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Today we are all at the clubhouse having a barbeque because Viper decided since our nephews Jace and Jax start school next week we needed to celebrate. Since Merigold showed up with the little guys when they were only three we try to celebrate all the milestones not just for them but all the kids that have come after them. So we are all hanging out in the backyard just having a good time. We have two grills going. One with hot dogs and burgers. The other has Merigold’s baby back ribs and spare ribs. Damn it smells good out here. Merigold got together with Anna and Trina to bring pasta salad, potato salad, coleslaw, chips, you name it they have two tables covered. Along with brownies, cookies, rice crispy treats, four pies that I know of, and cake.

I’m standing by one of the three coolers filled with drinks talking to Viper watching Jace and Jax run around. Kassidy and Kadance, Merigold’s other twins who are almost two are playing with Anna and Trina. I can’t believe the changes that have happened since the day Merigold showed up. It is different that is for sure but looking around at all the smiling faces of my brothers, my family I would change a thing. And I’m looking forward to seeing where life takes us next.

Merigold comes over to grab a drink from the soda cooler “ Princess, when will those ribs be done. I’m starving.” I ask. Merigold laughs “ About fifteen more minutes. If you are that hungry grab a burger for now.” Hell, no. I’m saving my stomach for her ribs. Merigold is about to walk away when Goof comes over looking nervous. “ Merigold, you have a visitor.” Merigold looks confused “ I’m not expecting anyone that is not already here. I guess tell them to go away. This is a private party.” Merigold goes top leave again. Goof says “ She gave me a message to give you. She said ‘ Chica get your sexy ass out here.’” Merigold freezes midstep and turns. “ What did you say?” she asks. Goof looks very uncomfortable “ Please don’t make me repeat it.” “ I need you to tell me exactly what she said,” Merigold replies. Now, this has Viper and me paying attention.

Goof repeats what he said and Merigold shakes her head “ No way. No fucking way.” Here is something you need to know. Merigold rarely cusses. She doesn’t like it and doesn’t the kids to repeat it. So her doing it now has gotten the attention of my other brothers. “ It can’t be,” Merigold says before she takes off running through the club to the front door. Viper, Ace, Axel, Rowdy, and I follow leaving Tank, Thor, Trina, and Anna looking after the kids. “ Merigold wait. Don’t run out there.” Viper yells but she isn’t listening.

Merigold beats us outside and is standing on the foot of the ramp with her hands on her hips. What I see before has me wondering if I am dreaming. At the foot of the ramp is a car. And not just any car but a stock car. Hanging out the driver’s side window with her elbows resting on the roof is a woman. A woman that has to be the most fucking gorgeous woman I have ever seen. Skin that looks like toasted almonds. Carmel colored hair that is tied up in a high ponytail. And her eyes. Wow. Just wow. They are ice blue that you can’t help but stare at. They have a way of pulling you in you have no choice but to look. She is smiling so bright it could light up the darkest night. All I want to do is look at her. I can’t wait to see what the car is hiding. My gut tells me I won’t be disappointed.

When Merigold talks I’m pulled from my oogling of this strange woman. “ Speed, what the hell?” Merigold asks. Speed? “ It is about time, Mamacita. I thought I was going to have time to work on my tan waiting for you.” the woman says with a mix of southern and Spanish accents. It is an odd mix but very alluring. “ Are you just going to stand there or are you going to get that sexy ass over here and give me a hug?” Speed asks. I was shocked by the way she was talking to Merigold. I expected Merigold to lose her shit but that didn’t happen. And Axel and Rowdy didn’t react either. As a matter of fact, they looked calm. Merigold shakes her head and walks towards speed. “ I have so many questions. For now, come here my beautiful speed demon.”

The way these two are talking to each other I gather they have known each other for a while. Otherwise, there is no way in hell Merigold would let someone talk to her like that or talk to someone like that unless she was comfortable with them. I watch as Speed turns and climbs out the window of the car. Once she is on the ground I can see her head comes to a little over a foot in front of the roof making her about five foot seven inches give or take an inch if my math is right. I want to see the rest of her but she is fully blocked by the car. Since Merigold is shorter than Speed so she wraps her arms around Speed’s waist. They hug each other tightly. Merigold looks like she doesn’t want to let go and has tears in her eyes. Merigold pulls back and looks Speed up and down like she is looking for something.

