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In order to take revenge on her husband who had cheated on her, she had spent all her savings to build up the male public relations. She didn't expect that...


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  "Tick, tick, tick."

  When the alarm clock of the mobile phone rang, Lin Yanyue suddenly sat up from the quilt.

  She sat in a daze for a while and opened the quilt, but she didn't wear any clothes.

  Then he looked down...

  The dried-up bloodstain showed that she had lost the purest thing.

  They had been married for five years. When they were about to get divorced, they were taken away by a strange man for the first time.

  "What's going on here?"

  Lin Ranyue had a headache. Her throat hurt, and her body hurt. She raised her hand and knocked on her head, barely trying to recall what had happened last night.

  She was forced by her aunt to have a blind date with Mr. Wei. When she saw him, she drank a glass of wine. With that cup of wine, she was so drunk that she felt dizzy and was taken to the room.

  She seemed to have been set up by Mr. Wei?

  Lin Ranyue gave a guess in her heart, but when she turned around, she saw a convenience card on the bedside table.

  The convenience post said: I have taken your money. If you drink more water, your throat should be very uncomfortable.

  At the end of the call, there was a bunch of phone numbers.

  If she looked at it again, it was not like she had been designed. It was like she had bought a spring snack for once. After that, the man who had been hired would leave her contact information so that it would be convenient for her to find her in the future...

  "Isn't this man a male public relations prostitute?"

  Lin Nanyue crumpled the convenience stick into a ball and threw it into the trash can.

  She went to the pharmacy to buy some medicines after that and took them. Then she went back to her aunt's house.

  "Ran Yue, where did you go last night? Why didn't you come back all night?" Aunt Lin Jianyun sat in the living room with a sullen look on his face.

  Lin Ran Yue pursed her lips and lowered her head. She said in a low voice, "I'm sorry. There won't be a next time."

  She couldn't tell her aunt that the high-quality Mr. Wei she had introduced to her was a male public relations officer. Did they fall in love for a night?

  But her answer obviously made Lin Jiyun angrier.

  Lin Jiyun put his left hand on his waist and pointed at Lin Ranyue's nose with his right hand. He said angrily, "You are a woman who is about to get divorced. What else can you do if you don't find someone to marry early? What else can you do? Do you want to be an abandoned woman for the rest of your life and shame our Lin family for the rest of your life? Don't you know that Mr. Wei waited for you for four hours yesterday? He didn't leave until nine o'clock at night?!"

  Lin Ranyue was stunned.

  She had a headache because of Lin Jiyun's scolding. When she heard Lin Jiyun's last two sentences, she hesitated for two seconds before she came to her senses.

  Mr. Wei waited for her for four hours and didn't leave until nine o'clock in the evening...

  Then who was the person who had been on a blind date with her last night?

  When she asked him if he was Mr. Wei on a blind date, he clearly said...

  Damn it, she jumped into the fire pit by herself!

  Lin Ranyue felt dizzy due to a headache. She looked at Lin Jiyun with her cold eyes and said apologetically, "I'm sorry, please convey my apologies for me. Also, although I was abandoned by Wen Zhongnian, I really don't want to or rush to arrange a blind date now. Aunt, please don't arrange it for me again."

  "You, why don't you know what's good for you?"


  "You're really as bad-tempered as your mother. You deserve it. You can't even hold on to a man. Shame on you!"

  Lin Yueyue clenched her fists. She really didn't like anyone to say bad things about her mother. But in the whole Lin family, only her aunt treated her well. Otherwise, her aunt wouldn't invite her to the North City to relax after she signed the divorce agreement.

  After a moment of silence, she said to Lin Jiyun, "Aunt, I've been to North City for a few days. It's time to go back."

  Lin Jiyun had already seen that she was upset, so he would not stay any longer.

  Lin Ranyue got on the plane back to Yi City again.

  Half a month later, Lin Ranyue stood in front of the luxury high-rise room in Helan Hotel.

  After signing the divorce agreement, she came out of her current position as a housewife and went to work.

  She was now a hotel waiter who gave her guests a missing personal item—a four-sided small box made of pure gold, with gemstones all over it. Inside the box was a box of condoms.

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