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Tyler's Point of view

I was happy. My mom and dad, even if they were omega, the lowest in the pack, they loved me unconditionally. But, it all changed one fateful day. It was my 6th birthday. We were returning from my mom's old pack after celebrating my birthday with my maternal grandparents...

10-years ago..

"Is my baby happy?", my mom asked.

" Ya, mommy.", I answered with a smile on my face. "Granny's foods were very tasty. She even made me a pretty birthday cake."

"How far are we honey?", My mom asked my dad.

"Just 15 minutes of run from here towards the south, darling", my dad replied.

Suddenly there was rustling of leaves. We all stood still in our place. My mom hugging me. My dad standing in defense guarding us.

" Rogues daddy?", I asked scared, trembling with fear. Suddenly there was a high pitch sound. It felt like our heads were going to explode.

"Oh god! Hunters..", My dad growled.

"run baby, run, run in this direction.", my mom said pointing towards the south.

"You and daddy?", I asked crying.

"No, baby. But we love you and will always be with you. Remember, we will always be with you. You will find your mate soon and she will always love you. Don't be afraid. Be a strong baby, be strong", My mom said tears rolling down her cheeks.

Suddenly, 3 creepy men in Black coats appeared behind us. They had crossbows and guns. They started to laugh maniacally.

My dad growled and jumped on them, but was shot with an arrow.

"Ahhhhhhhhh.. ", my dad shouted. "It has Wolf's bane."

"Darling.. Nooo..", my mom cried.

"Of course you mutt.", one of the men taunted.

" Tyler.. Run.", my dad screamed.

"Mommy? Come with me.", I cried. "Daddy?"

"You are bad men.", I shouted.

"Ya pup, we are bad for freaks like you.", one of them said, laughing maniacally.

" It's your turn bitch.", the same man said to my mother.

"Tyler, run.", she shifted and jumped on the man biting his leg.

I started to run, with my small legs towards the direction mom showed. Not turning around.

" You stupid bitch!" , I heard behind me. But, I didn't turn. Scared I ran towards south. Never stopping.

"Ahhhhh", my mother's painful scream filled my ears.

I turned around to look. My mom and dad were lying on the ground, lifeless, as the hunters had their boots on them. I was raging like fire. One of them saw me.

"Get that son of a bitch!" , the man shouted.

I turned around and started to run. Never looking back. Suddenly an arrow came flying and pierced my leg. I screamed with pain and fell down. But I didn't stop running. I limped deep into the woods. Hiding behind a bush. Tears were rolling down my eyes, but, not a sound escaped my lips. Crying, I fall asleep.

The next morning I was found by my pack's patrol and taken to the hospital. I was saved. But, my loved ones weren't.


Today is my 16th birthday. For any normal person, it is supposed to be the best day of the year. But for me, it was the worst. 10 years ago on this very day, I lost both my parents. Still, my blood boils, even thinking about that day. How I wasn't able to save my parents. How I ran like a bloody coward. It gives me pain. After all these years, it still gives me pain. Most of the night I can't sleep. I still have nightmares of that cursed day. They still haunt me. My only friend has been Lucas. Lucas was our beta's son. The beta, Matthew Bernard, was my father's friend. When he found out that what happened with me, they took me in. I have grown up with Lucas. He basically sees me as his own brother. Well, at least I got someone who cared for me.

"Hey dude Happy Birthday.", Lucas broke me from my thoughts.

" Hey Lucas, thanks.", I said.

"But you know I hate this day.", I sighed.

" Tyler, man, it has been 10 years. move ahead.", He told me.

"How Lucas? How can I move ahead when the nightmares still haunt me? How can I move ahead when I still see that bloody moment again and again whenever I close my eyes?"

"Well, okay. But it's your 16th birthday dude. You are finally going to find your mate.", he tried to ease me.

"... You will find your mate soon and she will always love you..", my mom's words came to my mind.

" You think I have a mate? Lucas, I am cursed. I won't be surprised if I don't have. In fact, I am sure I don't have a mate. Even if by some chance I have I doubt I will ever find her.", I ranted.

"Don't lose hope dude, everything will be alright", he tried to give me hope.

" I don't know dude, I don't know."

"Hey, I have something for you. You, to cope with your grief and for me to celebrate my best friend's birthday.", Lucas chuckled.

" What?", I asked.

"You'll find out", he smirked.


Lucas brought me to a nightclub. It was 12:30 am. I was gaping my mouth at him. Seriously? He thinks dancing in a club will help me to cope with my grief. He must have gone crazy.

"We are not here to dance dude.", he read my thought. "We are here for booze aka alcohol."

"Aren't we under the legal drinking age?", I asked him.

"Yeah stupid we are. But who cares? Besides the club is owned by my friend's dad. So everything for me and my friends is free.", he told me.

"And besides you know what they say?", He asked me.

" What?"

"They say and I quote, 'Don't forget that alcohol helps to remove the stress, the bra, the panties and many other problems.' Isn't that inspiring?"

"You are a dick."

"I am not but I have a big one.", he smirked.

