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Hi I'm Robert Pagotan, 21 years old. I grew up with a very wealthy family but I'm am not totally happy with my life. Why? Well, you will find out soon, just keep on reading. Anyways, I have to go. I will prepare Because I have a important Errands today. Me and my girlfriend will be celebrating our 4 years and 6 months as couple. I will fetch her in their house but before that, I have to pass by in a flower shop to brought her bouquet of roses .


"Please come in sir"

"Where's grizelle?" I asked to the maid

"Upstares sir. She is currently preparing for your date"

"Oh ok. Thanks. I'll just wait for her"

"Do you want something sir? Water, coffee, juice, soft drinks..."

"Just get some water please"

"Ok sir."

As I waiting for my girlfriend to go down, their maid handed me with a full glass of water.

"Thank you"

"You're welcome sir"

After 30 minutes of waiting, finally! She's ready for our date. *sigh* girls will always be girls. Always Terdy.

"Hi babe. I'm sorry for making you wait"

"It's ok babe. It's worth the wait."

"Thank you"

"Happy monthsary babe" I utter as I handed her the bouquet

"Thank you babe. Happy monthsary"

"I love you!"

"I love you too"

"Let's go? Where do you want to go babe?"

"Anywhere. As long as I am with you"

"Your choice babe. Amusement park, mall, park, restaurant, resort?"

"Uhmmm. Lets go to the mall. Let's watch some movies and play arcades"

"Ok babe. Lets go"

This is how we celebrate our monthsary often. A simple date will do.

"Babe, I haven't buy you any gift. Would you like a shoes? It's my treat" she asked.

"No. It's ok babe. Your presence is more than enough" I said sincerely

"No babe. I insist. Please let me buy you some shoes" she insisted

"Then let me shopping for you as well. What do you want? Heels, pamper, dress, make ups?" I asked

"Fine. Make ups"

*Sigh* make up again and again

"Ok let's go"

We went to a make up and skin Care shop to get some of her make up collection. After we go shopping for her, we decided to watch a movie.

"Babe, here" I handed her a money when she's about to buy our cinema ticket.

"What's that?"

"A money"

"Yeah. I know. But, what for?"

"For our ticket"

"No babe. I'll be the one to pay it" she said

"No babe. I don't let girls pay for me"

"I know but I insist babe. Ok. For you to don't fee bad, just pay for the snacks"


She went to the cinema ticket booth and I went to the snacks booth. After several minutes, she handed me my movie ticket and we both headed to the cinema room.

"Babe, did you enjoy the movie?" I asked as we exit the cinema room

"Of course babe. The ending might be painful but I learned something from it" she answered

"Where we going now babe?" I asked

"Shoe shop. Let buy shoes for you"

"But babe we don't have to"

"Babe, i let you buy make ups for me earlier even if Im having second thoughts about it because it's expensive so please babe, let me buy something for you as well"

"Fine. But only one pair of shoes"

"No. Let's make it 3"

"No. That's too much"

"No. You deserve it"

"One pair of shoes. Whether you like it or not"


"It's too expensive"

We went to a shoe shop and as we roam around the boutique, something caught my attention.

"Oh my god babe. I found the perfect shoes" I said excitedly


"Here" I show her the Spiderman inspired shoes. Yes guys, I'm obssessed fan of Spiderman.

"Ok let's buy it for you. Let's select more"

"No babe. This is more than enough"

"Are you sure babe?"

"Yes babe"

"Ok. Let's pay it"

"Where did you like to go?" I asked after she pay the shoe for me

"Let's go to the arcade babe. I want to play" she said like a child. My girlfriend is indeed cute.


We headed to the arcade and we play some games there. I really enjoyed it. I feel like a kid again.

"Im tired. Let's get some lunch babe" she said

"Sure. Where do you want to eat?"

"Uhmmm...anywhere babe."


"No babe. That's too expensive"

"Where we going to eat then?"

"Somewhere not too expensive"

"Korean restaurant, Japanese restaurant, Filipino restaurant?"

"Hmmmm...I'm craving for some takoyaki and sushi, Japanese restaurant"

"Ok let's go"

After we are our lunch, we decided to have a picnic at the park. We stayed there until the sun went down

"I'll have to go babe. Thank you for today. I love you" I said as I bid a goodbye

"Can't you stay here for a while? I'll cook for you"

"Are you sure babe? Aren't you tired?" I asked

"A little bit"

"Just take some rest babe. If you want, I will be here tomorrow, cook for me. It's that ok?"

"Better. Ok. Tomorrow I'll cook for you"

"Ok. have some rest now and I'll go ahead"

"Ok. Take care. Call me when you arrived ok. happy monthsary. I love you"

"I love you more babe. Happy monthsary" I said and we seal our monthsary a kiss

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