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The five legendary freaks adopted a baby, but it made the calm Hua'er rise again!


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  Six single houses stood in a desert of yellow sand.

  "Ah... Graceful Butterfly..."

  In front of the computer, the young man stared at the difficult movements of the man and the woman on the screen, and he looked at them with great interest.

  However, the little puppy next to him was more serious than the young man. It seemed that it was learning the posture seriously.

  "Well, I can't watch it." Qin Lang turned off the computer reluctantly and said, "They said that they can only see one book a day at most, and tomorrow, they will see your favorite Bo Tianxin's tiesuit, okay?"

  The little milk dog with a hint of sadness in its eyeballs immediately rolled on the ground happily when it heard that there were so many words in the middle of it.

  Qin Lang touched the dog's head and sighed slightly.

  Since Qin Lang could remember things, he had never left here.

  In the past 20 years, he had learned too many things from these grandparents, and he couldn't count them himself.

  At the door, Grandpa Liu was basking in the sun, and his saliva dripped onto his clothes.

  "He's coming!" Not far away, Grandpa Long roared.

  Qin Lang looked over and saw Grandpa Long carrying a man and a woman in one hand. They were still alive!

  It had been a long time since someone was alive here.

  A few of their grandfathers and grandmother Luo ran out to watch the show.

  The woman who was caught panicked and scared, but when her eyes were fixed on Qin Lang, she suddenly shouted, "Lan Lang?"

  Qin Lang was stunned, and several grandfathers beside him frowned at the same time.

  "I knew that he would be taken away sooner or later." Grandpa Yun sighed.

  They picked Qin Lang up and drifted here along the only river here. His name was in the bamboo basket.

  This woman was not Qin Lang's biological mother, but her mother's best friend, Jiang Haiqing!

  In order to find Qin Lang, Jiang Haiqing had searched the whole country.

  The five grandfathers looked sad. When they learned that Qin Lang was going to leave, they seemed to lose their vitality all of a sudden.

  Although they were reluctant, they clearly knew that Qin Lang would return to the city sooner or later.

  "All right, hurry up and leave. I don't want to stay in this desolate place for even a moment." Xu Se said impatiently.

  The five grandfathers took a cold look at Xu Se and helped Qin Lang pack up his luggage.

  "Lanlang, bring more love-making pills. Just do it when you see the good girl." Grandma Luo said with tears in her eyes, for fear that Qin Lang would be wronged.

  "You can't stop cultivating. If you feel uncomfortable, you can kill someone to have fun." Grandpa Long stood aside and told him carefully.

  Grandpa Yun said, "Don't lose your fortune in fortune-telling. If you go to Macao, don't go bankrupt after winning the casino. Where are you going to be a person? You have to be careful!"

  "The food outside isn't delicious. There's a lot of oil in the ditch. Do it yourself."

  "Only knowledge can change one's fate. If you really want money, then let's go to the police system. They won't be able to find out."

  Jiang Haiqing and Xu Se, who were standing aside, were completely dumbfounded.

  "Are these people out of their mind? What kind of messy commands are they giving me?"

  Qin Lang, with tears in his eyes, reluctantly set foot on his way home with the little puppy.

  "Lanlang, if you are hungry, roast the man next to you and eat it. The woman is good, so keep her."

  On the other side, Xu Se almost fell down when he heard this.

  The impatience on her face had long disappeared.


  Qin Lang was very yearning for the Celestial Empire, and he was no stranger to it, because he had a well-educated grandfather to teach him.

  The first time they arrived, Qin Lang got used to it very quickly.

  Jiang Haiqing and Xu Se had forgotten what had happened over there. They only remembered finding Qin Lang. It seemed that Grandpa Long had sealed their memories.

  Jinxiu Home was the most luxurious villa group in Longcheng City. The ones who could afford to live here were not ordinary ones.

  Xu Se was a government staff member, while Jiang Haiqing was a medicine factory. The two of them had little influence, but they were not small either.

  Xu Se didn't look good. When Qin Lang came back, it meant that he would have one more outsider in the future.

  When they arrived at Xu's house, Qin Lang saw Jiang Haiqing's daughter sitting on the sofa casually with her slender legs on the tea table.

