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Luke Santiago is a successful Business owner and multi-millionaire, at the age of 36 yrs old he is still physically fit and can be considered a bachelor that women dream of.

He owned beautiful cars, private islands, private jets, and houses in exclusive subdivisions since he was 23 so he grew up living an easy life and playing with women.

"William!" luke said loudly on the intercom to call his male secretary, he was a bit hot-headed that day because his schedule was hectic, he couldn't go to the clubhouse to enjoy.

After a while, William quickly entered as if he was still nervous because Luke called him, in his mind he thought his head was hot again because he had been busy with work for a few days and couldn't drink alcohol with his friends.

"Where's my coffee? Didn't I tell you every morning when I enter the office my coffee is ready right away?" said Luke.

"Sorry sir I'm also late because there's only an emergency at home" William explained.

Luke felt a little sorry for what his secretary said so he calmly asked, "Is your brother having a seizure again so you're late?

William nodded softly, he knew that despite Luke's sternness it had a soft heart it was the one that answered the brother's medical needs.

"Didn't I tell you that when your brother's seizure gets worse, take him to the hospital I own?" Luke's pitiful reply to his secretary.

He knew William's problem, he had been with him for 8 yrs so somehow he was close to him.

William was the second of three siblings. His sister died in an accident 5 yrs ago and their youngest was born with epilepsy.

he is also the one he trusts in anything, so he is very grateful to him and he came at the time he needed.

William said goodbye to brewing him coffee as he calmly wrote at his desk. Suddenly the phone rang and when he answered, a soft voice came out.

"Hello Luke ..." Bella said, "I haven't seen you in a week and I miss you so much," she said softly.

He was a little warm when he heard her voice, Brenda is an epitome of a beautiful woman, her hair is long that reaches her waist, her body slender and white, she has a big breast, a small waist, and long legs.

She met Brenda once he passed by a car show, she was a model there and it got his attention.

"oh hi Brenda! I'm sorry I'm really busy in the office right now" he replied.

he also misses the woman, her kiss revives every inch of his body.

but he's finishing a lot of work so he hasn't been able to go to the condo for a few days.

"I thought you were looking for my hug," Brenda said over the phone.

"I'll just finish this and visit you there in your condo" William replied with a smile.

He hung up the phone and William came in just to bring his coffee, it also came out as soon as the coffee landed on the table.

it was night when he came out of the office, he was very tired driving home to his condo.

when he arrived at the condo, he met his nanny, Mrs. Selma, who was preparing dinner.

He immediately smelled his favorite adobong pork and hot rice. When Mrs. Selma saw him, she immediately invited him to eat while it was still hot and dinner was cooked.

Mrs. Selma watched him happily, she was happy because he came home early, she was used to it coming at midnight and he couldn't eat the dinner she was cooking.

"Nanny Selma, your adobo is delicious! There's nothing like it, I hope my fiancé is delicious to cook like you" said Luke.

Yaya Selma laughed softly and said at the same time, "Oh son, when are you going to get married? You're getting older. You should look for the woman you love and the family you have too."

"I'm looking but no one passes my standard, usually the women I meet only want wealth and my body," Luke said jokingly.

Yaya Selma patted her arm while laughing at what he said.

"By the way, your Aunt Garet passed by here," Nanny Selma said seriously.

Aunt Garet is his mother's sister, she is one of his closest aunts and has been considered his mother since his real mother died of a serious illness when he was young.

he suddenly remembered that his mother's death anniversary was tomorrow and they had a conversation with his aunt Garet that they would go to church together and go to the cemetery to visit.

he quickly finished his meal to take a bath and get ready for bed, good thing because it's Saturday tomorrow and he doesn't have to go into the office.

His bedroom is like a hotel suite, it has a large California king bed, it has its jacuzzi and minibar inside, it has a large flat screen tv and on the left is its mini office table.

"When will I be able to sleep with someone ?, when will someone take care of me beside Yaya Selma?" this is what Luke was thinking as he lay on the spacious bed, "I'm getting older and nothing has captured my heart yet, hopefully, one of these days the woman I've been waiting for will come".

also because he was so tired, While thinking, Luke fell asleep, and soon, a dream visited him.

He was riding a horse, and suddenly, a woman appeared in front of him. The girl was wearing a white dress, and it made her glowing; like Brenda, the girl had long hair with a body of a Goddess...

The horse stopped in front of the Beautiful woman and he got off, he stares at the woman he seems beautiful but he could not see her face, he did not recognize the woman's face at all.

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