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The sun above the little town of Cavalier was warm, enjoyable, and lightened the flowery porch of the Stefan home. Houses that lined up in the systematic manner of Cavalier all had the same flowery porch, and veranda that gleamed with beauty and attracted the feathery insects.

Although Cavalier was a small town, the people around seemed much as they gathered outside with curious looks, and giraffing necks. Some from their windows, and others blatantly staring, trying to see, curious of the stranger that was standing on the veranda of the Stefan house.

Caelngh wondered how the sunflowers in the veranda had blossomed so beautifully, standing still and the pads of his pale fingers grazing the flowers, and willing himself not to think of how unfortunate many of the scenarios of what could happen in his head were.

Color had always been a thing he liked, he enjoyed inconsistency, and diversity when it came to color, the change that was inevitable when colors merged, and the beauty in the perfect diversity. The corner of his peach colored pert lips stretched to the side slightly as a butterfly landed on one of the polished red nails of his, another butterfly found its way onto another nail, and his eyes watched with loving glints underneath the black shades on his face.

The butterflies roamed fascinatingly on his nails, and knuckles, but the small smile fell when his skin began glowing a pale-red from the sun winking down on his pale body. He retracted his fingers, and the butterflies scattered.

The grip of the hand wrapped around the arm of his black bag pack was tight when his eyes locked on the grey door of the Stefan home. It had been eleven years since Caelngh had seen his home, and in those eleven years Caelngh had not bothered to find his family, that was until he did.

Reluctantly he made his way onto the porch. His combat boots made thudding noises as he landed on the wooden porch. An aroma enveloped the porch that Caelngh found very familiar, and the color of the flowers, and bench on the chair called to Caelngh.

Nothing had clicked even as he stepped foot on the porch, nothing felt more than a distant memory even though he was in his home, but then again he wasn't there to feel what had been lost to him long ago. He was a man with a plan.

He balled his hand, knock knock, he thumped his fist against the hard door, all the while tightening his hold on his back pack.

"Comeon in, Roy, you're back early, did something happen at Nathanael's?" A chippy voice said after the knock.

The voice struck another distinct memory in the mind of Caelngh but of course it was just a memory, because after eleven years of who he had become, memories were all that attached him to who he once was eleven years ago.

Caelngh followed the command and allowed himself in, hit by a familiar and enticing aroma as he entered the cozy house. His pert peach colored lips subconsciously parted allowing him to suck in a quiet breath and take in the scenery of the small house.

The place looked bigger outside but it was actually small with the stairs being the first thing you saw when you entered the house and the living room to the right of the stairs as well as the kitchen to the left.

Caelngh stood still, staring quietly at the petite woman with the brown hair that he once had, familial bronze skin that he also used to have with an apron on.

"Roy are you –" the words seemed to have died in her throat and her eyes almost fell out of their sockets.

Her body trembled and the familial blue eyes which was all that remained of the boy that Caelngh remembered were filled with fear. "W-who are you?" She croaked out.

Caelngh pursed his lips. He was great at socialization as well as master in displaying false emotion but he couldn't help the irritation of what he knew would come next– the pretending.

Caelngh removed the glasses.

She trembled, eyes turned teary, and head shaking. "Ryan?" She pushed down the bile in her throat.

And he replied, compelling an alien emotion to leak in his voice, "hey mum."

She fainted.

Eleven years ago

"Ryan, come down from that chair!" Yelled Mrs Stefan who finally turned her attention from the loud argument she and her husband were having.

Ryan didn't listen though, the brown haired boy kept his eyes glued on the window, knees bent on the top of the house chair and a sigh escaping his pert peach colored lips.

His electric blue eyes were filled with excitement and wonderment of the kids that played joyously in the snow and with the snow outside. Ryan's eyes narrowed on the kid that fell down a tree and down on a pile of snow after being hit in the face with a snowball. He wanted to do that.

The yelling from his parents' voices were getting louder, and so was the endless crying from the baby when the boy came down from the chair and yelled, "mum! Dad! I wanna play out in the snow!"

Of course there was no reply from the parents too focused on their own argument. Ryan yelled again. "Mum! I wanna play in the snow!"

The yelling was getting louder, and so was the crying from the baby. Ryan puffed out his round cheeks when an idea to go out on his own came to mind. He'd already gotten ready to go when his parents started arguing again, all that was left was his small coat.

He put on his coat, and changed his beany to a black one on his brown jaw length bony hair. He managed to escape through the door with all that saw him leave was the crying baby who had stopped crying and now watched her brother leave the house giggling.

The air was cold when he came out and the first thing that happened to him was getting slammed in the face with a snowball. With an oof Ryan fell on the snowy ground.

The air was cold when he came out and the first thing that happened to him was getting slammed in the face with a snowball. With an oof Ryan fell on the snowy ground.

"I told you not to throw it now!" A whiny voice yelled, and suddenly a face was above Ryan's.

