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  Hannahbel it 30 days to prom and I still don't have a date yet tho am not noticed by anyone in school just had two best friends Jannie and Edward they have been there for me all though but everything was about to change thanks to the most popular badboy in school ...I was preparing for school just one month before prom in my final year in high school I was not that popular but I still enjoy my life with my two best friends woke up to than take my baths and dress up for school greet my mom and dad ....tho my parents were the most richest people worldwide and I was there only child so I was special I was just 19 and still a virgin have always dream of having a romantic relationship with who ever I date not knowing I was going to fall for the badboy in school .....it was time for school did I tell you i have my own car so I drive myself to school I know you will still be wondering why have not be noticet in school well you about to find out ..... Flashback ..... ..when I was a kid my parent will always get me what I want without me ask which got my classmates angry because I was the only child in my family and will were so rich no how they will not be jealous they all bully me not just because I was rich but also because I was beautiful and smart with a full body package all in one so am kinda the prefect person anyone will wish for .... End of flashback..... drove to school parked my car at the school parking spot than saw my best friends Jannie and Edward we talked and laughed why we walk to our class I was talking to my friends why facing them tho I was backing the others than suddenly I bumped into someone it was the most beautiful creature have ever seen it was Daniel the most popular guy in school tho have hated Daniel since we were in grade 2 I feel his always fool of himself and too proud that was made me hate him not knowing it will turn in to love ...than I was like u did see me before bumping into me he was like excuse me I was not the backing the all world because I have disease than everyone just laughed at me saying I wanted attention I was so angry if I wanted attention aleast it will be from him so my friends told me to let it go it not worth it I listen to them cause truly it was not worth it so we walk to our class everyone was scaring at me like I stolen something just went my sit and sat down it was end of class so we went to lunch break

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