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My human mate

By Authoress Fik ky


" Run!! Danielle run!! Don't look back!! "I heard my mom says before I heard her loud scream followed by the ripping sound of her throat.

I turned back to look at the people I loved, the family I once had and the pack I once called home been ripped away.

Flames of fire going up the sky. The rogues and the blood thirsty pack attack my pack, killing both young and old.

Not having a little human feelings that those people they are killing have family.

Even my wolf is tired of shifting, she has lock herself away from me crying herself in self pity. I have been running for the past 4 hours now.

All I need is somewhere to start a fresh.

"Start a fresh," I repeated laughing with sadness as some tears drop down my face. I don't have any reason to live again.

I already lost my family, my love once. Those who I find peace within are been ripped apart while I was asked to run.

I was asked to run, run from my problem.

I acted like the coward I am. I couldn't even protect those I said I love, I couldn't Fight their war with them.

And I called my self Alpha female. "Am a coward!!!" I screamed pulling at my already hurting hair...

Am Danielle Morrison, am 18 years old. The only child of Alpha Daniel and Luna Bella of the healing pack.

We were usually been gifted when we are 18. Which mean I was gifted with healing power when I aged 18 and the power of ice which made me special. Because am from the alpha family.

I was still learning and knowing more about my power before those rogues attack my pack.

Which means I just aged 18 just 4 days ago. And was gifted just 4 days ago...

"Wow this is a free sexy human being here." I heard someone say from behind me. I turned around and that scent hit me.

They are part of the people that destroyed my pack just hours ago. That one of the power I possess just 4 days ago.

If I meet you once, I will forever know your scent. Even if you use perfume to cover it, I will still know it's you.

"Isn't this the daughter of healing pack Alpha?" One of the three said as the charge at me. I was scared that I screamed my lungs out holding my self tightly.

Opening my eyes, I saw them already freezed." Wow, this cool." I said moving towards my hand work. I blinked my eye and they turned to pieces.

I jumped back in fear and surprised at the same time. I didn't bother looking back at them as I picked my race, cause I can smell some of them coming.... .TBC

Guys how was it

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