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In the heart of a certain city lived a well off family. The man brasen is a very wealthy businessman who goes back and forth to China for trade.

His wife too was a quiet good woman, she supports her husband as a wife should and they both had a son.

Jim, the son going twenty-two in summer was a good looking guy. He has an athlete body as he participated in sport in his college.

He is a famous guy in his college and every girls want to have him but though Jim is very kind and loving he never give the girls a go ahead. He would shrug them off as though they are not there .

Now , Jim participated in judo, yoga and water polo but that's where his talent ends. He has never been a genius in his school work.

He sometimes miss class and engage himself on what makes him less bored and all this years Jim isn't alone, by his sides were his best friends Pickett and summer.

Pickett who also was handsome love sports, he skip less class than Jim while summer who likewise was good looking never skip class even though at the end he never really know what he learn.

This three friends never complain about life because they got much out of it as each of their parents is wealthy and they know know about Thier friendship.

They love Their friendship a lot and they clearly keep to themselves, they never hurt anybody with the upper hand they got in school and so everyone respect them enough and with their playful attitude the students call them "the playboys".

The three friends considered the name and later fall in love with it.

The time rolls on as the girls still persist not only Jim but summer and Pickett but as usual the playboys kept to Thier own and never pays attention to the girls that flirt around them.

The school vacation is fast approaching and so on the last day in school the boys goes out for fishing, though they know not , much about it but to gain experience they rented a big boat and off they went , fishing and having big moments to themselves.

They spent three days on water till they noticed the unusual. Their parents never called and so not noticing any danger Jim decided to call his dad's number.

He called him many times but no one picked the calls so he tried his mom's but got the same results. He shrugged even though he knows it's very unusual for his parents to miss his calls and that goes for his two friends as well.

By now they have become restless but try not to show it . They quickly prepared to get back home to see their parents.

After getting off the boat they hastily goes their different ways and got home.

When they got to the house they noticed the unusual quietness and with this discovery they know at once that something is amiss.

They entered their big home only to see all their household dead. No one is left alive even their maids and watchman was killed.

No evidence was revealed except a Z shaped object which the three boys found in their home .

The cops were called upon and they make some notes and inquiries but when they sees the Z shaped object they quickly withdraw as though they recognise it then they promised the playboys that the killer won't go unpunished.

But that seems like a slip of the tongue because after many days, as the house was cleared up the boys now live together in Jim's house awaiting the call from the cops but it never comes so they decided to pay them a visit instead.

The men there received them badly , grumbling as they did . Then a certain cop walk up to them and advises them to stay off the case with the conclusion saying " you are lucky enough to skip your death too , the Z shaped object is from a powerful man in China so take care" with that he walk off.

Well, summer isn't good enough in school work but he knows much more and as he read the expression on the cop telling them to stay of the case face , he realised the man knows much more than he is letting on.

The playboys got back home which still was Jim's house and sat down thinking about what has happened.

Then suddenly they realised that Their dads all have a business in China.

Jim thought as he tilt his head thinking" my dad goes to China for business".

Then it occurs to him that he never know what type of business his father was into .

Unknown to jim his two friends who was so quiet was busy thinking too .

Summer knows his father was a business man and he goes back and forth to China for trade but he never once try to find out what is the actual business.

Pickett on the other hand think likewise and realised his father's job was a mystery to him .

Finally the playboys look at each other as though knowing one's thought.

Suddenly Pickett and summer grab their car keys and race out without saying a word while Jim also with Hasty behaviour got into his father's room .

He searched almost everything that belongs to the dead man and when he was about to give up he finds some files neatly packed in a briefcase.

He hurriedly check them out and to his wildest horror he saw the transaction of human trafficking from China to Kashmir.

The papers still on his hands, his friends burst in sweating profusely.

The evidence of which tells that they have done the same thing Jim has done .

Searching their fathers belongings and finding out he was into human trafficking.

Now the night is near . The playboys sat down quietly and concluding that Their fathers has been working together though they never really noticed.

But it is so confusing. The question on Their mind remain unanswered. WHY ?

As days turn into week they all arrived on a mission.

They will journey to the country of China and finds out who killed their household and why .

The journey preparation consist on a good and sadistic intention. One they understand that Their life is at risk.

They were glad that they have learn sport , that would help if they have to defend themselves.

They concluded that they are not there to kill, all they want is answers.

They each got a rucksacks for a week camping. They doubted if they will ever make it alive but they are determined to make the trip.

They collect the information from the papers and arrange them in correct order just for them to know about a man call zan- Yun whom the latest transaction which Jim's dad has done was with him.

They have one certain information, this man zan- Yun lives in China .

He's a well known wealthy man so it won't be difficult to find him but still the mission they were to embark on seem impossible .

Looking for a man in a country like China which is so large and vast seems difficult but they were not disheartened and so locking up the house and seeing to the other properties they know will be safe in their absence .

They took the rucksacks and their credit card in case of hard time as they leave the city in London to the very big country of China by getting on a plane which they have booked for .

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