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You'll die if you stay up late!

Lin Xiaowan believed what she used to say.

A quarter of an hour ago, she was still a hard-working budgetist. She stayed up all night. After eating lunch, she lay on the desk and fell asleep. When she woke up, the scene changed.

There were shabby and shabby houses, bumpy mud, an old wooden bed with stones at the feet of the table, an old painted cabinet, and an old dressing table.

As soon as she got up, an old woman with gray hair rushed over and grabbed her collar, shouting, "You are a little bitch, a jinx who can kill your parents. It doesn't count. Now even my son has been killed by you. I don't want to argue with you and find you a good home to eat and drink. What else do you have to do?"

"That's right. What did our Zhao Family do to you? Are you looking for death?"

Next to the old lady, a woman with drooping eyebrows and a bitter face nodded repeatedly. At last, she said, "Your Uncle Zhao loves you the most, and he doesn't want you to suffer a little. Now that he is gone, we don't have the ability to make you eat well and wear well. So we tried our best to help you find this good marriage, and I can guarantee that you will have three meals of rice and meat a day. You ungrateful person, not only don't know gratitude, but also want to hit the wall. Who do you want to get into trouble?"

Lin Xiaowan's mind was a mess. If she was dreaming, the pain on her forehead reminded her of how real it was.

She closed her eyes and decided to wake up again.

One picture after another flashed across Lin Xiaowan's mind, causing her to collapse in frustration. She did not want to admit that she had inexplicably traveled through this sad reality.

The old lady, who was holding on to Lin Xiaowan's collar, felt her heart skip a beat and quickly let go of her hand.

"You hit the wall yourself. If you die, you can't blame anyone!" Seeing Lin Xiaowan fall to the ground, the old lady left in a hurry.

As soon as she left, the bitter-looking woman spat at Lin Xiaowan and hurriedly chased after her.

The others looked at each other and did not dare to stay any longer. They all left.

"Could he really be dead?" There were others who muttered softly.

The other sneered. "She deserves to die. If she wants to die, who can stop her?"

"Isn't it a pity for the Zhou's 20 taels of silver?"

"... That's true."

The sound gradually faded away, and the world finally quieted down. The memory of Lin Xiaowan, who was lying on the ground and pretending to be a corpse, gradually became clear in her mind.

The original owner of the body shared the same surname as her. She was a 13-year-old girl.

The old lady and the bitter-faced woman were the original owners of the Meng family. They were their nieces and daughters-in-law.

Why did they say that it was a cheap grandmother and Eldest Madam?

The original owner's father, Ye Hunter, died. His step-mother, Xu Xiu'e, did not give birth to a son or a daughter for Lin's father. A few days later, someone came to her door to propose a marriage. Half a year later, Xu Xiu'e married Zhao Laifu, the third son of the Meng family.

The identity of the original owner was very embarrassing, and the relatives of the Zhao family were also very good. Unfortunately, the second father was too domineering. The original owner, who was a burden, didn't even become one of the many "losing goods" in Leji Village.

Although she usually had to do some housework and farm work, she had never been hungry. From time to time, she could also have new ropes, new silk clothes, and clothes without any patches, and she could not change her clothes into small ones. The standard of life was faintly higher than Zhao Jike's son Zhao Shui's. Moreover, she was still surnamed Lin.

There were a lot of gossip in the village, and the girls in the village were even more envious of her.

A person who followed his step-mother and married into his step-father's family to make a living lived a better life than his own parents. They were not convinced.

She didn't know which little girl's vicious curse had been realized. Two years later, Xu Xiu'e died of difficulty, and her original identity became even more awkward...

The little girl of Leji Village secretly vented her hatred, thinking that Lin Xiaowan's good days were coming to an end.

However, there was no news of the original owner being sold or abused. She still had new ropes and silk flowers. Usually, she only had one more job to take with her younger brother, and her standard of living was still no worse than her brother Zhao Jike.

"But! But! I don't know when the original owner spat in God's tea. Five days ago, when Zhao Laifu went hunting on the mountain, he was killed by a bear blind man in order to save him."

This time, he really fulfilled some people's wishes.

Before the first seven days had passed, the Zhao family's other branches began to whisper to Old Mrs. Zhao. It was hard to raise Zhao Jike and his brother, and they had to raise a girl with no blood relationship with the Zhao family.

In the town, Steward Zhou was 60 years old, several wives had died, and many concubines had carried him one by one. However, he did not have a son. After a few rounds of discussion, Old Madam Zhao and the others sold Lin Xiaowan, who had a big butt to raise, at a price of 20 taels of silver.

Today, they received five taels of silver. They were so excited that they were met by Lin Xiaowan, which led to a battle of the original owner's will to die. She, Lin Xiaowan, had lost her soul...

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