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Everyone's lived differently. With different aims and goals. I've always been known as the nice girl. Even my bestfriend would say I look too innocent and naive to be true. Too good for anyone. Ever since dad died of lung cancer, I gave up in friendship. My two bestfriend betrayed me then taunt me about killing him. Since then, I've worked very hard to have good grades in school inorder to attain a scholarship after high school to relieve mom. Those had been my utmost priority before this lame party came up .

Here I stood dressed in a body hugging knee length dress.large blue eyes, pail blonde hair because that's actually who I am. Who skylar young is. I checked all over my body and my dress. If I'm truthful enough I'll say I look hot. This had been Joey's choosing not mine.

"Is it not a little short?" I asked worriedly. Checking out the clothe on my self once again.

"Oh my God! Skylar. You look beautiful in those" she gripped my arm and pull me over to her dressing mirror.

I let out a little gasp as I watch myself in the mirror . I'm mesmerized by my own reflection. If joey had not been standing behind my back I'll have denied that I'm not me. I look transformed. My larger blue eyes shine brigtly. I've never realise how blue they were. My dirty blonde was styles beautifully.

"I look hot joey" I said, heat flushing to my cheeks.

"Yeah" she said coming up behind me.

"Are you ready?"

I nodded. Physically yes. Mentally no!

"I'm a little nervous" I say rather slowly. It's the first time I'll be attending a party other than neighbour's birthday party.

"You'll be okay, stop worrying too much" she flashed me a smile.

If not for joey I wouldn't be attending this party. Jake would be there so she dragged me along with her.

"If I don't get jake to notice me tonight, I don't think he'll ever will" Joey says feeling a little down.

I mentally groaned. Jake smith is the guy joey had a sickening crush on. I don't know him that well but I've taken two classes with him this year. Within those times, I've seen nothing but rude behavior of him. He and his gang of assholes. He's one of the bad guy in school which makes me dislike him and the fact that he's bestfriend with Zeke preston, the school bad ass.

"He'll surely do joey. You only have to be positive" I tried my best to cheer joey up instead of saying what my mind really wants to say.

*Stop crushing on that asshoke cause he'll never look into your way. He's don't have ordinary girls like you*.

She gave me a bright smile. That's typical of her, she'll always smile even in worst situations.

By the time we arrived, the party was already in it's full swing.

"I need to go find jake" joey yelled over the loud blasting of music.

"Okay" I yelled back then watch her go off. With joey gone, I somehow felt alone. Lost.

I noticed some faces from school but couldn't make out any of them name. Parties like this are not meant for people like me. Friday night, I'd rather be in my room watching TV series.

I spotted Zeke preston, Evergreen baddest ass amidst the crowd. Since Zeke's here, definitely jake would be here.

I silently wished Joey's got to tell him she has an undying crush on him. What his reaction would be, I tried my best not to think about it. I felt my throat dry as I waded through the crowd. I held my ears as I walk past one of the speakers, the bass pounding as loud as my heart. I spun round to check if I could see joey. I felt left out being here on my own,because this party is just not my thing. I should be in bed by now watching my favourite TV series and crushing probably popcorns or curled up in bed reading novel.

I sighed deeply wising I hadn't come here at all. The air in here is suffocating .

I need air.

I spun around and search for the next available exit. I sighed as I make my way to the door. I pushed through the kitchen door and pull open the sliding back door. The cold summer breeze welcome me as I step out into the patio. I shut my eyes inhaling the deep fresh air.

Some girl screamed invading my beautiful moment. Natalie portman was a tall beautiful cheerleader who spoke like a valley man but she wasn't as mean as she seemed. We've worked together a few times and I can tell she's nice. Actually we're kind of friends, I could go talk to her. At least I can see someone to communicate with.

"Shit sorry!" A male voice says, a second later I feel cold liquid soak the front of my dress. The guy stumbles and pull himself up.

"My bad, really" he mumbles and sits down.

Could this party be any worse? My dress is filled with God knows what type of alcohol and I have nothing to change into. I took a second to look at the guy, he's wasted and I couldn't blame him. I shook my head then walk inside to find a bathroom. I push my way through the crowded hall in search of the god-damned bathroom luckily I found one. I try to close behind me but it won't lock. Soon I realised the lock is damaged, frustratedly I left it hanging. I only need to clean myself then get out.

I pulled out some wipers to clean my clothes but the stain only get worse. I groan and lean against the counter. I was about going out but was met with some broad chest. I traced the chest to its owner , it's the othe guy that spilled drink on me ealier. He smelled cigarettes like ealier.

"Um... I'm.... Sorry, I'm just gonna go away" I mumbles as I tried to walk past him.

Something in his eyes told me it wasn't going to be that easy. Before I could go, he dugged his dirty fingernails into my sleeveless arm and squeezed. I'm really regretting that I wore this clothe for the first time tonight.

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