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James and I were being left in a room after the party died. I love this guy to the core of my heart but I wasn't that very sure if this guy feels the same as I feel around him. I hate to display and tell him to face, about how I fucking love him and actually turn to be rejected and disappointed.

I leaned closer to the windows pane when I felt a sense of touch on my body. This guy touched me softly with his big hands and actually turned me to face him upwards. He then asked me, " Do you like me Lina?" His question astonished me, "do I like you?" My face was blushing and actually reddened when he was still staring at me. In fact, "fucking yes" to the question being asked was written all over my face in shyness!

He then asked me again as I remained silent. "Do you like me Lina? Do you find me attractive? Do you fantasize about me at night, Lina? Do you imagine how it would be for me to rip your fucking clothes off and fuck you hardly on top of this beautiful and soft bed? Do you?"

His questions startled me and actually shook my inner self with every fucking bword. "I-i um, y.." face was still blushing off and actually embarrassing meas it gotten my inner and outer body. James then said," then let me take care of those fantasies for you dear. I want to be the only man who gets to fuck that pretty little hole of your every time we meet; inside my room and actually on my bed. I will fick you until you can't walk straight and then fuck you again".

These words made me to start dripping wet, tightened up my boobs and actually making my nipples more irresistable and absolutely pressurely intensifying like a burning flame ready to explode at any seconds or minutes.

His hands grabbed my wrists tight and lifted them over my head and with one swift magic move, he ripped off all the buttons on my cloth, exposing my bra before him.

"Aaah!" Hmmm ah" I groaned as I felt how the burns between my legs increased. He sucked on my neck and actually moved his other hands around my hotten body. My body, hottening tightly and absolutely feeling his hard cock which was being pressed agy my thigh.

"Oh fuck". I whispered, I could feel the smile on his lips as he unlocked my bra in a swift move with his fingers. He grabbed my leg, grinding his hard cock between my legs. I could feel how my inner wear was soaking very wet. He took one of my breast sucking on it forcily like a hungry lion."hmmm-mmmmm,Aah-hh", as I moaned loudly.

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