  Her beautiful face looked indescribably cute. She had perfectly inherited Jiang Haiqing's appearance.

  "Xi'er!" Jiang Haiqing glared at her daughter discontentedly and said, "This is your brother Qin Lang."

  Xu Xi, who was sitting on the sofa, raised his eyebrows. "Hello!"

  It was a very perfunctory greeting. Qin Lang could feel that she did not like him.

  Xu Xi was angry in his heart. In order to find Qin Lang, his mother had been asking people for information over the years. As long as there was time, she would find him. For so many years, his mother had not given up.

  It would be strange for Xu Xi to give Qin Lang a good look.

  "How can you..."

  "All right!" Xu Se interrupted him discontentedly, "A bumpkin, if you let him live here, you have to get up and welcome him with your whole family?"

  Hearing her husband's words, Jiang Haiqing's face was full of anger, but she also knew that she was wrong.

  Although her husband was reluctant, he still accompanied her to find Qin Lan.

  If the two of them did not agree, Qin Lang would definitely not be able to stay in the house.

  "Don't mind, she is still young." Jiang Haiqing comforted Qin Lang. Qin Lang smiled and didn't care.

  Although Xu Xi hated Qin Lang, he liked the little puppy he brought with him very much.

  It should be said that any woman in the age would like to be a fat and lovely little animal.

  The little puppy was as lecherous as usual. It had been arching its head in front of Xu Xi's chest, which made Qin Lang a little envious.


  "Huh?" Qin Lang looked at Xu Xi's delicate face.

  "You'd better keep the dog outside. My Bian Mu is very fierce. I'm afraid that your dog will be bitten to death." Xu Xi sneered, as if he was declaring his position in this family.

  Qin Lang smiled.

  "You don't believe me?" Seeing Qin Lang's face, Xu Xi snorted and said, "Come here, you crickets!"

  Not far away, a huge dog ran over. Xu Xi provocatively put the puppy on the ground.

  She was very clear that when the little puppy was bitten by Fang Mu, Qin Lang would certainly not ignore it.

  At that time, this kid would understand that he was powerful.

  But unexpectedly, after the fierce-looking dog ran over, it lay prone in front of the little puppy.

  It even raised its front paws in a human-like manner and put them on its head, looking as if it was begging for mercy.

  Xu Xi, who originally had a smile on her face and was ready to watch the show, was stunned. No matter how she screamed, Fang Mu ignored her and even made a whining sound. No one knew whether he was afraid or fawning over her.

  Qin Lang stood at the side and smiled. This was a gift from Grandpa Long. Even a tiger had to be scared in front of a little puppy!

  "It's a ball. Don't bully it!"

  As the little healer looked away, Fang Bugui immediately became relaxed. He wagged his tail and ran to the little healer's side. Unexpectedly, he was flattering him.

  This look made Xu Xi, who was standing aside, so angry that she couldn't speak.

  This made Xu Xi, who originally wanted to put pressure on Qin Lang, feel particularly uncomfortable. She also had a grudge against his own dog.

  "I've washed my hands and had a meal," Jiang Haiqing cried.

  Xu Xi's big round eyes glared at Qin Lang fiercely, and the soles of her feet stepped on the ground with a loud noise.

  Today's meal was made by Xu Se. Although he was reluctant, he would still listen to his wife's words.

  "Come on, taste the braised lion head made by your uncle." Jiang Haiqing enthusiastically picked up the food for him.

  "I didn't make it for him, but for my good daughter." Xu Se glanced at Qin Lang disdainfully and pushed the rest of the dishes in front of Xu Xi.

  This was Xu Se's specialty. He didn't want to take advantage of Qin Lan, a country bumpkin.

  "Thank you." Qin Lang didn't care and thanked him with a smile.

  Seeing Qin Lang picking up the lion head, Xu Se and Xu Xi still couldn't help looking at him with a hint of expectation.

  They really wanted to see the surprised and enjoyable look on Qin Lang's face. After all, it was impossible for a country bumpkin to eat such a delicious food.

  However, after taking a bite, Qin Lang's face changed...

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