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Love really is a true and real affection. It can even make the rich, the poor and even the most arrogant people humble themselves. It can make one defend, fight, acquire, destroy, humiliate, sacrifice and easily even give out his or her possessions in life.

Love is hard to copy but difficult to escape out from it. Love is like a visitor. It only visit those who have a tender heart and really understand the nature of humanity.

In this twenty-first century, who really lead his plans according to what the heart desires but not the mind? No matter what happens in life,other people are still bound to love and sacrifice for the others too.

Once in my lifetime, my great grandma told me a story about love which actually existed between two brothers. In fact,it was a true genuine love!!! And I think am really jealous of them.

Once upon a time, there lived two brothers that really loved and admired themselves no matter the possibilities and impossibilities of or in their life. They were being brought up by their own father. Their father was a police man that was very dedicated and committed to his job. He was killed by a gang of rebellious people because of how he was able to get any information about them so as to get them captured. In fact he was a smart cop.

Since his demised,the whole cops and the entire community people have never be on guide. They are always scared of the gangs of thieves.

The two brothers sworn to get a true revenge for their father's death. They grew up to love and cherished themselves so very much. The older brother do well to protect his younger brother no matter what happens. He advised, adored, protect guide and took care of him as a father could have done. One-day, his junior brother was being recruited into the police office so as to continue the good work of his father. His older brother, was a very brave, defendable and a smart great warrior. Since he always help and defend people, the bad people always hate him and forever issue a case against him as a bad person at the police station since the police too was the

scared of those rebellious people. Because of that, the police couldn't choose him as a replacement of their father position and instead chose his younger brother.

He encouraged his little brother and always do well to protect and fight for him even when he is on a mission.

The younger brother was then being promoted and actually decided to marry as his brother was telling him to do so.

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