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I was 24 years old and going to my college in last senior years. It was the morning time when my eldest sister woke me up I groaned under the pillow and said " I don't want to wakeup " but she said " you have to be regular at your last senior year of college so get up " .

I wake up and picked a dress of blue top with blue jeans skirt that reached my knees.

Then I head to bathroom to take shower.after taking shower I combed my hair applies baby pink lipgloss and head straight to the dining table. My mother had made pancakes for breakfast ,I love pancakes so I started eating suddenly I realized I am getting late so I took a pancake , say goodbye to my mom and sisters and ran for school.

As I was running for school I bumped into a wall to my shock it was a man's chest , I said sorry because I was a bit scared of the way he was looking at me and ran to school without looking back .

I was in school ten minutes before , I attended all the classes and after school I head back to my home ad there were three cars parked in front of my house.

When I entered in the house I was shocked to see who it was. He was the same guy from morning . My mom says that they are my cousin's from my mother's sister Alice.

I was shocked to see that the angry man from morning is my cousin . Suddenly the bell rang my elder sister get up to check but the scary stood up and go to check the door , and to my surprise he was smiling, I have never thought that he has a smile or he will ever smile.

My mom said me to show the boys the room ,let me tell you they are five brothers and one sister and they are all living here for a while.

When I was leading them upstairs I slipped a step and fall backward and to my shock that scary man got me in his strong arms that's when I realized that he has a strong and muscular body. He helped me stand up and said " are you OK " and I said " I am fine thanks to you " .

I lead them all to the guest room and when I was heading back to my room someone tap on my shoulder and I screamed as louder as I can but then someone put a hand on my mouth and pulled my back to the wall , and that's when I realized who it was ,he was that scary man.

" Why are you screaming like you have seen a ghost "

He said . I said " you scared me to death ,what do you want now ".

He said a shocking thing that made laugh so hard.

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