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"Everyone you may leave. Elina, please stay back."

I watched in amazement as everyone broke out into whispers. Various people openly stared at me and I overheard a few wondering who I even was. Soon enough, they hurried out of the gym. Some people gave me smiles on the way, while others glared and stomped away.

"He said Harry Potter right?" I asked Lily who was jumping up and down while holding onto my arm.

"Elina! Its you! They chose you! Oh God, your going to meet the high wolves!" She squealed as she pushed me towards where the principal and teachers stood.

I stumbled forward and caught my balance before turning my head around and sending Lily a glare. However she just gave me a huge smile and motioned for me to go forward.

"Ah, Ms Weitzel. I presume your bags will be ready for tonight?" the principal suddenly said, appearing in front of me.

"Wait, you mean Scotty from prank patrol isn't going to jump out from behind the curtains?" I said as I looked around for hidden cameras, while the principal chuckled but I was dead serious.

"No Ms Weitzel. You are indeed chosen. You have all the qualities the Werewolf Committee needs," he said placing a hand on my shoulder.

I looked down at the hand he placed on my shoulder and then back up at his face. I shrugged his hand off while side stepping away from him.

"But you say I'm so clumsy! Sure I get good grades, but the Werewolf Committee? Thats huge!" I said putting my hands up in the air to prove my point.

"You'll do great."

With that, my principal gave me one last smile, before turning his back on me.

I watched him walk away as I stood there with my hands limply down my sides.

"What happened? There were lots of hand gestures," Lily said grinning as she now stood in front of me.

"Well," I began, '—he didn't say Harry Potter. That's for sure," I said grimly.

Sure, being chosen for a scholarship to the Werewolf Committee was great. I should be jumping in joy and celebrating. However I didn't want to leave my current life behind. I mean, would I see Lily again? Would I just study there and then when the years up leave? Or would I live amongst the high wolf society?

Lily and I walked arm in arm down the empty halls to the dorm we shared. Once we entered, I took out my suitcase from underneath my single bed.

"Do you think its true?" Lily asked as she watched me pack on my bed, lying on her stomach with her elbows propped up while her head rested in her palms.

"Do I think what's true?" I asked raising an eyebrow as I glanced up at her while folding my favourite sweater.

"You know," she paused rolling her eyes, "—that you get to shift whenever you want," she asked curiously as she looked at me for an answer.

"Maybe," I responded shrugging my shoulders, "I mean, if so they must have a lot," I paused grabbing my shoes, "—a lot of land."

Shifting here was strictly granted. It wasn't something we'd do on daily basis. The land wasn't much and after an incident a few decades ago, it wasn't allowed as much. Someone lost themselves to their wolf and were beyond dangerous. They had to be killed. It was like an old folk tale parents would tell to discipline or scare their children.

"Alright, I'm done," I said looking around to see if I missed anything, "I'm going to tell principle Rufus I'm ready."

I tried not to give away anything. I was feeling pretty down and didn't want to leave Lily behind. But sure enough she noticed something was wrong.

"Elina, you don't look happy. What's wrong? Did Hawkins steal your cookie again?" She asked with a disapproving tone as she shook her head.

"Argh! Don't remind me! That kid is the devil's descendant. That cookie cost me a dollar," I replied sadly.

I waited a whole line to get that cookie.

"Put Hawkins aside. Now, whats really wrong?" She asked as she got up and stood to stand in front of me.

"I...when will I see you again? I mean, the bus trips three hours away and—" I chocked out and stopped talking before a sob could make its way through.

"Elina! I will see you again, I promise! They'll let you visit," she said reassuringly as she leaned in and gave me a tight hug.

"Alright. If you say so. I'll see you soon," I said concealing my tears with a smile, walking to the door.



I wheeled my suitcase behind me as I made my way to the principal's office. I looked up at the tall wooden doors that greeted me when I arrived. I lifted my hands up to knock but froze when I heard a voice from inside.

"Yes Adrian, she'll be there by tomorrow," said the muffled voice.

"Indeed. She'll be the perfect distraction."

Confused, and not wanting to eavesdrop I knocked onto the wooden door that echoed loudly.

"Ive got to go," and with that, the double doors swung open and principal Rufus looked at me with a big smile.

"Ms Weitzel, what a lovely surprise. I'm guessing you're ready to leave?" he asked looking at my packed suitcase that stood beside me.

"Yes, I am," I replied giving him a small smile in return.

"Well! Lets get you on the train then," he said ushering me out.

I quietly trailed behind him as he lead me out. We exited the building and walked out into the cool night air. There was a train stop right in front of the front gates and just on time, the train pulled up.

"Here's your student pass, and here's some money. Get off the last stop and tell them your name and that I sent you," principal Rufus informed me as he helped me load my suitcase onto the train.

I pushed my dark brown hair away from my eyes that the wind blew, out of my face, and looked at him. I saw my reflection in his glassy eyes and my green eyes were wide and confused.

"I'm going there by myself?" I asked glancing at the crowded train.

"Well Elina. If we can't afford land what makes you think we can afford private transport?" He said a little upset while he hopped off the train after helping me.

"Where do I sit?" I whispered looking at all the full seats.

"You can sit," he said searching for an empty seat, "—right there," he said finding a seat as he pointed towards the back.

I looked at were he was pointing and felt the colour drain from my face.

The man sitting there was huge. I didn't want to be rude, however he was enormous and didn't look very kind. He had numerous piercings and tattoo's that made me slightly cringe.

"No way! Are you kidding me? He'll eat me!" I yelled not caring that everyone was looking at me and getting annoyed.

"Goodbye Ms Weitzel."

The doors shut and the train began to move. I slightly stumbled and before I fell face first, grabbed onto the nearest person.

Standing upright once again, I quick retrieved my hand back from the woman.

Taking a deep breath I walked over to the vacant seat and stiffly sat down.

"Don't worry little girl," the man next to me spoke in a low voice and I froze, "I haven't switched to cannibalism...yet."

I knew he was trying to scare me and knowing that, I calmed myself down.

"Oh yeah?" I say not looking at him, "I suggest you switch to a diet."

After seeing his mouth drop open from the corner of my eye, I got comfortable and prepared myself for the long journey, hoping I make it alive.

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