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Lisa's pov........

"Mum I'm off to Dee place, I want to go and play with him" I yelled from the living room

"No you're going nowhere" she yelled from the kitchen

"But mum why" I yelled back so that she can hear me

" You just came back from school, you haven't eaten yet and you said you're going to meet Dee, didn't you guys meet a few minutes ago, and besides you can't step out of this house alone, do you want to be kidnap," she said calmly cos I'm already in the kitchen eyeing the cookies mum is making, then I suddenly remember being hungry


"mum you know no one can kidnap me, I will give them uppercut and kick their belly, so can I go now, you know am strong," I said smiling not because I'm trying to convince mum, but the cookies she is making are giving me joy

"You're still going nowhere"

"I'm no longer a kid mum, I'm 8yrs old for Pete sake and Dee said am a big girl," I said blushing when I remember Dee telling me that earlier

"You know child that you're still a kid, you will have to wait for Tyler to take.." I cut her off

"What!!!!!!!" "I screamed

"Are you seriously kidding me right now, but Mom Tyler always come home late and I promise Dee I will follow him to the park, mum you're unbelievable" I started crying cos that is the only thing that can make me escape from yelling at her

"Am sorry cutie" she said squatting and scattering my hair, she signed

"Okay you can go" she breathed out

"Just be careful okay"

"Yay" I yelled happily

"I love you mum you're the best mum in the whole world' I Said happily

I ran out of the kitchen heading to the door, I must have been keeping Dee waiting, then I suddenly remember the cookies, I ran back, mum is backing me she just placed the smoking hot cookies in a bowl on the cabinet, I quickly grab two, damn!!! It's fucking hot "ouch" I groaned making a mum turn, before she could get hold of me, I've picked a race

"Hey come back here" she yelled following me, before she opened the door am already on my bicycle

"Lala" " see ya" I ride off laughing cos I know am still gonna get a smack on the ass when am back.

Hi guys, am Lisa, I live in a comfortable home, I have a cute lovely family of 4, mum and dad, my biggest treasure that I love so much, then lastly Tyler my big bro that I cherish a lot, I love my family a lot

Tyler and Mom are the only ones that know about my crush on Dee.

Speaking of Dee, his real name is Derek but I call him Dee and he calls me Lissy, isn't that cute of him

I love Dee so much, I know you will be wondering what did an 8yrs old girl know about love, whatever I love him, and I pray he loves me back

We've been friends when we're little and we promise each other never to leave each other, we gonna grow old together still been friends tho I want more than that, but what can I do

"Hey" he waves at me, seems like he has been waiting, I parked my bicycle, then ran to hug him

"Hi," I said while he pinches my cheeks

"Aww that's cruel of you," I said frowning

"This is what you get for keeping me waiting"

I rolled my eyes

"So shall we," he said


"I brought you a cookie"

" Oh thanks"

He hops on his bicycle while I sit at his back wrapping my hands around his waist and resting my head on his back, I giggled and he starts riding the bicycle cracking jokes and me laughing like a fool

Finally, we reach the park, we played different game with either me or him losing, he won a big teddy bear and give it to me, I love teddy so much, I guess that's why he insisted on playing the game, am gonna cherish it, will name it delis it sounds stupid but short and cute

"Lissy let's Goan ride that"

"No way!!!" I screamed "What are you kidding me right now, how do you expect me to ride that death messenger, " I said in one breath

"Chill, it is not a death messenger, trust me it's gonna be fun" he replied

"Nah, you can go on while I watch you," I said demonstrating my hand

"Or are you scared," he said with a funny face to tease me

"Hell no, Lisa can never be scared of anyone, am a big girl and strong," I said showing him my muscle

"Then let's ride it, you have to prove to me you are not scared," he said almost laughing

Damn he knows how to get me

"Okay, okay"

He held my hand as we move to the roller coaster, am scared and am trying my possible best no to show it

"Are you nervous?" he asked with an annoying smirk, damn he always caught me off guard

"What, yes...no, I mean no, why would I be nervous," I said faking a smile

He stared at me suspiciously then look away and said" look I know when you're lying, if you don't wanna ride it just tell me I won't force you" he said without looking at me

Idiot after telling him I don't want to ride it and successfully forcing me, he had now turned to a motivational speaker, I know he's finding a way to tease me again

I roll my eyes at him

"Look am not scared of anything"

"But you called it death messenger"

"Nope, I'm just kidding, I mean errm... Uhm... heaven messenger, no, God's messenger yes God's messenger" I said staring blankly at the space

He chuckled softly revealing his cute dimples, why didn't I have dimples in the first place seriously, aish frustrating

"Can we ride the death...Oops,oh I mean God's messenger already?" I said

He laughed this time removing the strands of hair falling on my face backward, I blushed

"Woah!!, Can't believe I make the almighty strong Lissy, a whole big girl blueish" he said bluntly

Damn he caught me, stupid cheeks it won't stop going red when I didn't instruct it to do so

"Wait, damn who told you I blushed because of you, I mean look at that cute hot guy over there. I said gesturing my hand to a cute and ugly guy staring at me from afar "he winked at me" I said waving my hand to the ugly or maybe cute, the idiot winked at me, gross disgusting

"What about we make him jealous' he said grinning

"Gosh can we ride the goddamn thing already, I wanna go home early, this is the only way I can escape from been smack on the ass for stealing the cookie and Tyler teasing the hell outta me," I said frowning cos I know he won't stop teasing me

Seriously I don't know why everyone seems to have joy in teasing, that is annoying

" Wait you stole the cookie you gave me"

"Yes...no, maybe yes, I mean, I didn't steal it, hmmm, it, It just that ehmm she caught me, I. I. I" I said stammering and scratching my head

"No wonder you didn't bother wrapping it up, I know that if it's mum she would have packed it in a lunch box, but you, you didn't even bother, you bring it like that with that your dirty hand" he smirked

" Wait, you just know that my hand is dirty after eating the whole cookie without giving me out of it?"

" You know mum is a great cook, you won't want to miss her delicious meal," he said grinning

Seriously I don't know why he loves smiling a lot, anyway that's cool Fast forward

We just get down from the roller coaster, I didn't enjoy it from the whole ride, cos I am scared as hell, I was just screaming and shouting like someone who saw a ghost

"Hahahahahahaha" Dee started laughing

Oh mine, he laughed cutely, I stared at him dreamily, while he kept laughing, then I noticed some people laughing also pointing at me chuckling

What is wrong with all this one, I hissed

Dee bring out his phone and stretch it to me, I looked at my reflection on the phone screen

" What!!!!, Holly Molly!!!!, Who the heck is this, I look like a walking ghost a complete clown, my pretty hair is now a huge mess, all thanks to that stupid, idiot death Messenger

This place is cool as we were now sitting opposite each other starting at the water fountain, okay I don't know how I just meet my lips on his, he looks shocked

What the hell did I just did am stupid

"What was that for," he asked confused

"You said we should make that cute guy jealous, didn't you, and beside it's just a peck, not something," I said looking away, great Lisa, the great liar of Ill time


We later took selfies snapping whatever we see posing like mad and crazy people

Finally am home, after the awkward ride home, somehow I had fun

Opening the door greeting mum and dad to receive the greatest shock of my life

I fainted


So how was it

What did you think could cause the shock???

Find out in the next thrilling episode of HER CRUSH

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