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  King's POV

  Finally, after 7 years I am back to my land again. So many things has changed in this seven years. What was I before and what I am now. There's a heaven to hell differences. I was a lonely child without my father who left us for money and married another women. My mother and me was left all alone and that was the time when I promised myself to rule the world so that no one can defy me.

  I traced the window of my plane while observing the city view of Mumbai. I missed my city. In this seven years I learned many things, I will change the whole world until it kneel before me and that's what I am going to do right now. From small to big, only a one step at a time. For seven years I traveled around and gain the title. Italy, Germany, Russia, Canada nothing is left that is not under my control and now it's time to rule India, my land.

  "What are you thinking Man?" Cabir my best friend and my security head asked me. He sat beside me while looking at me curiously.

  "Nothing, its feels so good to back home again" I said closing my eyes. I have to achieve my pursose no matter what. And there's no one who can stop me from doing that.

  "I know, even me too feel the same thing bro"

  "What about mom?" I asked him.

  "Don't worry she is safe and secured and as I promised even world's best hacker won't be able to find her" he smirked. I just nodded. I believe him. I gave him mom's responsibility to keep her away from any harm. I don't know how many days I'm going to stay here so I need to keep her in safest place.

  "So what do you think?" I opened my eyes and looked at him.

  "About what?"

  "Oh, come on Man don't act innocent because you are not" I rolled my eyes.

  "I don't know what are you talking about?" He smirked at me.



  "Come on Man at least don't act before me. Anyways I was talking about girl thing" I frowned.

  "What girl?"

  He sighed "why don't you try to find girl?do you want to spend your whole life killing your enemies?" He leaned back on his seat "besides your mother is anxious thinking about you"

  "Do you think normal girls will come to me after hearing my name?"

  "May be" he shrugged. I shook my head. No girls will come near me if they hear my name. I'm like a greatest nightmare to them. Except those who worked in strip bar.

  "No one is eligible for me  Cabir" I said closing my eyes again.

  "Give a description of your girl then" so persuing.

  "I want someone who does not fear me and have the audacity to look into my eyes"

  "Then I think you are going to be a bachelor for life. The gangster girls in Canada, Italy, Germany did not show that audacity, even to stand beside you then whose going to look at your eyes? To be added in india?not possible" he said shaking his head.  

  I smirked at him. Those girls are just a chick, for use and throw. There's no girl who can compare with me. The big country girls failed to win my attention then who have that capacity to win the king in here.

  "I have fixed the Maf-Meet tomorrow and there you can see all the leaders" I nodded. That what I want after all. Maf-Meet is a meeting where all the mafia leaders joined to meet the king.


  "India is going to be rock" Cabir said while he took his gun and started to polish it with cloth.

  "You are thinking about that again?" I asked him observing his moves. He turned to look at me.

  "Why not? India has bright chicks" he smirked. He always refers women as chicks. He is seriously sex-aholic. His pervert mind always roamed around for girls. I wonder if there will actually be a day when he has serious relationship.

  "Boss we are about to land" one of my man said. I nodded and gestured him to go.

  "Here we come India" I smirked. After sometimes the plan landed on scheduled place which was already decided before.

  "Hmm.. So fresh" I inhaled the air of my land. Seven years but nothing changed at all.

  I saw my men standing there near my car followed by three more cars. There are almost 20 man standing there waiting for me. Cabir walked past me.

  "Is everything arranged?" He asked one of them.

  "Yes boss" he replied shaking. Cabir gestured me to come which I nodded. I went towaeds car and one of my man about to open the door when we heard the sound of gun shoot. Then again the bullet hit my car and the window glass broke into pieces. Shit, the enemy attack.

  "Take positions" Cabir yelled to our men. I ran and hide behind the car. I pulled out my gun and loaded the bullets.

  "Hide behind the car, self protection" I yelled and my men immediately followed holding their guns. I don't want any of my man to get hurt. Losing man means weak of the party. I got up and shoot aiming the enemies. One of my rivals cried out in pain. I smirked.

  The gun shoot continued. Cabir was busy attacking the rivals and so was I. I shot again and again killing one by one. I loaded my gun and found my bullets are running out.

  "Shit" I cursed and again shoot directly in the head of the other man. The man instantly fall on the ground. I saw Cabir hiding behind the car. I rolled my body on ground and reached to him. If I stood up than it will be my end.

  "I need gun" I said and shoot another.

  "Here take this" he pulled out a gun which is full of bullets. He always get himself ready for everything whatever the situation is and that's why I like him. I took the gun and loaded it.

  "They got the information about your arrivel so they must planned it" I heard Cabir said while attacking the rival party. I peeked up and shoot again and again. Three man dropped on the ground again. What a rival, who does not know to keep himself safe at least.

  "Nice shot Man" Cabir smirked and he shoot another.

  "How many of them left" I asked him while my hand continued shooting the rivals.

  "May be at the end. I don't see too much of them" he replied and hide again.

  "Sneak behind them, they are running out of the bullets and I need them alive" I shouted at my men. They nodded and some of them slowly sneaked towards the side while others continue shooting.

  After 5 minutes the gun shoot stopped it means they are captured. Cabir and I got up and found my men holding guns and dragging 5-6 rivals with them. Time to play the game.

  Cabir marched towards them and hold his gun on the forehead of the one of them.

  "Who is your boss?" He asked him. The man stayed silent though he was trembling. He loaded the gun and asked again.

  "Who-" he was about say when from no where we heard the gun shoot. Shit- there's still others left.

  "Take them and others be in position" Cabir ordered. There are 2 or 3 man shooting the gun. I attacked them but they hide behind the pillars. They really planned well here.

  I was loading my bullets when Cabir suddenly shouted my name. I looked up and before I know anything someone grabbed my wrist and pulled me aside. The sudden force was so fierce that it made us loss control. The bullet run past me and hit the car making hole on it. I fall on the ground and the person above me. By the feature it's a female.

  She has covered her face with mask. All I can see is her blue eyes. She immediately got up from me. She looked at me and extend her hand. I saw a tattoo on her wrist which is of a red rose and big thorn. Before I took her hand Cabir called my name. The girl looked at Cabir then run off disappearing in the dark.

  "Are you okay?" He asked me while I kept looking at the place where she disappeared.

  "Who was that who jumped in the middle of the fight from no where?" Cabir asked me. As if I got time to ask that.

  "That's what I need to find out, the saviour of night" I replied while her blue eyes fleshed in my mind.

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