" You are hopeless."

"I know that.", he said.

Suddenly an intoxicating scent hit my nose. The scent, It's hard to describe. It was like mixed scent of Chocolates and orchids. Weird, I know. I followed the scent.

" So you are going to drink?", Lucas asked following me.

"Shut up Lucas. Can't you smell this tantalizing scent?", I asked him.

" What scent?", He asked me back.

"Your tracking skills are shit. This scent of Chocolates and orchids.", I replied sniffing the air.

His eyes widened in realization. "Dude it's your mate.", he said and started jumping like a monkey. "What are you waiting for go follow the scent."

I followed the scent and saw our alpha's daughter, Laura dancing with her friends. She was looking beautiful. Almost like goddess Aphrodite. Her blonde hairs were falling up to her waist. Her brown eyes looked like chocolates. Her lips were like rose petals with morning dew on them. She had curves at all the right places. Her hips were moving seductively. She wore a red crop top and a pair of hot pants. She was gorgeous. I mean I had a crush on her, but who didn't have? Lucas noticed me and he gave me a knowing look.

"Yeah, I know. I don't have a chance. As I said, I am cursed.", I told him.

"Are you fucking mad? Go to her, you idiot.", He told me.

"But she is the fucking Alpha's daughter and I heard she has a boyfriend too. I don't think I have a chance. Just leave it.", I stated. My wolf, Murphy whimpered.

" I know dude, but do you think we have a chance?", I asked Murphy in my mind.

"But she is our mate. She can't ignore us. Even If she is 15 she can't decline mate bond.", he told me.

"Dude, get some balls. ", Lucas told me.

I sighed and went near her. She was still dancing, so, I patted her back. My hand tingled like electricity passed through it and there were fireworks in my stomach. She turned around.

" Excuse me?", Laura said.

Her eyes met mine and my body trembled.

"Mine.", my wolf said making it through my mouth. Her eyes widened in realization but suddenly changed to disgust.

" Aren't you an omega?", she asked me disgusted. I felt someone stabbed me through my heart. My wolf whimpered in pain.

"Y-Yes.", I stuttered.

Her face became angry and she slapped me.

" How dare you?", she asked furiously.

"We a-are m-mates.", I said with my shaky voice. My wolf now howling in agony. I felt like my wolf was insulted. He wanted me to take her by force. But, I knew that it will achieve nothing. I kept my calm but tears rolled down my eyes.

"You are Nothing, Bastard. How dare you? You piece of shit? Bloody Mutt. Get away from me. "

"But, you are my mate. mates are supposed to be together."

"Even if you are, I don't care. You are an Omega. A scavenger."


"Go away before I call my boyfriend. He is going to become future alpha of his pack and I will become his Luna. Just get the hell out of here. How do you expect that I, the Alpha's daughter will mate with you? You are Nothing. Get the hell away. I Reject you."

She turned away and again started dancing.

I turned towards Lucas. He was giving me a pity look. Tears still were rolling down my eyes. I was feeling helpless. The only hope I had of someone loving me again in my life was shattered. My wolf whimpered and fell silent.

"Let's go Tyler. I am sorry.", Murphy said.

"I am sorry for forcing you, dude.", Lucas apologized.

" What are you sorry for? I already knew something like this would happen. Out of every fucking omega only I was supposed to be mate with the Alpha's daughter. I am cursed.", I sighed.

"Let's go home dude.", Lucas said.

" Why the fuck? We came here for booze remember?", I told him.

"Are you sure?", he asked me.

"Yeah, let's numb some pain."

"Stupid bitch, her loss.", Lucas said and a growl left from my lips when I heard her getting name called.

He took me towards the bar. Everyone was looking at me. Some with pity. Some were whispering and others laughing. I calmed my wolf and sat down in front of the counter.

" Hey Jack, long time no see.", Lucas greeted.

Jack, who apparently was the bartender nodded and gave a smile.

"The strongest you have.", I ordered.

" Dude are you sure?.", Lucas said.


The bartender gave us a shot of Princer Vodka.

"What are we, babies?", I snapped.

"Hey, this is expensive. We can only have one shot.", Lucas whispered.

" Give me a bottle, I will pay.", I told the bartender.

He went to the shelves and bought a blackish-grey bottle. And slid it to us.

"That would be $30, sir.", the bartender said.

I took out my wallet, and gave the bartender three $10 bills and took the bottle. I drank the bottle in one gulp. My head felt a little numb. And I started passing out. I looked at Laura, she was kissing apparently her alpha boyfriend. My Wolf growled and then simply whimpered. I pressed the glass bottle so hard that it shattered and pierced my skin. Blood started oozing out of my hand. The tiny pieces of glasses were pierced in and blocking the tissues from healing. I retracted my claws and made a fist and dug my claws into my palm. The sound of shattering glass made Laura turned towards us and gaze into my eyes but then she started kissing her boyfriend again.

" You are bloody drunk Tyler, let's get you home.", Lucas said. He took me trying to balance me by holding my shoulders.

He took me into his car and I passed out on one of the seats.

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