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  "New house, new school, new job." I muttered in frustration and stopped to look at myself in the mirror, I was looking like a new girl.

  I was looking like a president's daughter, I chuckled at the thought of that as I picked my school bag from my bed.

  What should I expect from Preston high school? Well, absolutely nothing! It should be normal as every other school but there was something different.

  All my life my mom made sure I was a day student but now being in a boarding school obviously seemed different, I should get used to it but the thought of not seeing my parents each day made me feel nauseated.

  I didn't know if I should thank my mom for that? I was already a senior finishing in less than one year but she wanted me to school in a rich school.

  I came out of my room only to meet my Dad and Mom kissing each other romantically.

  Splendid! I hope nothing would ever separate my family. I loved them with all my heart. I cleared my throat but they didn't still notice me.

  "Mom." I called out and they flinched a little when they saw me.

  "Ohh, I didn't know you were awake already." Mom said a little bit embarrassed.

  "No, I just came out of my room now, I closed my eyes, I didn't see anything." I replied and they laughed.

  "Guess what."

  "What? I hate guessing and besides I'm always wrong." I said and mom laughed.

  "We've got you an iPhone." Dad made the announcement and I screamed with joy as he handed the phone to me.

  "Even though we are poor, we've tried our best to make sure you look nice, we don't want you to look like a poor girl." Mom said and I sat down shocked.

  "Don't you think this is way too much?" I asked.

  "No, it's not, I used all the money from my savings to get you this iPhone, saying 'thank you' won't hurt." Dad answered, I knew he felt bad but I still felt buying me an expensive phone would cost him a lot.

  "Thanks but I'm....."

  Mom cut in immediately. "Some people say when you live in Rome, behave like Romans, so you're schooling in a rich school, behave like a rich girl." She began. "I know it's difficult but you'll love it." She added.

  "I can't, we're poor, everything we have now is through loan, the car, this house, almost everything, I can't pretend that I'm rich when I'm not." I said and they both looked at each other.

  "Are you ready to go?" Dad asked with a smile. I knew he wanted to change the topic and I let out a sigh.

  "Yes." I nodded.

  "But you've not had your breakfast." Mom reminded.

  "Mom, I don't feel like eating and I'm sure the school would have a cafeteria, since you don't want to see my face again, I'll eat there." I said in a sad tone.

  She couldn't say a word, she felt I was an introvert and she wanted me to actually socialize with people. I followed dad outside the door to his garage. He opened the door of the car for me and I smiled at him. I sat at the back as he drove out of the compound.

  "Dad, mind if I ask you something?" I asked and he nodded. "Do you really think I should go to Preston high school?" I asked him.

  "Mirabel." He called out. I hated it when people called me Mirabel but I kept quiet because he was my dad. My dad was one of the best men in the whole world, he listened to me more than my mom so it was more comfortable talking to him.


  "It's the best place for you to study without getting pregnant or becoming a drug addict, that was the same reason I removed you from Royal high school and besides I borrowed a huge sum of money to make sure you school in Preston high." He reminded and I nodded.

  Yeah, he was right, ever since Jack got Angela pregnant, I didn't feel secure and no one did either. He didn't even feel remorse for it because his parents had a lot of money to spend and they easily bribed the school.

  "You're right dad, I'm sure that there won't be bad guys in Preston high school."

  "Mira, if there's anyone disturbing you, don't hesitate to tell me." He advised and I nodded. Yeah, I should probably call him when I was in trouble but it sounded silly. I want a kid, I was all grown-up now.

  "No problem dad." I replied.

  "Fine, I'm going to come over to your school later in the afternoon and tell the principal to let you come home only for today." Dad said and I beamed with joy.

  "Thanks Dad, you're the best in the world." I commended and he smiled.

  I didn't even know we had gotten to the school's gate. I was so engrossed in the discussion. He kissed me on my forehead before I came out of the car. He drove as I waved to him.

  I was just too kind, I got my rights trampled on easily and that was what I hated most. Most people took advantage of my weakness and use it as their strength.

  I walked into the school with no expression on my face. Some boys looked at me and I ignored all the stares. I brought out my iPhone and wanted to dial my dad's number.

  I wanted to tell him to come back and take me to another school when I heard someone call my name.

  I turned back and saw a girl smiling at me. I was surprised that she knew my name. "Wait, how did you know my name?" I asked and she chuckled.

  "You've forgotten that you wrote your name on your bag." She said and I remembered.

  "Ohh, I'm really sorry."

  "It's nothing, I can see you're lost." She said and I nodded. "I'm Kate Davis." She added.

  "Mira Johnson." I replied.

  "Isn't that supposed to be Mirabel Adeyemi?" She asked.

  "I hate it when people call me Mirabel, it's Mira." I answered irritated and she seemed to notice my face.

  "Sorry if you got pissed off." She apologized and I nodded. "You're a senior." She said and I gasped.

  Wtf! How did she know? "How did you know, you're creepy."

  "The seniors use a jacket and you're using one now, the Juniors don't use a jacket." She answered and I nodded looking at the students.

  She was right! Why didn't I notice that? 'Idiot' I cursed under my breath.

  "What did you say?" She was definitely confused.

  "Well, we're in the same class." She said. I was actually tired of talking, I looked behind me and found some guys still staring at me.

  "Why are those guys staring at me?" I asked and she chuckled looking at them.

  "They're also seniors, they're admiring your beauty." She answered and I frowned.

  "I know guys, they don't just admire beauty, they think of corrupt things." I said as we walked to the class. "So how's the school like?" I asked putting my phone on silent as I dropped it in my bag.

  "It's nice, it's just like a foreign school though, one of the best and richest schools in this town." She said and I managed to put on a pleased expression.

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