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Seven Years Ago — James

I see him cross the floor: a strikingly good—looking man with a shaggy mane of blond hair.

…. overdue for a cut….

I've seen him around here before, several times. He never has any problems finding willing partners and seems to be with a different one every time. Watching him from across the room, I'm interested to see his technique….

He lounges by the bar, with a glass of wine he's been sipping at for the last twenty minutes, showing no signs of finishing it.

Now, there's a man who's waiting for action and has no intention of taking too much alcohol on board.

He scans the room. Several women, and some couples too, are very obviously eyeing him up. He has no shortage of choice.

Still curious, I angle myself to get a better view of his face, so that I can follow his eye.

He's watching a strawberry blond at one end of the bar, and a tall, well matched and attractive couple at the other. Both are casting an eye back at him and he's clearly welcome whichever way he chooses.

His gaze sweeps past me, hovers and then drifts back as he realizes I'm watching him. Then he grins and shakes his head apologetically.

Damn, he thinks I'm gay….

Better set that one right.

I'm about to head across to talk to him when he makes up his mind, strolling over to the couple he was watching.

She is very attractive in a bubbly, bouncy, brunette kind of way; not my type, but I'm interested to see what comes next. The guy she's with is an obvious Dom, in a dark suit, clean white shirt and polished shoes. He's a snappy dresser and the brunette very much defers to him.

As the blond man strolls over, both smile, seeming to know him. I can't pick out their words across the bar, but their body language says it all, and the three head for…. for where? Ah, yes, one of the larger viewing lounges.

The bed inside is enormous, easily able to take a dozen couples, but right now, the threesome have it to themselves. Blondie sits on the edge of the bed while the couple…. what?

The Dom sits beside Blondie, nodding the brunette to stand in front of the pair of them. Then, instructing her to turn with the twirling of a finger, he gestures to Blondie to take over.

The blond man stands, smoothly moving upright to stand over the woman. He's tall, though not particularly so, perhaps a shade shy of six feet, but he is powerfully built; broad shouldered and narrow waisted. Certainly, he looks and moves as though he works out, not in the overbuild—the—muscle way, but of the I've—a—job—to—do—and—need—a—body—that—works sort.

He takes the woman at the shoulders. She's all smiles, clearly very happy for him to do whatever he wishes, and as he stoops to kiss her, she leans in, contouring herself to him while his hands roam her; her waist, her tits, her ass.

Then one hand reaches around to the fastening at the back of her dress. One—handedly he slips the small button free, gliding down the zipper, and although she has her back to me, I see the wriggle of her hips as she moves to accommodate him.

He glances up, sees me watching, then smiles and drops me a wink. He says something to her, a question on his face, before she nods and he turns her by the shoulders to face me while he slips the dress from her shoulders. Her Dom doesn't seem to mind, sitting back with a voyeuristic smile as Blondie displays the woman to me.

Trying to stay casual, I lean against the wall, sipping at my own wine as the display unfolds. But my cock is twitching as the dress falls to the ground. She's wearing nothing underneath and has the figure to get away with it. Cupping a breast with one hand, Blondie follows down her belly, then heads south with the other. Her face has the glazed expression of growing arousal and her lips are parted.

Am I just a voyeur for this? Or will I be able to…?

Abruptly, the Dom stands, grabbing the woman by an arm and pushing her down onto the bed. He flips her onto all fours, pulling her ass up to display her pussy. Blondie says something, head—pointing at me, but the Dom snaps an obvious 'No'.

Blondie turns to me, shrugs an apology across the room and then returns his attention to the woman.


I could stay and watch the rest, but my pants are tight, and I want to do more than spectate. As I turn away, there's a curvy little redhead standing close, looking up at me.

"Hi, I'm Jeannie."

"Hello, Jeannie."

"I've seen you here before. You like to take charge, don't you?"

"I do, yes. Is that what you had in mind?"

"You like it rough too. I saw you last week, with that other girl. You paddled her good."

My voice dry. "If you saw that much, then you saw that I didn't get any complaints either."

She grins, then turns, walking away, but as she's about to round the corner, she glances back at me, her eyes full of invite. Knocking back the remains of my wine, I follow her.

She settles in another of the public rooms, the viewing ports filled with shadowy faces. Lying on the couch, giving me the eye, she arches back, legs slightly akimbo.

I stand over her, looking down. She seems to have a taste for submission….

…. or why would she have invited me?

And why would I disappoint her?

…. Watching her, I undo cuffs and buttons, stripping off my shirt, then kick off my shoes. "You like it rough too, then?"

She grins again, flips over and presents her be—pantied backside. Sitting by her, I push up her skirt past her waist, stroke her thighs, gauging her reaction. She's panting already, ready to be fucked. I'll be happy to oblige; my cock is pushing hard inside my pants.

I slap her across the ass, over her panties and she gasps but pushes her pretty derriere back towards me.

Tugging down her panties, I slap again, then slide a couple of fingers between her legs. She's nicely wet, but her cheeks could be a bit pinker, so I give it to her again, this time aiming for a real sting.

She yelps and judders. "What are your safe words?" I ask.

"Bambi and Thumper," she replies.

Where the fuck did she gets those from?

Nevertheless, I swipe across her skin once more, and now she's really beginning to bloom. The heat of her reddened skin warms my hand as I rub at a spot, then slap again, and again.

My cock's ready to burst out, so I unzip, shrug off my pants, and kneel between her legs.

She likes it rough?

Let's give her what she wants….

I jam my knees between hers, forcing her legs wide, exposing her red and glistening pussy, pushing a couple of fingers inside. Pumping her a bit, I enjoy her wet heat and the wriggling of her hips. Then I angle to scrape at her inner wall and she yells. She seems to be enjoying it, and she's making some good noises as I work her up.

My cock's ready for action and my balls are tight. She turns to look over her shoulder as she hears the rip of foil, then sings out as I spear her hard.

Fucking her deep, ramming home, I hilt myself inside her. It's got to be hurting her, but she doesn't call her safe—word and she's screaming her arousal as she tries to both escape and embrace the pounding I'm giving her

I settle into a rhythm; a hard slap across her butt, then another, and while she's still in mid—yelp, I fuck her again, pistoning in for two or three thrusts before withdrawing and giving her ass another swipe.

I'm getting close, but I want her to come first, so as I slam into her, I reach around, rubbing at her clit, which is as hot and wet and swollen as her pussy, erect and sensitive.

"Bambi!" she yells, and arching backwards, she jerks into orgasm, trying to buck. I hold her tight at the hip, still pounding into her, but relax a bit on her clit, just winding circles around it with a finger. Her cunt pulsing around my shaft, she clenches at me and my own climax is coming. As she gasps and quivers out the last of her orgasm, I drop over her as I come myself, shooting hard as my cock and root and balls shudder and pulse.

I pull out of her with a final slap on the butt. She yelps, but turns back to me, smiling. "Thanks, er…?"


"Thanks, James."

"You're welcome, Jeannie."

"Perhaps I'll see you again."

"Perhaps," I nod.

"Next week, maybe?"

Shaking my head, "I'll not be here next week. Another time, perhaps."

"I'd like that."

She pulls her clothes into a bundle and heads out in the direction of the showers.

As I pull on my pants, heading for the showers myself, Blondie's there at the end of the aisle, watching.

How long was he there?

He grins and winks at me again, then turns and walks away.


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