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Running fast towards the dining table, Misha hurriedly picked a glass of milk and drank it while standing.

"Oho, sit down Misha. What's that hurry for."

Mrs. Sergul interrupted her.

"Mom, you know i don't want to be late on my first day and I also wanna explore the whole institution before the studies begin. So I am leaving". She said that and gave a kiss to her parents and brother who were still doing their breakfast. Misha then ran out of the door carrying her study bag at one shoulder and holding an apple in the other hand.

"Mom dad bro, bye! I will go myself."

"Alright" Rohail shouted but before his voice could reach Misha's ears, she was in the car parked in front of the main gate.

"Ah! She looks excited." Mrs Sergul added with a pleasure on her face.

"May our children always remain as much happy" Mr Sergul said that with a relieved smile on his lips. Suddenly he remembered about the contract and asked "By the way Rohail how's the new deal going".

"Dad, I don't know but it's fine" Rohail uttered with critical expressions.

"What do you mean by fine, tell me if something is wrong. I will fix it." Mr Sergul raised his eyebrows for an immediate answer as he could feel something fishy.

"Dad I think we need to change the location of the consignment or else there are chances of Akil's interference".

"What do you mean by that. Did something happened". Mr Sergul's tone changed in a while. He seemed more concerned now. The expressions on Mrs Sergul face also changed, now showing her deep concern in the conversation as well.

"Nothing yet. But dad I feel he already knows about this deal. You know if he intervened the whole contract would be distrub causing a loss of million dollars and waste of six months that I gave to this project." His eyes were straight towards his father and his concious was bothered.

Mr Sergul kept quite for some time without any expressions on his face but then he said, "Ok! then let the whole consignment into the warehouse tonight and lemme think how to transfer this to Steve Black. My boy! just relax, we will be successful in this if God please." He gave a assuring smile to Rohail, who in return showed satisfaction and then the three continued with their breakfast.

Pumped with confidence I entered my dreams. Standing in front of the Oxford University, I sighed heavily and stepped into the prestigious building with a smile on my face. I was unable to believe that I am at this place I wanted to be for so long. I was walking in the halls, corridors and glancing in the classes and examining the whole institution, it's infrastructure and everything that came to my sight. After an hour, when my feet decieved me, I stopped and asked someone about the directions of the admin's office. I went there and completed all the formalities after which I went straight to my class.

I was walking without any nervousness and hesitation, as soon as I entered the class, I realized that the students that were already present there were staring at me strangely. Ignoring all that I moved ahead and sat on a chair next to Misha. She was using her mobile phone and gave me a little stare, then again got indulged with her things.

As I was a new student in the institution, infact a new resident in the city, so all I trying was to get socialize with people. So I begin, "Hi, I am Alisa". The girl turned towards me and returned the salutations. "Oh, Hi", with a little smile. By the way what's your name". "Well, I am Misha. Misha Sergul". And so I was successful to begin the conversation. "Are you also on a scholarship or ..." But before I could end my sentence, Misha slammed, "Oh girl, I don't need a scholarship. All I wanted was to get a prestigious degree from this place and now I am gonna do that. You know it was my passion that will also add to my honour after it's completion." She raised her eyebrow towards me which seemed like an immediate answer was required.

"O yeah! Ofcourse fulfilled dreams go paying something." I added.

"Exactly". Misha sighed.

Well I had never imagined it was going to be that easy. But I was supposed to believe it all. Before we could start with anything else, the professor arrived and the "REAL EDUCATIONAL DAY" begin. Though it went well with me but at the end I was so tired that it was difficult for me to reach my apartment.

I took a cab and reached my place at around 7pm. I opened the door of my little house and put my bag aside. At the meantime I realized that I don't bought something to eat and I was lazy enough to cook something. At the very instant I ordered food online. In the meantime, I changed my clothes and sat on the sofa situated in the middle of the lounge. The apartment was based on a lounge with kitchen at one side and a wooden bed on the edge of two walls. There was a another door at one of the walls, of the washroom.

Although, the whole apartment was beautifully decored. The kitchen was made with elite combination of wood with mirrored cabins and a polished black shelf, giving a very classy appearance. All the utensils were placed accordingly and suited to their places. The walls of the room were painted creamy. One side of the wall was decorated with white artificial flowers and decoration pieces. There was a big LED placed on a wooden rack in the middle of the room in front of velvety white and gold sofa. The off-white wooden bed was attached to the floor. There were three to four ladder like stairs before one could reach the mattress. The bed sides also has beautiful and fancy lamps. The back was full of books well organized and managed. There was not a single element depicting any signs of lack of money.

It hardly took 15 minutes for the delivery to arrive. I quickly opened the door received the food and ate it. I could not use my brains to judge my whole day and so I switched off the lights.

On the other hand, Misha went to her house very happily without any tiredness on her face. She was hands off a very active girl. "Hi everyone" she shouted as she entered the living room. There were servants at the place who returned the greetings. "Balma, where is everyone." "Ma'am your father and Rohail has gone somewhere almost two hours ago and ma'am is in her room. Should I serve you the dinner."

"Mom has eaten the food?" "Not yet"

"Great! take my dinner to her room. We will eat together".

"Sure". Balma was one of their old and faithful servants who has been living with them from years.

