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  "The Vampire Prince has killed his wife again,"

  " I wonder how many more will be killed,"

  " I feel pity for the ones who will be his wife again,"

  I don't know how many times I have heard these rumors. These rumors have been going on since I was a child. People say that the Vampire has married 10 times, all the girls he married are dead. No one knows where they are. You might think I am not afraid but what can I do? I am 24 years old, the age of marriage. A lot of people hide their daughters during this time of the year because in every full moon he always comes to look for wives. But no matter how much they hide their daughters, the vampire prince still finds his way around. The full moon is almost here, everybody is all tensed up. You could hardly see any girls walking in the streets, everybody is protecting themselves but as for me, I believe that no matter how much you hide if it is your destiny to get married to him, you will.

  Legend says that Werewolves attacked the humans, they were almost extinct the humans but it was vampires who helped us in exchange that every full moon, they will give a girl to the future king of the vampire. My father tells me about it but of course, I did not believe it. Why will I believe a thing like that?

  I am going to a supermarket to buy something for my mother, she is a kind and virtuous woman. I entered the supermarket.

  " Aunty, I want to buy something,"

  " Nancy, what are you doing here? Did you see any girls your age walking about?" she said

  I always buy something from her. She knows me as her customer, she usually treats me as her child. Her daughter was taken to be a wive to the vampire. I know every full moon she must be hating the vampire for killing her only daughter. I felt pity for her. She gave birth in her late 40s and now the vampire took her only daughter as a wive, she must felt hatred.

  " What should I do? Should I locked up myself because of some vampire who is looking for a wife?"

  " Nancy, don't take any risk. A vampire is a ruthless man, he doesn't care about anything,"

  " Aunty, don't worry I am alright," I said, " Can I get a bag of tomatoes?"

  -With Nancy Mother-

  " Mom, I don't want to marry him.....I will die," she said while crying

  " Camelia, you won't die, I will make sure of it," she hugged Camelia and was patting her hair.

  Camelia suddenly got an ides, she cleaned her face full of teras. She let go of her mother.

  " Mom, why don't Nancy take my place?"

  " Nancy?" her mother was shocked

  " Yes, the vampire hasn't met me before so he won't know we exchanged,"

  " I can't do that,"

  " Why?" she stands up " Mom, me and you know that Nancy is not my sister, she is not your daughter.....she is a girl who was abandoned, she should be glad we pick her up and raised," she shouted " Mom, you always care about Nancy....am I not your daughter? Why do you care for a girl who is not even your child? Mom, it is either you choose me or you choose her?" she left

  “ Camelia," her mother shouted

  " What should I do? Why is this happening to us? Why do I have to choose between my two precious daughters? I love both of them, I can't choose anyone," she looked up " Why did the vampire prince look at my home? Why? " tears flow from her eyes

  I entered inside after buying what I needed to buy

  I saw my mom looking lost in thought and saw something like tears.

  " Mom," I called her but she seems to not hear me.

  I touched her " Mom,"

  She got shocked.

  " Nancy, you are back,"

  " Mom, are you alright?"

  " Yes, I am," she quickly cleaned her face " What did you buy? Let me see,"

  We went to the kitchen and my mother was acting weird.

  " Mom, are you sure you are alright?" I asked again

  " Yes, I am alr-,"

  " No, she is not," Camelia comes and interrupted her.

  " What do you mean?"

  “ She is debating who to choose between me or you? But I don't know why she is debating, the answer is clear to her.....I am her child and you are," she looked me from head to toe " a girl who was abandoned and my dad was nice enough to bring you into this family,"

  " Camelia," her mother shouted

  " Mom, did I say anything wrong? She needs to know the truth,"

  When Camelia said it, I fell my head spinning. I don't know what to do. I lost my balance

  The next thing I could think was leave here

  “ Excuse me," I left the house while running

  " Nancy," my mother shouted

  I could hear the echo of her voice from faraway

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