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  Lisa's POV

  "Sam, why can't you just use Rosie's social media instead? You've been using her Skype account in video calling your boyfriend anyways," I whined to her as I give my phone to Samantha.

  Her younger brother had sent her a message and the fact that he was sending it through my Instagram is starting to piss me off. A girl needs to have her phone at times, right? I mean, I’m young and there are so many things I had to do too.

  Samantha is never fond of any type of social media. Tough luck for us though, she had been using either mine or Rosie's account in communicating with her boyfriend.

  "I won't be staying here for so long. What's the point of making an account?" she shrugged and I kicked an invisible person in the air as my body lay on Rosie's bed. I almost grimaced at her words. I get it but then again, I still my phone.

  This girl...

  The three of us were in her room simply because we don't want to hang out in the living room. We miss each other easily and we rarely stay together these days. Samantha just comes here every now and then due to work.

  I heard Rosie chuckle from the corner. She was lying on her bean bag.

  "There you go. All done. My brother was just asking when I will be going home," she muttered and I rolled my eyes at her. Surely, I miss my friend but that doesn't mean that I'm okay with sacrificing my social media needs for her.

  A huge yawn escaped my lips and after stretching a little, I stood up from Rosie's bed.

  "Hey, I think I'll need to sleep. I got home last night and was barely even able to get enough sleep," I told her and she just nodded. I shake my head in amusement. Her eyes were actually just focused on her laptop, still working even though she went here for a vacation.

  I mean, she doesn't really have to work so hard like that. She was allowed to rest for Pete's sake! But then again I knew for a fact that Samantha was working so hard for her brother Jake. The man was a jerk for making our friend cry but I heard they already made up and I'm glad.

  As soon as my door closed, I run towards my comfy bed and plopped my body on it.

  "Sleep!" I exclaimed on my own and soon enough, I felt my eyelids getting heavier by the minute and I may have already been half asleep when I remembered that I left my jacket last night at Lara's place.

  With eyes almost closed, I went on my IG to send a direct message to her.

  Me: Bitch, Imma get back my thingy tomorrow. I love you! :

  And as soon as I hit send, my eyes closed on its own until my consciousness started wandering over dreamland. At that, I wasn't able to see the response of the person I sent a message with.

  Happykiddo94: ahmm, I love you too? bitch?

  I was asleep for quite some time when I felt someone waking me up from my slumber.

  "Lisa, we're going out, why the heck are you still asleep at four in the afternoon?"

  My eyes squinted as I try to get use myself to the artificial blinding light that is flashing before me. My hands stretching as I try to kick the covers of my bed off from my body. Samantha was hitting my legs with one of my pillows and it took all of my patience not to kick her back. She'd probably kill me if I do. She has that, the violence tendencies when showing how much she cares.

  "Sam!" I screeched, my voice a little hoarse after a long and satisfying sleep.

  "Take a bath, Lisa, you smell like someone just dump some load of shit on you," Rosie chuckled and I glared at her. But then I knew I might have drooled a little when I was sleeping because I was too exhausted. Not that I care because it’s only them that is seeing me right now though.

  In an instant, I get off from my bed and threw my covers on it.

  "Okay then bitches, get out of my room!" I screamed before pushing the two away who kept on getting chocolates on my dessert jar.

  "Rosie, buy something for yourself. Don't even think I didn't know you've been sneaking into my room to get some sweets, you little shortcake," I laughed and she just smiled cheekily.

  "I'm too lazy..." she whined but I still kicked the two out of my room. Once they were out, I quickly removed my top not minding that I was walking in my room in just my undies since I was actually sleeping with a loose white shirt that hangs loosely up to four inches above my knees.

  Before I headed to the bathroom, I remembered how I messaged my bitch reminding her that I will be getting my stuff. The moment my hand reached for my phone, my mouth hanging wide open at the sight of her response, or should I say, the response of an entirely different person.

  Happykiddo94: ahmm, I love you too? bitch?

  I almost slipped on the floor at the sight of it.

  Holy shit!

  "Oh my gosh!" I whisper-shouted.

  I was starting to freak out too much that I ended up doing something that might make it even worse. I accidentally sent a heart and can't fucking take it back.

  In a flash, I started typing words so I can apologize.

  Jesus, what would he think of me?

  Wait, isn't this Sam's younger brother?

  Me: Oh gosh, I'm so sorry. I was half asleep when I accidentally typed this. This is embarrassing, oh gosh.

  I hit sent and I was startled when I saw his username underneath my message which indicates that he's actually online. My body started to sweat in nervousness and I started fanning my already blazing red face.

  If his first response failed to make me slip my ass straight to the floor, the second one clearly did.

  Happykiddo94: That's fine. You can make me your bitch if you want to anyway *winks

  "Holy fuck," I muttered just right after my ass hit the floor, literally.

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