A scrawny boy with messy blonde curly hair on his forehead and freckles littered both on his cheekbones, and bridge of the nose of his olive face.

"Are you okay?" The boy asked Ryan, removing his hands from his big brown jacket and stretching it out downwards at Ryan.

Ryan bobbed his head on the ground, and took the hand stretched at him to get on his feet. "I'm fine." Ryan replied.

The boy's mauve eyes stared at Ryan's face. "Are you sure? I asked stupid Henry not to throw the snowball now!" He exclaimed, throwing his hands up.

Ryan dug his hands through his brown hair to rid his hair of the snow. "Who's Henry?" Ryan asked.

He crossed his arms around his small chest. "The one who's no longer my friend! We were playing knights and kings, and his king told him not to attack yet and he still did it!"

Ryan registered the boy was very dramatic, and he also tried to retrace when he asked for the extra details. "So Henry is your knight?"

The boy squinted at another kid. "Are you not listening to what I say?"

Ryan blinked. "What I said." Ryan corrected.

The boy squinted at Ryan. "Are you correcting me?"

"Uh, no?"

"Hmm, what's your name new Henry?"

Ryan frowned but answered. "Ryan."


"You mean Nathan?"

"No, my name is too beautiful to shorten."

"Oh." Was all Ryan knew to reply to that.

Nathanael glanced down at Ryan's ungloved hands and frowned. "Where is your glove?"

Ryan bit his tongue from saying the words are your gloves, and said instead. "I'm not cold."

Nathanael grabbed his hands briefly, then said, "your hands are freezing, don't worry, I'll bring gloves for you, my mum bought an entire box!"

Ryan was left alone outside. The small boy made his way towards the snow covered bench. Using the stacks of red brick next to the bench he managed to climb ontop the bench, swinging his legs and waiting for his new King apparently.

He watched the other kids play with each other joyously curiously. This kind of playing was new to him as he spent his playtime at home only, this was supposed to be his first snow playtime in the snow until his parents started the loud yelling again.

"Hey Kid," a gravel voice called out, and brought the wandering blue eyes from the playing children, onto the big man standing there.

The man was bigger than anyone Ryan had ever seen. His skin was inhumanly white, too flawless, and radiated an envious glow. He decked himself in quite an expensive stylishly baggy black suit, a dark-pink long sleeve showing off from his suit, his shoes a slick black, and black leather gloves that didn't cover his last two fingers.

He had long fringe cut hair with the back tipping on the nape of his neck and the front almost swallowing his thin red eyebrows. The fringe of his hair was blown out curly, as was the tip of the back of his hair, everything the color black with red and pink streaks, and the ends of his hair being completely red.

Ryan could barely see his almond-shaped dark-blue eyes hooded by his long red lashes and curly fringe end.

As the stranger moved forward and took a seat on the bench next to Ryan the rectangular red crystal earrings he had in his ear lobes jingled.

"Hello." Ryan said completely bedazzled by how colorful the man was. Ryan never really noticed color, he was a kid that'd rather put on the next black in his wardrobe but the color on the man resembled a flag he saw on TV.

The man smiled a bit, the skin at the corner of his mouth pulling into a smiling line. "Hi, what are you doing all by yourself kid?" He asked.

Ryan swung his legs back and forth excitedly, answering as if the man was Santa Claus, "I'm waiting for my King!"

He was frowning but his smile still remained. "King?"

"Uh-huh, Nathanael, he went to get me gloves 'cause my hands are cold." Ryan replied in a whiny tone.

The man's eyes bulged comically. "Really? You're cold?" He took Ryan's small hands in his big ones, his extremely blood-red polished nails past Ryan's wrist.

He let go of Ryan's hands. "You are cold. Wanna see a trick?"

Ryan nodded.

He stuck his index finger out and began moving it in a swirling manner. Snow started to peel from the ground and float mid-air, the snow swirled together and slowly began morphing together into a mix of pink, white, and red snowflakes.

Ryan's eyes went wide, and a smile stretched on his lips; it felt like his mouth was about to tear apart.

He dropped his finger and the snow fell apart. "Snow is tameable when it's controllable." He said.

"Can you teach me that?"

Something glinted in his dark-blue eyes. "I know a place where they teach little children how to do it."

"Really? Like superhero camp?"

He chuckled darkly. "Exactly like a superhero camp kid."

Ryan nodded. "Okay, I have to tell my parents first, okay?"

"I'm Cahlngh Juntun kid, what's your name?"

"Ryan." The boy answered plainly.

The man leaned closer. "Okay, Ryan, you seem like a very good kid which is why it upsets me to do this."

Ryan was confused. Then the man threw him over his shoulders.

They were walking away from Ryan's home when Ryan started screaming loudly. He screamed and thrashed even though he knew his parents wouldn't hear him because they were yelling at themselves again.

The screaming didn't stop though, that was until with one thrust of Cahlngh's shoulder Ryan's face slammed against a tree.

Then the screaming stopped.

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