Misha went to her mother and Balma towards the kitchen. She opened the door and sighed, "Here you are my mom. You didn't bother to come even after hearing my voice. It was my first day, you should have asked me how it went. I am really disappointed". She was constantly looking towards her mother.

"Come my baby, come here". Misha stepped towards her and she kissed Misha's forehead then placed her head on her lap. Her facial expressions were a mixture of worry and curiosity and Misha recognized that well.

"Mom, is everything alright. Is there anything I don't know. Everything is fine, right?". "Baby you must be tired after such a long day, eat your dinner then go to sleep".

This further intensified Misha who became curious that something was not right. She forced her mother to reveal whatever she was hiding. So her mother told, "Today in the morning, when you left Rohail said he has a doubt that Akif knows about that weapons deal so Sergul said to not shift the consignment today. But in the afternoon Rohail got a call from a man who said the warehouse has been set on fire. Due to the presence of dynamites, the fire spread with a speed of light and everything got destroyed."

She added, " Employees hardworking, millions investment and my child's dedication and his precious time for this project all in vain". Glimpses of sadness and sorrow were rolling down her face. Misha's expressions also tightened and she picked her phone to call her dad. He didn't answered the call so she tried to Rohail who also have the same response. She was repeatedly trying but no answers. In the meantime, Balma brought the dinner. Mrs Salman asked Misha to have the dinner. She assured her everything will be alright. She should go and take some rest as she was busy the whole day. Misha unwillingly ate the food and slept in her mother's lap.

The next day, I woke up early in the morning and went to jogging. A beautiful park was in the next street of my apartment where I walked for almost half an hour and then for sometime I sat on a bench. There were children playing around me, old aged couples sitting all over the place holding their hands and enjoying the moment with their soulmates. This all left an expression of joy deep inside me.

After some time I realized it was time to get ready for university so I stood up and went to my place and got ready. I took a subway from my nearest station and went to the university. Today, the professor gave us all different projects with assigned groups that increased our interactions. Well Misha didn't came that day which concerned me a little but I made alot of new friends. One of them "Alyna" even invited me to her birthday party that she was going to celebrate in a club. I do not know what to say but she insisted me so I agreed.

Back from the university, in the evening, I got ready with a black off shoulder velvet dress that was a little longer than knees length. I wore my beautiful large and thick golden hoops and a choker in my neck. I put on a smokey and dark makeup look with straight mid sectioned hairs wavy down the edges. After I got ready, I left for the party.

I reached the place almost at 10 and I saw everyone was already present there. When Alyna saw me she came forward and gave me a warm hug, "Where were you, I was waiting for you". She asked with a concerned tone. "Ummmm....... Sorry". Then she held my arm and took me to her friends and then introduced me. Well, it was time for the cake cutting ceremony that I realized a strange man was continuously looking at me. He was himself partying with some friends and escorts. They were not Alyna's friends. At first I ignored it but when my eyes coincidentally matched with his, he was still staring at me. I got awkward and changed my direction when I realized that he was stepping towards me.

I stood still in my place when he came forward pointing towards me, "Hey! I am Akif Salman. What's your name? Oh! Whatever it is... I want to dance with you."

How can someone be that dominating. Like literally asking a strange girl with that attitude. Ok, whatever it was my answer was always going to be a no.

And I said it clearly, "I am sorry, but you can take someone else if you please."

His face expressions changed in just a moment and marks on his forehead tightened. Then again after a moment with a little evil smile on his face he said, "Do you know you are refusing me and I don't like someone who says no."

"Maybe, you are right but I am clear with my words". I said without looking at his face and then I tried to escape the situation. Everyone was looking at us that further made me uncomfortable. I was about to move a step away from him that he snatched my arm and forcibly dragged me to the dance floor. I was unable to think of anything except the embarrassment at that point.

"I think I wasn't clear with my words or you couldn't hear that properly."

My hands was shivering and I had no idea what was going to happen next. He dragged my back towards his and held tightly one of my hands.

"Where's the music" he shouted.

Dj played the beat again and he forcibly made me dance with him in front of everyone. I was looking down towards his chest but his eyes were constantly on me and a pitiful smile on his lips. After he was done, he pushed me lightly.

Then again came towards me, "Be a good girl next time or I will have to be a little wild even if I don't want to". After these words he left the place. I left immediately after him. My hands were shivering and my legs froze. I ran towards the road, tears rolling down all my face. I unnoticeably went out of the road into a forest. I was constantly running and suddenly I collapsed with a man. It was dark so I could not see him clearly. He turned on his phone's flashlight. Our eyes matched with each other and none of us spoke a word for a while. No wonder he could see my pathetic condition. "Who are you? What are you doing here right now?" He said. Hardly exhaling, I didn't spoke a word.

"Speak up" he added. "I am lost in the woods" I said in my teary tone. "You know you shouldn't be at this place." He said in a clear voice.

"I know, I said I am lost" I shouted and then again I begin crying in a loud voice.

He observed me for sometime then, "Come, I will take you to your place".

"No, just tell me how to get out of this forest, I will go myself." I was already afraid so didn't wished to trust him.

"Okay, then just go straight and you will be on the road."

He added in an unbothered way. I was about to move but then I realized it would be more preferable to go with him. So I turned, "ok! Then Please drop me".

He turned towards me and after a while gave me a signal to move. We both walked out of the woods.

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