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" I am the only child of Marissa Waters and Zachary Waters the owner of Waters Corporation, Waters International Media Corporation, Waters Investment Holdings and many other Business entities, I am a child protégé, I learned everything about running a business starting a business, from her father at an early age. My parents divorced when I was 4 and I lived with my father I exceled in school I finished high school at the age of 10 with a Associate Degree in Business Management and I went straight into getting my bachelor’s degree and finished that by 11. I had my first MBA at 12 and started to work on my second MBA and my MSL. I went to school at the UCLA for the MBA and Stanford for my Law degrees I graduated with my master’s in science law at the age of 13 and my second MBA at 14 and finished my first Doctorate of Business at 14 as well and my Doctor of Law at 15. I worked on both of my Ph.D. and finished both of those at 16. I opened my own Public Relations and Marketing firm at 14. I made my first billion two years later at 16 I started my own very successful clothing line and shoe brand. I own 2 horse ranches one of them is run strictly to help children with special needs cope with the disabilities and the other one is one that is for young girls who want to train and ride horses. I have also built a private preparatory school for underprivileged children to get the education that they need and deserve to have a better life. I just broke ground in three different location for a school for teenage mothers and their children to attend that offers, room and board and classes and they also have to opportunity to get a job and the school has a daycare center for the non-school age children and they have classes going into college, for the mothers and when they have finished high school I have setup a little subdivision where they are able to move in with their children until they are stable enough to move on their own the house is a 2 bedroom furnished cottage setting and they have a little grocery store in the subdivision and they also have access to the school and other amenities as well. I have been called the playgirl of the business world because I have not found the “Mr. Right” for me. I like to party because I am still young but I have done a lot in my 24 years I am the richest bachelorette in the United States probably the whole world I have the smartest one as well I will take a lot for a man to sweep me off my feet and have me give up my title as Billion Dollar Playgirl.”

Skylar Quinn Waters richest bachelorette in the world net worth of 780 billion dollars and counting,

That is what the People’s Richest Singles read this morning when I open the copy that was laying on the island of my kitchen, I was standing in the kitchen overlooking the ocean with just a silk robe on , I went to make me some breakfast and coffee after I had another lousy one- nightstand laying in my bed. I was sick of going out to party with my friends and hooking up with lame guys that only want a few minutes of fame and a piece of my pussy. Now if I could get the latest fuck out of my bed and I could start my day. I have a company to run and can’t have a fan stuck on stupid laying in my bed doing so. When I look over to my publicist and best friend Delilah walk into my house and asked me what I am doing I need to go get ready for my press conference. I told her that I would love to go get ready, but I have a lame one-night stand still asleep in my bed.

She rolls her eyes and tells me that I am going to be the death of her as she walks in my room and throws a bucket of ice-cold water on this guy he jumps up and throw on his clothes and runs towards the door asking me if he could call me, I told him no I didn’t have fun lose my number. We both died laughing, so started to drink my coffee and wait on my shower to heat up and Delilah did what she normally does, and she read the PEOPLE’S Magazine article about me.

Delilah: So our Skylar Quinn Waters is 24, single she has 2 MBA, 2 MSL, a Doctorate and is working on her Ph.D. in business and law she is the youngest person in the world to finish 5 major degrees before she turned 20. She is the playgirl of the business world she won’t settle down she parties every night on top of making record breaking dealing world-wide. She is due to take over her father’s legacy on top of the empire that she alone had built she unstoppable she has billion dollar contract deals signing almost daily and the companies that are working with her are amazed by her work ethic and her knowledge of the business, It doesn’t goes to say that Hailey Quinn make sure that her business deals are done right and she is the one who oversees all the contract negotiations and contract signing. Wonder what she has in store for us over the next few months.

Delilah Finishes reading the article as I step out of the shower and start to blow dry my hair and I have the flat iron ready to go I walked into my room with a towel wrapped around me and walk into my closet and find a outfit for today its is Saturday but I have a contract that I am signing publicly with a CEO of a record label. He has been overseas for the last few months, and he is coming into New Orleans today and wants to sign the deal publicly in front of camera boy to do I hate showoffs for real. I know that afterward I was going to go hang out my other friends Ivy’s bar for a few hours. So I grabbed my light blue skinny jeans with the tears in them and my silver and purple open back shirts, my silver open toe heels, I put on the silver and purple chains that go with the shirt and I pull out my silver rain drop earrings.

Delilah grabs my silver and purple nail polish and she starts to paint my toes, I finish blow drying my hair and I start to flat iron my hair is so fucking long that I can’t do it so Delilah tells me to wait till she is done with my toes and she’ll do my hair so I get my jeans on making sure I don’t mess up my nail polish and then my shirt and by the time I am dressed she is ready to do my hair. While she is doing my hair I paint my finger nails and add the necessary bling to my nails. My nails are drying while she is finishing up my hair. When she finishes up my hair. I slip on my shoes and take a pictures like I always do and I look amazing like I always do.

We checked that time and we still had about 45 minutes to go before we had to head to the location for the contract signing, I called my attorney to make sure that he had everything together for the deal and he said that he was going to sent me a copy of what the contract is supposed to be and to make sure everything looked good on my end. I looked over the contract and the contract were for my Public Relations Company to manage all PR for all his new signed Artists, for him and as well as an seasoned Artist I thought would make his company grown in numbers and record sales.

So we made sure everything was good we did a double take on how I looked before we started out the door. Delilah wanted to know what vehicle we were taking I told her that I haven’t drove the Maserati in a while let’s take that one, she laughed and called me a showoff, I had to remind her that I am not a show off I earned every penny I have made myself. I haven’t gotten any of the company shares that my daddy is supposed to be given me yet. I told him to wait until I turned 25 before giving me what he is wanting to hand me from his company shares. Even though I am a shareholder of the company I really don’t want to have the responsibility of his company as well as mine I built mine from the ground while I was still in in college and working on my first MBA damn I can’t believe that has been 11 years already.

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