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17 years and 9 months ago...

"Austin I'm pregnant", Aisha says.

"What?" Austin asks.

"Yes it's true", she continues.

"But I am not ready for a child of my own."

"Then what do you want me to do?" Aisha demands, "go to your mother and tell her?"

"No, it will only make things worst also you know that I have to marry Daphne in one month, it can never work out for us."

"I thought you loved me", Aisha cries.

"Yes I do love you, but-"

"You love Daphne too, this was a mistake", she sighs.

"No, it's not, I lov-"

"Don't say it, my mother was right you fire nation people are heartless, have fun with your future wife", Aisha runs out of the cottage.

"Aisha, wait!" Austin shouts.

"Goodbye Austin and don't ever come near me or my unborn child" Aishe cries and disappears into the lake.

"No, Aisha", Austin falls to his knees, "what will I do now? I have lost the love of my life".

"My love why are you crying?" Daphne appears out of the portal.

"Nothing my dear", he stands up and tuck a piece of her red hair behind her ear and kiss her cheek.

"Your mother wants you to see you now"

"Okay I'll have someone pack my stuff, let's go", he takes her hand and they both walk through the portal.


16 years later...

Adrianna's POV

"Nana where are my shoes?" I ask my grandmother as I look under my bed.

"It is in your closet, hurry up", she replies.

Hey my name is Adrianna I am sixteen years old and today is my first day at school. Element Academy, where people my age go to learn more about the elements.

I have element water, which you can see by the color of my eyes, crystal blue.

I find my shoes and put them on then grabbed my suitcase and bag, then went to the front door.

"Now remember to have fun and pay attention", Nana reminds me as she hands me a box.

"What's this?"

"A little surprise, open it when you're alone."

Element academy is located in the sky above all four element kingdoms.

The bus arrives at exactly 7:30 am, I never knew my parents but Nana said my mother was a great woman and I took her hair color.

"Bye nana."

"Be safe and remember if anything happens-"

"Take the portal to the water nation immediately", I say.

"Good child."


Our uniform was blue pleats skirts, knee-length, light grey shirt and brown/ black long socks and black shoes.

"Here are your room, locker, and gym locker keys", the secretary hands me my keys.

I see five guys enter and a few girls check them, the platinum blonde hair one makes a rose out of nothing and hands it to a girl who blushes.

My dorm is, dorm 36 where all the water and wind element girls are staying, the guys' dorm is 35.

Everyone got their own room, luckily I am not sharing this year.

"Hey we are to report to the gym now", a girl opens my door, she got strawberry blond hair and bright sapphire eyes.

"What's your name?"

"That's not any of your concern", she flicks her hair and leaves.

What a bitch.

I enter the gym and saw over sixty people already sitting on the stands, I see the same girl from earlier sitting next to a girl identical to her, then a red hair girl next to them.

I sit down in the third row next to a golden blonde hair girl with glasses,

"Hey, my name is-"

"Shh, the headmistress is about to make an announcement", she pulls her hoodie over her head as she plays with two small stones in her hand.

Okay, earth element.

"Welcome to Element Academy freshmen, this year we have so much in store for you", our headmistress says, she is in her mid-sixties and has bright a mixture of hazel, blue and green eyes with her brown hair.

"First I want everyone according to names to come demonstrate your element, nothing big so your teachers can schedule your classes", she adds just as two guys walk in, they are two of the five guys I saw earlier.

"Prince Aiden of the fire nation thank you for joining us, you too, Anthony. Not every day we get royalties in our mists", the headmistress says.

"I beg a differ", Rose scoffed as a jet black hair girl comes in with a big smile.

"Princess Willow the air nation, welcome", headmistress greets her.

"I'm happy to be here", Willow fake smiles.

"Since Aiden is here, will you like to demonstrate your element?" The headmistress asks.

"No problem", the black hair guy nods as Willow and Anthony sit, Willow goes to sit by the group of girls I saw earlier and Anthony with some guys.

Aiden holds out his palm and fire appears just like that, then he shapes it into a heart and some girls swoon, then he makes a ball and throws it at the target which appears not too far from him.

"Thank you your highness", headmistress nods and we clap, Willow and the girls make more noise than us.


It is my turn and I'm standing in the center of the gym as everyone watches me, Willow had a smirk on her face when I see my dorm mate whisper something in her ear.

"Any time now Adrianna", headmistress smiles at me.

I for one don't like attention, so when it has too many people like now I have stage fright and would stumble over my power or give someone a surprise shower.

"I can do it", I say in my head as I raise up my hands as the water from the bucket comes out until it is eye level in front of me.

I stare at the water, I feel my eyes burning with power as I make it split into two when my hands go opposite directions. Then I freeze one which isn't supposed to happen it falls and break, the other I place it back in the bucket as my eyes somehow turn back to normal and the burning vanishes.

"Good job, you just need to control that freezing which most people don't master in water till the second semester", the headmistress says.

I nod and people clap.

But I felt an unfriendly gaze from someone. I found it's from Lillian, my dorm mate.

She made a beautiful water horse and water surfboard, her twin Lily has earth elements and also metal which is cool.

When they won applause from the crowd, Lilian glanced at me again, with pride and scorn.

Somehow, I felt it was an ominous warning. My school life may not be as peaceful as I have expected.

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