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  A mysterious woman wearing all black, walked over to a grave. Tears fell down her face and a white handkerchief was in her hand all scrounged up as she could not stop crying.

  She kneeled down and pressed her hand against the engraved marking, tracing the name with her hand. No one knew or could relate to the pain she was feeling right now. She felt as if she had lost half of her soul. The memories of their beautiful love story invaded her mind.

  The world felt so empty and dark without him by her side anymore. As if her soul and light had just perished with him.

  "Arecas my love. They spilled your blood and ripped you out of my life!"

  “In return, I shall claim my vengeance with your life for all their lives.”

  “I do not care what beasts I have to summon even from hell; I shall make sure that they are ALL wiped away from existence.

  I promise to wreak havoc, death and chaos to their Immortal lives.”

  After saying that, the woman she stood up and wiped away her tears. For the time of crying was now over. She had work to do.


  "Life sucks!" I could not help but sigh, sitting in my office and oblivious to the stare being given to me by my best friend Stella.

  She first looked at me like I was crazy and I just rolled my eyes thinking, "Here we go again with the lectures..."

  "I heard that!" She snapped at me in my mind then started lecturing me.

  "Amelia Maverick how can you even say that!"

  "First you have your dream job being a medical surgeon, you own a nice apartment and you’re an attractive 21-year-old with whom men are always swooning at."

  She paused for a minute and then spoke again,

  "Can't you see, you have the perfect life." After saying those words, she left the room leaving those words hanging in my mind.

  "Perfect life my butt as unluckily for me there was nothing called a perfect life." I thought to myself. Every person in this world just had to have something wrong, missing or even weird happening in their lives.

  Unluckily for me, I had all those three things happening in my life.

  Let me demonstrate that theory for you. Firstly what’s wrong was that I could not find love. I don't even know how many men I had dated and I still could not find, you know "the one".

  I was that kind of woman who was always reading cheesy romance stories and still believed in fairy tales. Worst of all, romantic charming fairytale princes did not exist!

  Secondly the weird part in my life was that I was born a super naturally powered being. I remember the day I first discovered my powers while living with my parents as an 8-year-old.

  Sometimes I really thought of being supernaturally powered as a curse when I thought of all my loved ones like my parents who died 20 years ago and my sister Fina who died last week from old age.

  I know you're all thinking "How come is she still 21 when her sister and parents died from old age." The answer to that question was just really simple.

  Just like my gifted great grandmother, I was also gifted with an abnormally longer life span. So, what was missing in my life were my parents and my sister Fin.

  Besides a longer life span one of the powers I discovered was the shape shifting power. This was a power by which I could turn into any creature I've seen. I don't think I will discover my other powers as I liked to live an ordinary human life.

  Living that ordinary life was not easy as I was always envying those people who found their true love and lived a satisfied human life. Sometimes thoughts tormented me, that I was going to die a lonely grandma with 10 cats as her only companions.

  This image made me shudder to think I could die like that; then I remembered I have a shape shifting power making me relax.

  Suddenly someone burst through my office door calling my name. I realized it was Reed, a male nurse who worked here and was one of my friends.

  I think he had a crush on me since I came to work here but sorry for him as he was just a friend to me.

  After I thought that a small voice scowled at me, "That is why you’re going to end up lonely forever!"

  "Amelia! Don’t forget to meet later as planned. You lost the bet remember." Reed shouted out, while leaving as he was done with his own shift.

  "Yeah I will be there,” I replied while sighing inwardly. Yes, today was a Friday night but I was tired and had wanted to stay at home, in my little house. Binging on food and watching Netflix.

  But I had lost a bet against Reed and therefore owed him. He wanted me to have dinner over at his house. It would not be a date as he did tell me that he would have some friends over there too for game night.

  I first stood up and went to check on a special patient of mine before leaving. An old man named Lazarus Verdaran. There was something unique about him, but I could not place it.

  He had landed here after being in a car accident. Although he came in badly injured, me and my team we had worked really hard until he was well.

  Entering his ward, I was glad to see how well he had recovered. No longer needing any more surgery. It always warmed my heart whenever I managed to save a life through my line of work.

  “My grandson is coming to visit and collect me; I wish you two could meet.” The old man said to me as we made small talk.

  “I would wait but sadly I have plans tonight. I owe someone,” I replied feeling sad that he was soon getting discharged and the bed would be empty.

  “Its okay, you are still young. Go have fun.” He replied with a sad look on his face.

  “Ah fine, I guess I could wait a little and see you off.” I replied giving in and wanting to make him happy.

  “Good, let me call him to hurry up and not make you wait any longer,” He quickly replied taking out his phone and making a call.

  While he did that, I also went to check out on the other patients in the other wards and also finished packing up and locking my office. Once done a nurse came calling me, saying that the old man Lazarus was looking for me to come.

  I opened the door to his room and there he was already dressed up and ready to go.

  “Come Amelia, come meet my grandson Caspian,” He immediately said and I turned to see the most handsome guy ever also in the room.

  Jet black charcoal curls lay on his head, then was those beautiful silver eyes and perfectly chiseled face. That perfect jawline and kissable lips. His skin was paler than usual and he exuded this aura of royalty. Dressed up in elegant clothes and standing with confidence as his eyes also traced me from head to toes.

  And as soon as our eyes met, locking with each other’s, I could feel my heart rate accelerate at an abnormal level.

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