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Annabel's p.o.v

" please just stop teasing me"I said to Lisa. Lisa was my bff. I almost loved her.

"You are in love girlfriend"lisa said and I wanted to puke hearing the word 'love'

"I hate boys. You of all people should know that"l said and she rolled her eyes.

"Looks like they really dealt with you because you can't hate something without a reason" she said and I hid my head.

"I have no reason,they just irritate me."I said loudly

"I wish someone will come and change your sense of reasoning" lisa said and I laughed. which boy can possibly change the way I think about males?

I actually hate boys with my heart and I really didn't know why, I guess i was brought up that way. My adopted parent were dead, so I lived with lisa and her brother,Darren. Their parent were not around at the moment.

"Lisa! " I heard Lisa's mum call.

"You didn't tell me they were coming today"I told Lisa and she looked at me raising her eyebrows

"They told all of us they were coming today"Lisa said and I rolled my eyes. She was one of the toughest friend I have to deal with,not that I had any other friends.

"We are home" her dad called.



We came downstairs after sometime and the sight of what welcomed us threw me off.

"Dad, you didnt go with this much load" I said and my dad laughed.

"is that a way of welcoming us"my mum said harshly and I wanted to talk but Annabel hit me.

"She is sorry.welcome" Annabel said and I signed. she was too respectful,that made her a little bit useless.

"welcome,mum" I said bowing my head and my mum nodded picking up her bag.

"Start packing" my dad said laughing. He doesnt really act like my mum. She was the harsh one while my dad was soft.

"We are done for"lisa whispered in my ear.

"At least there will be chocolate in it." I said and she nodded. if there isn't anything left for us, why would I do it?

Darren just stood still staring at our drama.

"if you guys are ready to carry a bag,you would. I don't get why you are acting crazy over just luggages"a

"If there is a prize or should I say junk prize for this,then I will carry it without complain" I said and carried one of the bags. It was really heavy but at the risk of the junks inside that is how it is done.


We were already through with carrying the loads and I already had my junks seated beside me.

"Mum said we are starting school tomorrow" Lisa broke the bad news to me before I was able to eat the first chocolate.

"What!" I screamed and she nodded.

"It going to be fun girl, lot of boys and friends" Lisa said and jumped on the bed. It was frustrating to get back to school.

"That's the problem Lisa, lot of boys" I said and she laughed out loud.

"Sorry girl. You will get used to it." She said and I frowned. I was so hot and I knew boys will be fond of me.


I left lisa and went to my room to wash myself of all this bad news. I finished and heard a knock on the door. I opened to see Darren, he has never come to me before.

"Annabel, I think am in love with you" Darren hit me with another horrible news.

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