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“Oh gosh! I am late for school. Why this always happens to me?” I asked myself as I was getting ready for school. As I walked downstairs, I saw momma making some pancakes for me. I gave her morning hug and sat at the table waiting for my breakfast. "Momma, please hurry up I’m already 15 mins late for school". I said as I was thinking of today’s excuse which I’m going to give to my class professor.

“Sweet heart how many times I have told you to wake up early but you don’t and the biggest problem is that you don’t even wake up when I call you. Sometimes I have to check your pulse and check if you are alive. You literally sleep like you have conquered the world and the whole word is waiting for your order”. "Momma you know I can’t wake up easily". I said defending myself. "Okay fine sweetheart but now finish your breakfast and let me help you fixing your hairs". She tied my hairs in a perfect high ponytail as if saying I am THE QUEEN. After wasting 10 more minutes in munching my breakfast, I bid goodbye to momma and asked the chauffeur to drop me to school.

As you all have already guessed it, yes, I am Giada, a rich girl. Born in a super-rich family I am cherished and adored by all of the people around me uhm… except for few, let’s talk about them later I don’t want to ruin my mood. All of the people around me treats me like a princess and grants my every wish. I remember when I was 6 years old, I was playing in the garden when I tripped and fell. My mother came hurriedly and rushed me to hospital just because of a small bruise. And fired every single maid who were working that day. But all of this was because they love me and somehow, I also like being spoiled by them.

I was watching drama on Netflix when the driver suddenly stopped the car. Ahh my head. It hurts. Out of curiosity I jumped out of the car and saw a girl who crashed into my car. I asked her if she was fine and want any help but she got up and left without saying a word. “Seriously I came out of the car and asked you if you want any help and you just went away. I am not gonna help any other in my entire life.” I face palmed myself knowing that I can’t do this. Even though I was born in a super rich family and I am spoiled by my mother, I was a down to earth girl. I never showed off my wealth and gave my donations under different names. Doing these things really made me feel alive and happy. I felt like I am the happiest girl in this entire world. Me and my nature. Forget it.

“Goodbye Mr. Andrew. You don’t have to come to pick me up after school I’ll manage”. “Have a wonderful day, Miss Giada”. I said to my chauffeur who went away after giving me a warm smile. After entering my school, I quickly went to my locker and picked some stuff which I wanted for my first lecture and hurriedly made my way towards classroom.

“Sorry Mam, it will not happen next time I’ll come on time”. “Oh, here comes our princess guys let’s greet our princess”. I looked up and saw there was no teacher instead she was there my biggest bully. 'How come there she didn't come till now?'I thought. “Lia for the last time I am saying I am not a princess and step aside I am already pissed”. “Oh, come on Giada, we all know that you are the richest in the whole fucking school, and no one dares to talks to you because if you get angry without any fucking reason, we don’t know what will happen to us. Maybe you will tell your non-existent father and he will order people to kill us”. 'What kind of bullshit is this?' I asked myself. I went to my desk with a ‘I’m so done with you’ look and ignored her. “Why are you not replying to me you bloody bitch? Even though I am not super-duper rich but I am the daughter of the chairman of A&M company”. Now this is enough. I went to her desk and slapped her on face. “Look how can you not learn your lesson every time I slap you. What if you are a daughter of who you said, Yes the chairman of A&M company, you are here in this school right in my class. If you really want to be killed, I can call my non-existent father and tell him to kill you”. Just as I finished my words Ms. Sofia came in the class and just as usual greeted all of us with a heart-warming smile. She looked at Lia’s face and asked what happened. All of the class went silenced as if someone cut their tongue. Okay this is good for me. No detention today. Just as Miss Sofia was going to start our today’s lecture, Lia stood up and said “That bitch Giada just threatened me that she will kill me”. “Okay Lia 2 hours detention and Giada half an hour for you”. I replied with an okay and a smile. Just about when Miss Sofia turned around Lia spoke furiously “Why did I get 2 hours detention and she just half an hour. I was threatened not her!!”. Ms. Sofia turned around and crossed her arms on her chest and said “Hmm!! At first you broke my class rule. I told all of you guys no bad words in my class and I am sure you did something at first that’s why she slapped you and for your kind information Miss Lia your detention is now for 3 hours because you spoke rudely. Any questions??” I laughed when Miss Sofia added an hour. Miss Sofia’s eyes glared at me as my laugh was very obvious. I said sorry and sat down.


At the cafeteria

I almost choked at water when some one from behind frightened me. “That was awesome Gi. I bet she will never talk back to Miss Sofia ever.” “There you are my sweetie pie. I was waiting for you. Look I haven’t even ordered anything”. “Hmm that’s because you don’t want any attention Young Miss”. “Oh, please Bella not again. And as for the ‘attention’ thing of course I don’t like it. All of the boys practically drool over me and when I see their faces, I feel disgusted”. “Ok ok how about going to shopping after school and your detention of course to cheer you up”. “Hmm sounds like a good idea”. I was going to shopping after a very long time as I refused my mother to buy me clothes. Because whenever she buy me clothes, half of the mall will be bought. If I hadn't stopped her, right now I would have a big mansion full of my clothes. As for you kind notice, I am a small baby for her till now.

After my school and detention, we went to shopping together and bought clothes of every renowned brand and I paid for her clothes and mine. As she wasn’t from a wealthy background, she was unable to afford this kind of clothes but as she is my friend of course she will have them because seeing her smile will make my day. We went to restaurant and ate our favorite dishes. We ordered Steak Alfredo along with some side dishes. “Believe me I am gonna come here once more. The food is so good”. I said as I finished my last bite wanting for more. “Yeah, you tell me this every time and every time we come to a whole new restaurant”. I smiled at her reply and paid the bill not forgetting the tip for waiter. When I was about to call for the cab, I was dragged by Bella to an ice cream parlor. “Come have the taste of their ice cream Giada I am sure you are gonna love it”. “Kay!!” I said excitedly, and went to ice cream parlor. We ordered ice cream. As soon as I licked it, I felt it I am in heavens. “This is so good Bella, why didn’t you tell me about this??” “Told ya”.

When I saw the time it was already 11 p.m. “oh my god! My mom will kill me”. We both said at the same time and realizing this we both laughed. “Oh Gi, stop it you will not be killed. You are the Young Miss”. “Oh yeah oops forgot it” I replied. After going my home, we both were invited by many hugs and kisses as my mother was worried about us. I hugged her back and told her that we both went to shopping and then ate dinner at the restaurant that’s why we were late. “Don’t ever do this again. At least call the chauffeur and wait for him to pick you up. I was so worried about you both”. “Aunt I told her to tell you but she didn’t listen to me and said that you will not say anything and will be sleeping when we get home”. “I said it? When? why don’t I know? Momma I have a brain problem”. I said to my mother acting like I was shocked. “Okay okay enough! Now you both go upstairs and change your dresses I’ll come up with milk and Giada no Netflix you guys are already late. Remember you both have to go to school tomorrow."

And with that we both went to sleep.

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