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  "Valerie's room


  Grrrrr grrrr came the sound of the alarm and I stood up immediately running into the bathroom.Came out some minutes later and rushed out to work.That has been my life eversince I graduated from college my mom is on the sick bed dying of lukeimia and i.have to work in order to earn money.. I work as a maid in the house of a very popular Mrs Taylor in order to raise some money for the hospital bill I tried checking in for other places but they are not willing to employ me except a coffee shop not to far where I work par time. I also wash clothes for people for money .. it kills me deeply to see my mom in such a condition since she's the only family I have after the death of my father.. well that's enough about me .. I quickly jogged down to Mrs Taylor house and saw her sitting on the couch..

  " Good morning ma'am" I greeted and she smiled at me

  " How are you doing? Valerie " she asked

  "Fine mar" I said and left her presence. . That's Mrs Taylor for you .She treat me like her daughter and I don't even know why.I worked till evening time and now I am ready to go for the other work at the cafe shop.

  " Are u ready to go now Valerie " Mrs Taylor said..

  "Yes ma I have to get to the coffee shop now"

  " Okay stay safe and I have a proposal for you but I guess it will have to wait till tomorrow when you come " she said giving me a tip

  " Okay ma " I said and Wass about refusing the tip when she forced it in my hand and left. That has always been her.. I left the house wondering what the proposal will be .. I got to the coffee shop earlier and rested a bit before starting the days work .. I collected my pay and left for the hospital to check on my mom before going home... Dylan

  It feels so good to be back home after 2 years in netherland.well that's the life of a celebrity... Am Dylan a 24 years old musician and a model .. trust me am so cute and girls always throw themselves at me and I don't do a twice pussy .. My mom has been on my neck to get married but trust me when I say am not ready to commit again cos o don't want to get broken as a result of some shitty stuff called love....Tbc

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