“ I’m happy to see you. And you are always welcome, you know that. But what are you doing here? What is going on?” Merigold asks. “ There are a few reasons. One is I asked someone what he wanted for his upcoming birthday and he said it was to see you.” Merigold asks “ Really?” looking very happy as she looks around before looking at Speed expectantly. Speed holds up a finger then pulls out her phone. She types something then there is movement from inside the car. Speed puts her hands on Merigold’s shoulders and walks her toward the passenger side of the car. The window cover comes off and a guy pokes his head out the window and waves at Merigold. He slides out the window like a pro. He doesn’t hit himself or fumble. He has done that several times.

Once he is out I get a good look at him and see he is nothing more than a teenager. Seventeen maybe eighteen. Once Merigold sees him runs up squealing and jumps into his arms. I look at Axel and Rowdy to see if they are going to say something about their wife being in this guy’s arms but they just shake their heads smiling. Who are these people? The guy helps Merigold stand on her feet and smiles at her. Merigold makes some hand movements and says “ Look at my handsome boy all grown up. And wow you have gotten tall. You must have grown at least two feet since I saw you last. I can’t believe you wanted to come to see me for your birthday.”

The guy doesn’t say a word but moves his hands around. Merigold shakes her head and moves her hands again “ I missed you too. I know I should have visited. Your right. But your here. So I will try to make it up to you. How long are you staying?” The guy looks at Speed and moves his hands. Speed nods. The guy looks back at Merigold and moves his hands. What the hell is going on? What is this guy doing? All of my brothers are confused except for Axel and Rowdy. Viper clears his throat “ Princess, do you want to tell what is going on?” Finally. Merigold looks around like she just realized we were standing there. Hell, maybe she didn’t know we were standing there. She has been in her world since she got the message.

Merigold motions for Speed and the guy to come over to us. “ Brothers I want you to meet two very special people,” Merigold says while moving her hands. What is up with that? She never talks with her hands this much. She points to Speed “ This is Speed.” then she points to the guy “ and her brother Marcos. Or as we like to call him Ratchet.” “ Speed, Ratchet you already know these two.” Merigold points to Axel and Rowdy. “

Speed walks up to Axel “ It has been too long Hermano. Still just as yummy as ever.” Axel laughs as he hugs her. “ It has been too long. Still sassy as ever.” Speed releases Axel and goes to Rowdy. Rowdy pulls her in for a hug “ It is good to see you Speed.” Speed laughs “ Si, it is good to be seen.” Ratchet shakes Axel and Rowdy’s hands before turning back to Merigold. “ Viper could you come here?” Merigold asks. Viper comes forward and stands in front of Merigold Speed and Ratchet. Viper says “ So this is the Speed and Ratchet I have been hearing about. It is good to have a face to go with the stories. Welcome Speed and Ratchet.” He puts his hand out to Speed. Speed takes it and says “ And you are the brother who my Hermana told me about. It is good to meet you Viper.”

Viper looks at Speed I think hoping for a translation. Merigold chimes in “ It means sister.” Viper nods. Ratchet moves his hands around. “ What’s with the hand thing?” Viper asks. Merigold looks a Ratchet and moves her mouth but nothing comes out but Ratchet seems to understand because he nods. Merigold turns to all of us and says “ Ratchet talks with his hands. It is sign language. He is deaf. And before you ask, yes he can read lips. That is how he knew you welcomed him and Speed.” Viper looks like he feels like an asshole. I feel the same way and I’m happy I didn’t say anything even though I wanted to.

Viper looks at Ratchet “ Man, I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” Speed shakes her head but Ratchet moves his hands Merigold interpreting. “ It is ok. It must be word for someone who doesn’t know about me.” While Ratchet and Merigold talk to Viper I use this as a chance to get a good look at Speed. Damn, she has a banging body. She is wearing a pair of worn-out jeans with holes in the knees but mold to her body like they were painted on. They hug her ample hips that were made for big hands like mine, thick thighs perfect for wrapping around you and holding on.

She has on a graphic tee shirt pulled tight over her very large tits. She is the perfect mix of Jessica Rabbit and J.Lo. She has the kind of body that can make a man fall to his knees and thank God he is a man and beg to be able to worship her. I notice that Merigold is coming over to me with Speed and Ratchet. “ Brick I want you to meet Speed and Ratchet.” I shake Ratchet’s hand first and tell him it is good to meet him. He nods and steps to the side. Speed holds her hand out “ It is nice to meet you, sir.” The way she says sir has by dick jumping and my dom side waking up.

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