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  Vishious entered inside his modernly beautiful room which was decorated with chocolaty and white color interior. That is where he saw his beautiful, brunette girlfriend sitting with her back against the headboard of the king sized bed in a sexy, bright red colored lingerie.

  The top of the lingerie was barely covering her big bosom. Her round, juicy tits were spilling out of the cotton cloth, the sweet pink areolas of her tits peeking out slightly and giving just a hint of the softness that she was hiding under the thin red cloth.

  A thin strap was straining against her milky white skin, turning her soft skin a light shade of red as it tried to hold the cloth together to her back.

  Upon seeing him enter the room, she straightened and got on her knees and hands on the bed, facing him, giving him a clear view of the valley between her boobs and what she had to offer.

  Vishous’s lips dried in thirst. His tongue came out to lick the dryness off but he knew that the thirst that she had ignited in him could only be quenched by sucking on her nipples until they were sore to the touch of his tongue and millk was dripping out of them.

  He had sucked on them like a little baby for a thousand time but he still could not get over the taste and fullness of them.

  When he took those heavy breast in his hands and chewed them until he could see the tears of pleasure dripping down Ava’s cheeks, he felt like there was still more left to explore. Still more skin left to exploit.

  A smirk came on his lips. He loved his girlfriend wholeheartedly because she was like the other half of him. She was an angel who was literally a gift to him by the gods of seduction. She was his soul mate who knew just how to make him desperate for the touch of her fingers on his own skin.

  She could turn him into a dog that stood with its tongue out, panting in front of her just so she could let it have a taste of her skin. And he would let her.

  He was that much helpless in front of her.

  Both of them were madly in love with each other. Mostly because of the satisfaction they received from their various sex adventures.

  Both of them were werewolves.

  Ava was a beautiful nineteen year old girl, turning twenty in a week. She was going to find her mate then. Everyone in werewolf world was supposed to find their mate once they were twenty years old.

  Ava was a little shy but adventurous when it came to sex. She was is personal sex doll. A toy that he could lick and fuck however and whenever he wanted and she would still beg him for more.

  Vishous was twenty three years old. He had not found his mate yet. Either his mate was not twenty yet or maybe she had died already.

  Vishous and Ava had been together since the first day they had met each other one year ago.

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