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..... KATERINA'S POV......

......night- forest.....

"What do you think your doing!!"

I Screamed at mark my boyfriend as he drove deeper into the woods

We just had a fight and he got angry and lost control of the sterling

"It's not me, I swear, am not the one!!"

He cried out kicking the break rapidly as the car rolled over and over through the shallow valley until it came at a stop

The car was upside down, I couldn't move ,I couldn't move my legs

"Kate, are you okay?"

He whispered trying to unbuckle his seatbelt which was stuck


There were noise of different insects in the bushes , it was dark and the only thing that could be seen was the moon and the light

In a split second the whole Bush rustled and the noise stopped

There was Dead silence

"Mark what's happening?!"

I wispered slowly


He ordered as we stayed calm in the thumbled vehicle

" Arrhhhhhh"

Mark Screamed as he was dragged out of the car

"Oh my God!!! Mark!!!!!!!"

I tried to unbukle myself to run but I stopped when I saw marks body fall lifelessly on the ground with a he in his neck


I Screamed as I finally lost my vision

...... Damian's POV.......

"What the hell were you thinking bringing her home !!, You know what's going to happen if the humans find out about us! "

King Uther, my Dad Screamed angrilly as I ordered the maids to wash the little human I took out from the car and lock her up in my room , I needed someone to be sucking blood from

"Relax dad, they ain't gonna find out"

I rolled my eyes at him

"How sure are you?!,"

He raised an eyebrow doubtfully

"Because she ain't going nowhere, at least she isn't leaving my room"

I gave a little smirk

"Well well well"

My big brother Oliver entered the palace clapping his hands and smilling

"What has the irrational prince done again"

He added as his read cloak rolled on the ground

" Mind your business Oliver"

I glared showing my fangs angrily

" So what are you planning to do to her?, Bang her?? "

He raised an eyebrow as I disappeared and appeared right in front of him pushing him to the wall and holding his cloak around his neck tight

"Stop it you two!!"

Uther Screamed as I let go of him and rolled my eyes

" Am retiring to my Chambers, "

I began walking back through the hall as Oliver's laughter stooped me

"Make sure to warn your new toy not to roam around the castle if she likes her head on her neck"

She smirked as I grinned at him and went into my room


I screamed as I opened the door a and saw my clothes scartered all other , they were all in pieces

I looked over and saw a scissors on the ground


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