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While standing in the middle of the party, I can't take my eyes away from the Chandelier had put into the ceiling that make splending in the room I occupying.

Like Chandelier, I am just a design and not the center of attention.

I immediately look away and ignore the Chandelier in the ceiling.

"You are so beautiful, Jae!" someone told me, I just smiled genuinely and looked away.

"What a gorgeous woman!" "You're stunning at your royal blue dress, Ms. Jae!" "OMG! I thought you are gatecrasher!, is that you, Ms. Jae?"

I just kinda' smiled at them and nod as I genuinely appreciate their praises. Even it's just temporarily.

"You are too gorgeous, Jaechiarra. . ." someone amazingly spoke behind me. I smiled as I turned to look who's the one who praise me, but as I saw him, my smile slowly fade away. Seem his eyes are fulled of sarcasm. Vexation at the same time.

"F—Fourth?" I stuttery muttered out of confused.

He smile sarcastically as he cupped his hand violently into my bare cheeks.

I groaned hardly because of pain it delivered! damn!

"I never thought that slut person like you, are living buoyant, bitch!" he muttered with a trace of anger at his face expression.

"Wha—what are y-you talk—talking about?, F—Fourth!" I said weakly as my whole body trembled 'cause of scary gaze, like he was going to kill me.


I frowned at him. Confused of what he is said. Damn! I don't have affair when we're in a relationship! what was he saying?! I want to proclaim that what he saying is not true! but fuck! I cannot move nor speak because of him!

Damn! he is my fucking weakness!

"I—I don't think w-what are you saying!—"

"C'mon! your slut! a bitch! don't denied it!, don't deny that you're a fooler and slut all over your fucking dead body! why would I believe FOOL like you?!" he shrieked out of anger.

I don't know how many people are surrounding us just to obey what's scenery I have! damn! I ashamed!

Fourth look at me intently and throttled my neck, wanted to choke me. I let him do what he wanted, if that's what he wants! just to lose his anger. Even if I'm hurt, I didn't bother to cry, I don't want him to witness my tears just because of pain he did to me.

I know Fourth too much. What he wants is what he get.

I smiled bitterly as I feel he stopped by burking me.

He looked up at me and smirked wildly.

"Beautiful like you, didn't deserve a quick death. I don't want you to die with just this weak misery. I want you to die slowly until you get your own damn tomb! I will kill you slowly until your life will break down! I will incriminate even your useless family!" be said and walked away.

"Jae, who's that man?, why did he saying that you're a fooler and slut?, are you okay? did you injured of what he did to you?—J—Jae. . . don't cry. . ." Kianna worriedly asked me as she touched my back to caressed and comfort me.

I looked up at my best friend, trying to calm my self, but I hadn't. In conjunction of my tears, I suddenly lose my consciousness.

Darkness surrounded by my sight. . .

"Hon. . .please don't leave me!" a lady shrieked at my front. I look at it but what can I see is just darkness! why can't I see anything?!

"BACK OFF! DON'T TOUCHED ME! YOU'RE A BITCH! A SLUT!" a man shrieked back.

That voice. That baritone voice of him. It's Fourth's own voice. . .

A tear slowly stream down through my bare face.

This time, I can clearly see the two human images. I am the lady who damn dumbfounded with my love ones. Fourth Partridge. My ex fiancè.

"Fourth! please! have mercy! don't fucking leave me!" I begged him while kneeling down.

I pity myself doing that scene!

"I DON'T HAVE A MERCY! LEAVE ME ALONE! DON'T FUCKING NEAR ME! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT! GET OUT! I WILL NOT MARRY SLUT LIKE YOU! GET OUT!" Fourth irritatedly said and pushed me hard that made me whack ato the hard wall behind me.

The girl mourned out of pain. . .

Fourth curse over and over. He harass me over and over again.

Even it's really hurt, I never thought to leave Fourth that time. Even he harassing me anytime he saw me. I didn't back off because I really damn like him. A billionaire who break my heart, but I wholeheartedly not breaking up.

"CAN'T YOU SEE?! YOU'RE TOO WEAK! GET OUT OF MY LIFE! YOU SLUT!" Fourth shrieked out of vexation, but what I answered to him, is just a tears of pain he did.

"Don't leave me. . ." I muttered under my breath, but he just quickly hit me through my stomach.

It hurts.

"DON'T TALK TO ME! YOU SLUT!" the last word escaped to Fourth's mouth before suddenly consciousness strike me.

What a damn nightmare?!

I slowly opened my eyes when I feel someone grabbed me violently. . .

As I saw who the one who grabbed me, my heart rapidly beat as if it's going to come out of my chest.

"F—Fourth. . ."

"Don't call my name." he coldly said before facing me.

"I have offer to you, slut." he said.

I creased my forehead out of confused.

"W—what offer—"

"Work with me." he said that made me had goosebumps.

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