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"Come here you stupid girl," my uncle says grabbing me by the hair and dragging me out of my room. So you had the guts to try and tell our little secret ha? Now i'll teach you a lesson you wont forget.

He kicks my little sister's, Maya bedroom door open and pushes me roughly to the ground.Maya wakes up startled not sure what is happening. She tries running to me but he stops her by pushing her back on the bed.

" Am sorry , i din't mean to, please forgive me," i kneel infront of him crying but he pushes me and and i fall back onto the floor.

" Shut up witch, why are you even crying anyway , this is all your fault for not keeping your mouth shut,"he says bending over to Maya and tearing her sleeping gown open with only one pull.

Maya is crying trying to get away from him,calling out my name. I stand there frozen as my mind register what is about to happen.

"What are you doing? Please dont hurt her. I'll do whatever you want me to, just dont hurt her."

"Don't act like you have a choice. I know you are going to do what i want you to either way. You thought i was playing right ? Lets see how you like this," he says grabbing maya panty and yanking it to the floor.

" You deserve to suffer you little slut, " he takes off his trouser.

" Stop for a minute please ,She is just a child," i beg my voice desperate and pleading, but my cries go unheard.

" You think i care. Now shut up and watch the show."

" Please, uncle," i countinue to plead.

" I said, shut up!"

My mind races, trying to find away to get him to stop what he is doing. I have to think fast before this bastard rapes my sister.

" Wait Dad's gun" i think to myself as i rushed to my room and grab it from the top drawer. When i rush back in he is trying to bend my sister over but she is resisting.

"Stop it or I'll fucking blow your brains out, and don't you even think that i dont know how to use it. You know dad taught me how to use it,"i say pointing it at him while he looks at me startled.

He let my sister go and she rans over to me scared .

" Now look who is scared ,you sorry excuse of a man. You were about to rape your own brothers daughter ,"

"You know you don't have the guts , give me the gun my dear violet," he says slowly walking over to me.

" Dont you dare take another step Peter. Killing you would give me the satisfaction that i have been craving for . I wouldn't think twice," i say smiling bitterly as a tear falls fom my face as he stops.

" Am scared vee. Please lets go ," Maya sobs holding on to me tight.

I can feel her shiver with fear and i hat myself for making her go through this. I was taking all his bull shit for hee and there was no way i will let him hurt her.

"Move back ," i say as i walk across him taking my sisters bag and handing her clothes to wear.

After my sister gets dressed , we walk out of the room almost running and i quickly stop by my room to grab some money i had saved up. I have no idea where we were going , but leaving this place is more important right now.

On our way out my room our uncle jumps out of nowhere trying to grab my sister but I act fast aiming the gun at him and shoot him on the leg without a second thought.

He falls back groaning in pain and we ran out of the house without looking back.


My mum got married to George stone, when i was three years old and two years later Maya was born. George was a music producer with his own Studio which was famous all over town.

When i was 10 , George discovered i could sing and promised to help me with my music career as soon as i was in highschool. He never made me feel like i was not his real daughter, not even once.

I felt pretty lucky but my luck run out two years ago when my parents had a car accident and lost their lives on the spot. I can never forget that fatefull day when our uncle peter told us the horrific news. Dad was an excellent driver and it's not like they got hit by another car and so their death remained a mystery to me. I was only 14 then and Maya was ten . I felt my world had collapsed but had no idea that what was coming would be much worse.

Peter was a good guy for as long as i had known him or atleast that's what i thought. His was Dads younger brother and also worked with him .After our parents death, Peter took over the company and all of Dads property until i reached 18.

Peter changed drastically after he got hold of Dads property and started treating us like trash. He started drinking and neglecting the company.He would starve us for days for no reason at all but everything got worse a year ago.

Peter came into my room one dreadfull sunday, apparently to tuck me in.I told him that i was no baby and dint need tucking in and asked him to leave.He smiled wickedly and walked over pulling the covers from me and climbed on top off me.

I tried pushing him off but he was obviousluy to strong . He said that if i dint Comply he would go and have fun with my sister and there was no way i was going to let that happen.Peter undressed me and thrust in and out of me for what felt like forever. With no will to Scream or beg , i just layed there, silent tears falling from my eyes.

I was a virgin and the pain i felt

then unexplainable. The worst part was that , it was only the beggining. He kept on coming back from time to time with the same threat as always.

Today a year later, i decided to tell Mr paul who was of one of dads friends with hope that he was going to help me out. Mr Paul was supposed to help me find some evidence that would put peter behind bars and free my sister and i from this nightmare.I still dont know how peter found out about it but there is only two logical explanations, either he confronted him about it or they are in this together and most likely it's the second one.

I wouldn't be surprised because this world  is filled with greedy and money thirsty people from side to side.I guess it's what they say, survival for the fittest.

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