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  In a dark alley in Hai Province.

  All of a sudden, a beam of white light flashed away.

  A young man appeared in the white light.

  This teenager was in rags and his whole body was dark, as if he had just climbed out of the factory.


  "Finally, you're back!"

  He looked at the Dragon-Snake Jade in his left hand with complicated emotions in his eyes.

  Many years ago, Ye Chen discovered that the ancient jade that his father had passed on to him was able to take him to travel across another world of cultivators.

  However, the Cultivation World was far less beautiful than he had imagined.

  It could be said that he was full of killing intent.

  Ye Chen, a modern person, wanted to live a peaceful life over there. It was almost impossible for him to survive.

  Therefore, he did not pay attention to this Ancient Jade.

  Until the year of his senior year in senior high school, Ye Chen's eyes flashed with a sharp light, and it disappeared in a flash.

  When he was in his third year in high school, he fell in love with Chen Angie, the campus belle in high school.

  Chen Angie was the eldest daughter of the Chen family, a wealthy family in the Hai Province.

  As a result, he not only refused the confession, but also was pushed down from the teaching building on the third floor by Chen An's brother Chen Dongdong.

  He fell to the ground and was broken into pieces.

  From that day on, Ye Chen finally realized that he was like an ant in this steel city.

  When the siblings of the Chen family looked down on him, they looked down on him as if they were looking at a dead dog.

  That night, Ye Chen disappeared from the hospital.

  Everyone thought that he could not bear the blow and ran away from home.

  Or, he went to a corner where no one was around and looked for a chance to see himself.

  No one knew that he had gone to the Cultivation World.

  Ye Chen had been in the Cultivation World for three thousand years.

  Over the past 3,000 years, he had become the furnace for the Holy Maiden of the Great Clan.

  He had been the groom of the Imperial Prince of the Immortal Court.

  "The Ancestor of the Devil's Practice took him away to fill the Eye of Formation..."

  After rising from the grass, it finally suppressed the Way of Heaven.

  In just 3,000 years, he had become the ninth Immortal Emperor of the Cultivation World.

  However, he had brought too many enemies along the way.

  Although he became an Immortal Emperor, he was hunted down by the remaining eight Immortal Emperors and exiled to the Four Seas.

  In the end, he had no choice but to return to Earth with the help of this ancient dragon-shaped jade.

  "I was seriously injured by the eight Immortal emperors! Now my cultivation has not reached the Foundation Establishment stage. I can only hide on the earth for the time being. I will go back to the Cultivation World when I recover my strength in the future. I will be ashamed of myself."

  Ye Chen thought.

  He looked at the high-rise buildings around him, and his eyes were far away.

  "The grudges and kindness in the past should come to an end when I come back this time!"


  Ye Chen had just walked out of the alley when he heard a scream.

  He looked for the sound and saw a red Land Rover parked in front of a supermarket.

  At this time, a thick smoke was rising from the car and the whole car was burning.

  Ye Chen frowned. With his eyesight, he could easily see the scene inside the window through the smoke.

  He saw a little girl in a pink chiffon dress sitting in the co-pilot's seat.

  It seemed that he was only three or four years old.

  She looked like a delicate porcelain doll, carved and carved with pink and jade.

  Her little body was firmly tied by the seat belt.

  At this time, Lin Mengya's small face was already a little confused by the smoke.

  " Yiyi, Yiyi! Baby! Let me go!"

  At this time, around the car, there had been a group of people.

  A woman cried and cried, her eyes full of despair.

  The woman looked 27 or 28 years old.

  He was about 1.6 meters tall.

  Two white and slender legs, whose legs were at least one meter long, had perfect lines.

  Wrapped in translucent stockings with white high heels of seven centimeters tall, it was very sexy.

  The light grey dress she was wearing was a top-grade brand customized by Europe.

  Her perfect figure was well-matched with her hot body.

  The design of the low collar vaguely showed a touch of whiteness.

  It made people's hearts yearn for it.

  She kept a long, brown hair that had been dyed over by the heat.

  Her palm-sized pretty face was exquisite and moving.

  Her delicate facial features were almost perfect.

  Ye Chen couldn't help but pause for a moment.

  With tears all over her face, she desperately rushed to the burning car.

  "Manager Chu, calm down."

  Beside this beautiful woman stood a woman who was wearing glasses and looked like a secretary.

  At this moment, Lin Mengya was drenched in cold sweat as she held on tightly to her body, which was struggling wildly.

  This beauty's name was Chu Min.

  It was Ningzhou's first-class enterprise, the female president of the tulip Group.

  Today, she was going to take her daughter Chu Yiyi to the amusement park to have a rest.

  But she didn't expect that she went to the toilet in the mall with her secretary. When she came back, she saw the car burning.

  But her daughter Yiyi was still trapped in the car.

  Because of the spirit, the child could not be pregnant. This adopted daughter was the only spiritual sustenance.

  She did not dare to imagine the consequences of losing her.

  "Please save my daughter! Who can save her? I'm willing to pay any price."

  At this time, Chu Min was no longer as cold as she was in the business.

  A pair of watery eyes looked at the passers-by with pleading eyes.

  Seeing such a beautiful woman showing such a delicate and pitiful look, many men felt excited.

  However, when they looked at the burning car, they all stopped.

  "Miss, the car is burning so fiercely! At high temperature, the car door has been deformed, and there is no way to open it! Moreover, the fuel tank may explode at any time. It's too dangerous to save people now! We'd better wait for the fire engine to come."

  A group of passers-by shook their heads and chose to look on coldly.

  Chu Min's heart gradually sank into the desperate cliff.

  By the time the fire got there, the daughter in the car would have been dead.

  If she had to watch her daughter being burned to death in front of her, she would not be able to live any longer.

  At this time, at the corner of her eyes, she saw a thin figure passing by and walking toward the burning car.

  Chu Min was slightly stunned.

  He couldn't help but be surprised and happy.

  She was glad that someone was finally willing to save her daughter.

  What was surprising was that at this time, the fire was getting stronger and stronger. What was the use of him alone?

  Ye Chen looked at the girl in the car.

  In the Cultivation World, he was honored as the Immortal Emperor.

  Not only did he die, but he also became a Dao in defiance of the natural order.

  He had always been decisive in killing.

  But he remembered the insignificance of the past.

  There was still a hint of pity for the weak in the heart of the Taoist.

  Seeing that a child was about to be burned to death.

  He happened to meet her, but he wouldn't turn a blind eye to her.



  A lot of people tried to stop him.

  However, Ye Chen turned a deaf ear to it.

  Now, he was in a cultivation position. Compared with when he was in his prime, he only had one-tenth of his power left.

  However, this little bit of high temperature was not a threat to him.

  The twisted car door was easily pulled open by him.

  Ye Chen used his True Energy to protect the little girl and carried her out of the carriage.

  Looking at Ye Chen, she took her daughter out of the thick smoke.

  Chu Min couldn't believe it at first.

  Xuan Yi's watery eyes lit up with ecstasy.

  He hurriedly ran forward and took his daughter from Ye Chen's hand. Then, he hugged her tightly as if he had obtained a treasure.

  The little girl was already in a trance.

  However, after Ye Chen injected a bit of genuine energy into his body, he was clear-headed at this moment.

  It was as if what had just happened had not happened.

  Under her long eyelashes, a pair of bright eyes were looking at her.

  She called out sweetly, "Mom."

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