes and elbowed the person as hard as I could in the ribs. I ran towards Val's room screaming his name. Val came out running with a towel on his waist and a gun in his hands.

"Sam get down." Val yelled.

"Woah big bro, don't kill your only brother." Maxium said with his hands up and a big smile on his face.

"Shit Max. I—I thought you were a... you know." I said with my voice shaking. I picked up my phone brushing pass Max and walked to the door. "Can we go now since your idiot brother is here."

Val nodded and left to his room to get dressed. I was left alone with Max.

"Is this it?" Max asked pointing to my bags at the door.

"Yup." I said popping the p. I walked over to my things and picked up my brown satchel.

Max gently grabbed my chin and looked at my face. "What happened to your face?" He asked closing the space between us.

"I fell off Val's bed." I answered dropping my gaze from his blue eyes. Max's eyes widened. "Not like that. I was jumping on his bed trying to wake him." I finished and my face started to flush. Max looked at me unconvinced.

Max reached for my hand and placed it on his toned chest. His body was just as toned as Val's. They both could be mistaken for Greek gods. I could feel his warm breath on my hair.

"I would hate for my brother to have you first." He whispered in to my hair and kissed my forehead before dropping my hand.

I pulled my bag over my shoulder and waited in shock. How was I suppose to respond to that? What did that mean?

Val walked into the room fully dressed. He picked up two of my suit cases with ease. Oblivious to what just happened. Max picked up the other two bags while I held the door open for them. I got into the back seat while Val and Max loaded up the Rang Rover. It was a long ride from Bristol to Oxford so I put my headphones in my ears and tried to sleep.

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